God Level Extraction System Chapter 1515


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As for the foreign man on the watercraft, he is cheering excitedly, it seems that he didn’t expect to be able to solve it so easily.

Even the foreign man said something in English, which meant it was too easy.

Not only that, the foreign man began to operate the watercraft.

The watercraft moved backwards. Because the hook had already caught Lin Kai, Lin Kai was also instantly pulled into the lake by the hook of the water gun.

And the foreign man, seeing Lin Kai submerged into the lake, he also jumped into the lake without the slightest hesitation.

The speed of foreign men is too fast. Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao wanted to save Lin Kai. They didn’t expect to be dragged into the lake in the blink of an eye.

This makes the pretty faces of the two women change color.

Especially Yin Suyan, almost crying, couldn’t help running to the lake.

If Su Qiaoqiao hadn’t stopped Yin Suyan, Yin Suyan would have jumped into the lake to save Lin Kai.

You can see how important Lin Kai is in Yin Suyan’s heart.

“Su Yan! Calm down! Although you can swim, your water is not so good, and you don’t know how to dive. If you jump like this, not only will you not be able to save Mr. Lin, but you will catch yourself! If Lin Kai understood, I will definitely not stop you!”

At this moment, Su Qiaoqiao held Yin Suyan tightly for fear that Yin Suyan would jump down.

Yin Suyan is struggling constantly, wanting to jump down to Jiulin Kai.

Su Qiaoqiao’s face is also very anxious: “Su Yan, didn’t you say that Mr. Lin has great abilities? I believe Mr. Lin Heaven helps the worthy, it will be fine. We still call the police as soon as possible. Mr. Lin! Too bad! There are still people, in this lively place, there are people who dare to do this!”

Although Yin Suyan knew that Lin Kai was very strong, she saw with her own eyes that Lin Kai was injured!

When he was injured, he was still dragged into the water. Naturally, he was very worried about Lin Kai.

“It’s too late! Susu, I’ll go into the water myself! Don’t stop me!” Yin Suyan cried out this sentence.

Su Qiaoqiao hearing this, she moved towards Bai Haoyu and gave an angry look: “Why are you crying? Come here and help me stop Su Yan, I will call now!”

Bai Haoyu said in grief and pain: “I was not completely frightened when I cried! It was me who was injured!”

As he spoke, he moved his right leg out.

On Bai Haoyu’s right leg, there were blood stains pierced by a hook. In other words, it was not Lin Kai who was splashing blood not long ago, but Bai Haoyu’s right leg!

Bai Haoyu was, of course, frightened earlier, because he was hooked.

But I don’t know why. At that moment, the hook fired by the water gun teleported to Lin Kai.

When Bai Haoyu thought of this, he limped to the side of Su Qiaoqiao and Yin Suyan, and said depressed: “Now I think about it carefully. The hook of the water gun hit me. However, he didn’t wait for the hook. When it pierced into my leg, the hook stopped unfathomable mystery and ran to Brother Lin.

I suspect that Brother Lin took the initiative to move the hook to him. As for him fainting, I think Brother Lin did it deliberately. If I guess so, Brother Lin should be fine. “

Bai Haoyu comes from the Young Master of Great Family. No matter how stupid he is, he can’t be stupid. He suddenly figured out the key points.

“What? What you said is true?”

Yin Suyan was very excited when he heard Bai Haoyu’s words, and immediately pressed down with excitement, and hurriedly asked Bai Haoyu, especially the hope in his eyes, for fear that Bai Haoyu was wrong.

Su Qiaoqiao also stared at Bai Haoyu hopefully.

Bai Haoyu looked at the two big beauties and cared about Lin Kai so much, he was really jealous of Lin Kai.

If you are any man, you will be jealous of Lin Kai.

Besides, he was obviously injured, which made Bai Haoyu both jealous and wronged.

But facing the gazes of Yin Suyan and Su Qiaoqiao, Bai Haoyu could only say: “I can guarantee that Lin Kai was not injured at all, he did it on purpose!”

“Really so sure?” Yin Suyan had to ask so carefully.

Because Lin Kai was injured, and Lin Kai did it deliberately, there is a big gap between the two.

Yin Suyan knows Lin Kai’s ability, if she does it deliberately, then she doesn’t need to worry.

Lin Kai would be very dangerous unless it was intentional.

So that Yin Suyan continued to ask.

Bai Haoyu heavily nodded and said: “It’s true! Since I didn’t react before, I think about it now. At that moment, it was Brother Lin who took the hook and snatched the hook! Speaking of which, I have to thank Brother Lin, if it weren’t for Brother Lin, my leg would be scrapped, not just as simple as the superficial wound now!”

In fact, Bai Haoyu didn’t know it, but Lin Kai secretly used True Qi to slightly change the direction of the hook.

The foreign man had the guts to assassinate, but still holding a water gun, which shows that he not only has that confidence, but also that strength.

In the normal direction, it will stab Lin Kai instead of Bai Haoyu.

Bai Haoyu thought it was Lin Kai who rescued him, and he continued: “After that, Brother Lin took the hook and hooked it to himself, and then lay down on the ground like this. Add the blood on my leg. It was all around, and it was at night that Brother Lin was attacked and was injured and unconscious.”

Su Qiaoqiao, as if listening to the Heavenly Book, muttered to himself in a daze: “No way? From the hook launch to when you are stabbed, it takes only a few seconds. How did Mr. Lin react? Yes? This is completely impossible! What’s more, why did Mr. Lin do this?”

I didn’t wait for Bai Haoyu to say anything.

Yin Suyan stopped crying, but on her pretty face, a happy smile appeared: “Lin Kai has that ability! He can do anything weird!”

Yin Suyan was completely relieved of Lin Kai. I didn’t expect Lin Kai to do it on purpose, so there was nothing to worry about.

After all, when she and Lin Kai were together, she saw Lin Kai using various magical methods.

For example, Lin Kai gave her many body protection symbols casually.

The body protection symbol is really useful, even bullets can withstand it.

Before in Lingnan, Lin Kai was very relaxed, so he dealt with those who wanted to assassinate her.

So now, she is sure, Lin Kai will be fine!

Su Qiaoqiao suddenly stopped worrying when she saw Yin Suyan, she also relaxed, after all, Yin Suyan just wanted to jump into the lake.

However, she still said curiously: “Su Yan, do you really trust Mr. Lin so much? How great is Mr. Lin’s ability? It makes you change instantly.”

In this regard, Yin Suyan was just laughed and did not explain too much, and then quietly looked at the lake with a look of expectation.

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