God Level Extraction System Chapter 1516


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At this moment, the lake is very quiet, not to mention the silhouette, you can’t even see the waves.

As if just now, no one jumped into the lake.

When Yin Suyan saw this, although he believed Lin Kai, he was still a little worried.

The more you care about who, even if you believe it again, you will always worry about the other person.

Yin Suyan is currently in this state.

“Call the police.”

Su Qiaoqiao suggested that the diners around had already been scared to run around.

And the boss in the nearby store, each and everyone hid in the store, afraid to come out.

Yin Suyan ordered nodded this time and agreed with Su Qiaoqiao.

This lake is not a dead lake, but a flowing lake.

The lake leads to a tributary called Xiaoyao River, which runs through the entire Eastern Sea and has several branches.

This lake is one of the small branches.

Fros is a killer on the extranet and has no ranking.

To be precise, he is a killer who just joined the extranet.

Although he is not ranked, no one dares to underestimate him abroad.

Because Frost was sent to the killer training base since he was a child, and became a real killer.

Not relying on the Internet to pick up tasks, but to pick up tasks in reality.

I’ve been a killer since he was a child. I don’t know how many people died in his hands. Many of them are famous.

For this, Frost’s reputation grew.

In reality, Frost is one of the most unprovoked killers. If Frost is targeted, it will be a nightmare.

Because some foreign gangs united with Great Family, they began to crack down on Assassin Organization.

Assassin Organization is not visible after all, it is still the kind that everyone gets to blame.

So Frost had to give up his identity as a killer for the time being in reality.

Maybe the killer was just for money.

So now, Frost is not short of money long ago, he is still a killer, that is for the excitement.

Floss naturally also knows the external network. During the period when he gave up being a killer in reality, he occasionally visited the external network to check it out.

Inadvertently, I found an assassinated Hua Xia Country and a Chinese Bounty Mission.

Understood has several extranet killers ranking, the higher ones are all planted in this Bounty Mission.

Frost became interested, and without even contacting the person who posted the Bounty Mission, he ran to China Xia Country on his own, and wanted to get Lin Kai to deal with it.

In addition to the pursuit of excitement in the future, I also want to get myself into the ranking of extranet killers.

As a newly registered external network killer, he himself is very famous in reality. Of course, he will not be promoted step by step like other killers.

If Frost completes this assassination of Hua Xia Country, a Chinese Bounty Mission, then his ranking will rise like a rocket.

After all, there are several good reputations for this mission, and the extranet killers have been planted.

This is also the important purpose of Frost.

The matter of one move, two gains, Frost ran over.

At the same time, Frost is also very confident. Isn’t it just killing a 20-year-old hairless brat? It’s not enough to capture it.

He believes that the overall physique of the extranet killer is still not enough, and it can be used against a kid from China Xia Country.

Floss also confirmed at this time that the quality of extranet killers is not good.

He has easily hit the mission target successfully and dragged it into the water.

Frost was actually quite disappointed. He was also here for excitement, but killing that kid is like killing an ordinary person, there’s no resistance.

Frost lost his fun in an instant. After being a killer for so many years, he had already enjoyed it very much. Then in despair, I was slowly killed by myself.

“Didn’t expect, the real value of this extranet killer ranking is really not high. No wonder in reality, that many well-known killers don’t bother to register extranet killers. I knew this was the case, so I wouldn’t register .”

Frosh thought to himself, and kept stealth toward the water.

How to say this is Hua Xia Country, he made such a big disturbance here, he will definitely be hunted down.

Before this, Frost had formulated an escape route, which was by water.

The lake leads to Xiaoyao River. As long as you enter the main road of Xiaoyao River, throw the boy’s body away, he will go to another tributary.

When the time comes, I couldn’t catch him, and then escaped smoothly, it was perfect.

Fros was diving while holding a water gun, and the hook of the water gun was still hooked on Lin Kai.

For some reason, Fros felt the water gun heavier and heavier, the weight of the hook.

It should be said that a corpse in water will become very light when it is soaked in water.

Why do many criminals throw people into the river after killing and need to tie them up with big rocks or the like, because they are afraid that the corpse will soon float and become a floating corpse.

However, Frosh felt that Lin Kai’s corpse, which was caught by the hook, had not become lighter, but had become heavier.

Frost couldn’t understand the reason, but it was so heavy, carrying Lin Kai’s ‘corpse’ is a burden, otherwise Hua Xia Country would react and it would be troublesome.

Fros is confident and can easily kill the target of the mission, but he is still very careful about the pursuit of Kohua Xia Country.

I know that China Xia Country is very powerful in this respect, especially the various Skynet systems.

Fros took the waterway to avoid this.

If you don’t escape from the waterway in time now, it will be very troublesome.

Although I haven’t reached the main road of Xiaoyao River now, it is far away from the previous lake.

After thinking about it, Frost was going to put away the hook and let Lin open the ‘corpse’.

I didn’t know that before he put the hook away, a silhouette got closer and closer to him.

Floss is able to like a fish back in water in this water with the help of an oxygen inhaler.

However, this silhouette didn’t use any underwater objects, and even came to Floss extremely quickly.

When Frosh saw this silhouette clearly, he almost broke his heart in shock. That silhouette turned out to be the target of the mission, that kid! He was not dead!

How is it possible!

Frosi had a hell look on his face, he quickly put away the water gun, as expected to be a killer since he was a child, with excellent psychological quality, after quickly calming down, moved towards Lin Kai fired the water gun.

I saw the hook, moved towards Lin Kai and attacked.

It is difficult to move underwater, but this hook is not affected in any way.

Floss looked at the hook with a sneer, and was about to fall on Lin Kai.

I didn’t die just now, you will always be dead this time!

Just fighting him underwater! It is simply bring about one’s own destruction!

Frost seems to have seen the next moment Lin Kai’s blood spattered on the spot.

However, Frost’s eyes widened, and what is extremely incredible is that the hook turned a corner of the unfathomable mystery, and even moved towards him quickly!

Swimming back again and again when Frostton was scared!

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