God Level Extraction System Chapter 1514


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“Yes! I will definitely tell Mengmeng too!”

Su Qiaoqiao looked serious and nodded, and immediately on the pretty face, he was full of excitement and joy.

The troubles that have plagued for so long can finally be solved.

Plus, Lin Kai seemed to be Yin Suyan’s boyfriend, making him even happier.

Yin Suyan has a boyfriend with this ability, so Su Qiaoqiao is relieved.

At exactly this time, all the side dishes of the hot pot were brought over by the waiter.

A few people from Lin Kai began to eat he he.

While eating, Young Master Bai’s name was Bai Haoyu, and Bai Haoyu couldn’t help but ask Lin Kaifa: “I said Brother Lin, this telepathic disease sounds very mysterious. If you are treating the disease, you should How to treat?”

It was said by Bai Haoyu.

Both Su Qiaoqiao and Yin Suyan stopped eating hot pot at this moment, looking at Lin Kai, and they were all very curious about this question.

Lin Kai took a mouthful of food, and said slowly: “Well, don’t hide it from you. The root cause of this disease is the mother’s fetus, Heaven and Earth Yin-Yang Two Qi, which caused twins to be able to Implicated together. This is formed, and both parties can telepathically. When the time comes, I only need to get rid of the Yin-Yang Two Qi between the two who can be implicated together.

As for how to get rid of it, it takes the two sisters to take off their clothes and hug them together, equivalent to returning to the state of a mother’s fetus. I used acupuncture and moxibustion to get rid of Yin-Yang Two Qi for the two sisters. “

When Lin Kai just finished speaking, the soda in Yin Su’s cigarette holder hadn’t swallowed, and the soda was sprayed out immediately. He was surprised by Lin Kai’s words.

Su Qiaoqiao and Bai Haoyu are also dumbfounded.

The two were also shocked to different degrees.

Lin Kai felt strange to the three of them: “Is there any problem?”

It is really necessary to treat the telepathy between Su Qiaoqiao and Su Mengmeng.

It’s just that Lin Kai doesn’t use acupuncture, but runs True Qi to get rid of the Yin-Yang Two Qi of the two sisters within the body.

Because of Yin-Yang Two Qi, after staying in the two sisters within the body for too many years, we must use this way of undressing and hugging together.

Su Qiaoqiao flushed, and asked embarrassingly, “Mr. Lin, can you take off your clothes?”

Yin Suyan also stared at Lin Kai with a bad face, and said: “Lin Kai, do you want to eat tofu on purpose?”

Bai Haoyu was full of grief and anger, staring at Lin Kai angrily: “Brother Lin, I think you look like an upright gentleman, but how can you behave so wretched now! It’s a beast! That’s sister twin,” How many men’s dreams! You are… actually…”

Bai Haoyu actually wanted to say that he wanted to do the same, but he dared not do it.

When Lin Kai asked the three of them, he just shook the head: “What are you three thinking about? I just want to treat the two of you. It’s not what you think. . Even more how, I didn’t force anything. The autonomy is in Miss Su’s hands. If Miss Su doesn’t want it, then forget it.”

Su Qiaoqiao immediately responded: “Mr. Lin, sorry, I have been offended just now. I am willing. I think my younger sister is also willing.”

Bai Haoyu was anxious and said: “Qiaoqiao, don’t believe Brother Lin. Men know men best. Although I believe Brother Lin has the ability to cure illnesses, it would be too much to undress and hug each other. Up!”

This time, even Yin Suyan agreed with Bai Haoyu’s words, nodded and said: “hmph! Lin Kai, this big pervert, his medical skills are indeed okay. It is still very simple to cure you and Mengmeng. It is absolutely necessary to get rid of it. The clothes hold together like this!”

“It was only a few seconds, and I suddenly became a pervert.”

Lin Kai couldn’t help shook the head, very speechless, but the three of them didn’t blame the reaction.

After all, whoever asks for this, or the beautiful twin sisters, will have this rather trivial idea.

Of course, Lin Kai is not like that.

He had to helplessly said: “Whatever you think, I don’t have that kind of thought anyway.”

Su Qiaoqiao said with a smile: “I believe in Mr. Lin, but I have to talk to my younger sister about this matter to see how she is. If we have a good discussion, I will talk to Mr. Lin then. “

Bai Haoyu looked depressed. Hearing Su Qiaoqiao’s words, Su Qiaoqiao agreed, so that he couldn’t help picking up a bottle of wine and just drank it.

But at this moment, something happened!

Eastern Sea itself is a good place with mountains and water. Even in the urban area, there are several rivers that divide Eastern Sea into several areas.

The hot pot restaurant where Lin Kai is currently located is on the edge of a lake, and the hot pot restaurant is not far away.

You can eat it in the store or on the edge of the lake outside.

Lin Kai chose to eat this hot pot outside by the lake.

But at this moment, something changed on the lake. After a wave appeared, a foreign man wearing a headscarf and goggles rose to the sky.

The reason why this foreign man can soar into the sky is because he has a watercraft under his feet.

The watercraft that has become popular in the last two or three years is a water skate that can fly.

The person is fixed on it, and then through the water pressure, the effect of ‘flying’ on the water is achieved.

The diners around, seeing this scene, thought it was a business here, and invited people to come over to perform, so each and everyone applauded.

When the foreign man flew up to a height of 20 meters and was very close to Lin Kai’s location, using a flying vehicle.

The foreign man suddenly took out a water gun-like thing from behind.

This water gun is not a child’s toy, but a really lethal water gun.

Water pressure is pressed inside, and then it shoots out sharp objects like hooks, often hunting creatures in the water.

All creatures in the water, crocodiles and the like can be killed, not to mention people.

If someone is hit by a water gun, it will die or be injured, which is very dangerous!

This water gun is just that kind of hook. If it hits someone, it will definitely be injured and even dragged into the water.

And the current water gun is aimed at Lin Kai!

Under everyone’s shocked eyes, the water gun fired.

With a sneer, a sharp hook moved towards Lin Kai from the water gun and hurried away.

Lin Kai was motionless, and immediately seemed to be hit, with blood splattered, and fell to the ground.

The surrounding diners were stunned for an instant, and then the scene began to chaos, running away.

Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao looked at Lin Kai lying on the ground very worried.

As for Bai Haoyu, he should have never seen such a bloody scene, worse than a girl, and crying with fright, how can he look like a boy.

Obviously, I was shocked by this sudden situation.

Although Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao were also a little scared, they were going to see Lin Kai’s situation.

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