God Level Extraction System Chapter 1517


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Frost couldn’t figure out why the hook suddenly turned and attacked him.

What’s even more incredible is that this hook is faster than before!

Frost hadn’t swam a few times before he was hit in the arm by the hook.

It’s just an arm injury!

Frost was about to relax when the hook hit the oxygen cylinder behind him again.

Immediately, the oxygen cylinder was hit and flew away, leaving Frost’s back.

As a result, Frost was unable to swim smoothly in the water.

However, Frost is not an ordinary person. He has been in the killer industry for decades, and he is still alive and well-known, so he is naturally capable.

Even if you lose the oxygen cylinder, you can swim freely in the water for a short time.

Frost plans to get rid of the Hua Xia Country boy in front of him.

He took out a sharp dagger from his body, and it flashed cold glow in the water, enough to see that this dagger was not that simple.

Frost looked at Lin Kai who was approaching, and sneered in his heart. He had been assassinated for so many years in the assassin’s life, and he did not know how many times he had been assassinated underwater.

He estimated that this kid is very water-based, so he can stay in the water and hold his breath for so long.

In his opinion, this kid won’t be able to hold it for long.

At that moment, he decisively shot Lin Kai to death.

The only thing that stunned Fros was that Lin Kai was still very fast, moved towards Fros, without any pause.

The most important thing is that Fros saw that Lin Kai was not holding his breath at all! It’s as if it’s on the land, breathing smoothly!

How is it possible!

Frost’s eyes widened. Before he could react, Lin Kai kicked the dagger in Frost’s hand into the air.

Lin Kai actually uses True Qi to form a protective cover on the outside, and water cannot enter.

In this way, he doesn’t have to hold his breath and breathes normally by relying on the vacuum of the protective cover.

At this moment, even though Lin Kai only kicked Frost’s dagger with that kick, Frost’s body was shaken by the powerful force, as if he had been hit hard.

Even being shocked, opened his mouth and inhaled a lot of hands, Fros immediately choked very uncomfortable.

Lin Kai looked at Frost coldly, spoke in English, and said lightly: “Fros.”

Frost was stunned, this kid could speak in the water, and this kid knew his name!

What’s the situation?

For a moment, Frost was stunned.

He has never been to China Xia Country in the future. Even when he was abroad, he didn’t have much contact with people from China Xia Country. Only one person knew his true face.

That is a soldier from Jiulong Mountain!

However, at night, he was beaten by the soldier king who didn’t even know his mother. Before he could see the face of the soldier king of Xia Country, he passed out.

It was a shame in his life. He was doing an assassination mission there. Unexpectedly, dropping from the sky, a soldier of China Xia Country, caused his mission to fail.

Failure means failure. I almost went to see God.

Could it be that this kid is the one, the Hua Xia Country soldier who beat him?

Without waiting for Frost to understand, Lin Kai made another decisive shot and kicked again. The kick was extremely accurate and focused on Fros’s chest.

In an instant, Frost’s internal organs seemed to be shifting, and coupled with the air pressure in the water, he immediately felt that he had difficulty breathing.

Want to go up, moved towards the surface of the water, but found that there is no strength to swim.

Frost struggled desperately, but no matter how much he struggled, it was of no avail. He could only wait for death to come.

He gave up and looked at Lin Kai’s silhouette, which gradually overlapped with the silhouette of the soldier king of Hua Xia Country that night.

He just understood that the person in front of him is the soldier king of Hua Xia Country!

When he was abroad, he had heard a lot about the legendary story of the soldier king of Hua Xia Country, and he personally experienced its power.

In front of Nahua Xia Country, he is like a child, there’s no resistance.

Now before he died, Fros was wrong, he was so wrong! The Bounty Mission target is the king of Nahua Xia Country and the top killer of the extranet. It’s normal to be posted here.

Don’t talk about the top, even the top five will be planted here!

Fros is confident that he will hit the extranet killer Ranked 2nd, he has loaded it, not to mention the others!

Fros thought very regretfully, and immediately lost his life gradually.

Finally, Frosh suffocated to death.

Lin Kai looked at this scene indifferently. He knew that Frosh was a man who did a lot of evil, and he could do anything as long as he gave money.

Floss is also an international wanted criminal, death cannot wipe out the crimes.

Lin Kai then brought Frost’s body to the shore, and then called and asked him to deal with Frost’s body.

Lin Kai also understood that this Frost was definitely not instructed to kill him, so he didn’t waste time asking Frost.

As for he deliberately let Fros succeed, so as not to let other people know Fros and avoid unnecessary panic.

After all, that place is in a busy city and there are still a lot of people, so Frost was allowed to take away, and Frost was killed until now.

Lin Kai has long sensed that there are people underwater, and because he has been in the water for a long time, his breath is locked on him from time to time.

He urged the golden pupil, saw Frost’s face clearly, recognized Frost at a glance, and then had a plot against.

“Yes, Bai Haoyu is scared, right?”

Thinking that when the hook hit Bai Haoyu, it actually broke a bit of superficial wound. The blood was splashing because of Lin Kai. In order to create an effect, he used True Qi to splash a small amount of blood.

Lin Kai didn’t expect that Bai Haoyu was still crying.

When I thought of this, Lin Kai shook the head speechlessly.

Lin Kai is about to go upstream, and there is a branch upstream, that is the lake where hot pot is eaten.

The phone rang before taking a few steps.

Only then did Lin Kai take out his mobile phone to look at it, and found ten-twenty missed calls, all of them from Yin Suyan.

The phone was wrapped in True Qi before, and it was not muted. It just knew that Yin Suyan would definitely call to avoid being heard by Floss and exposing himself.

Now that there is nothing wrong, Lin Kai answered the phone.

“Su Yan, I’m fine.” Lin Kai also knew what Yin Suyan wanted to ask. Before Yin Suyan could speak, he took the lead with a smile.

On the other end of the phone, there was a brief silence, which should be a very pleasant surprise.

It didn’t take long for Yin Suyan to cry with a choked voice, happily said: “It’s all right! It’s all right! Where are you now?”

Hearing Yin Suyan’s crying and laughing, Lin Kai sighed to himself, Yin Suyan cried with joy because he cared about him.

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