God Level Extraction System Chapter 1518


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Next, Yin Suyan asked a few more questions, whether he was injured or not.

Lin Kai didn’t say anything about Frost, but said everything else.

After hanging up the phone, Lin Kai hurried to the hot pot restaurant.

It is estimated that it will take at least half an hour for normal people to get there.

For Lin Kai, it only takes two 3 minutes to get there.

So, after two or three minutes, Lin drove to the lake, but there was no who here, and even the store was closed.

Obviously it was a previous event, which caused no one.

Lin Kai has already called up, someone will come to deal with the matter here soon.

Lin Kai knew that Yin Suyan and the others were not here, but in the parking lot behind.

When he arrived at the parking lot, Lin Kai saw Yin Suyan and several people, standing there waiting anxiously.

When I saw Lin Kai came, Bai Haoyu stared at Lin Kai with a very ugly expression: “Brother Lin, I am only now reacting. The hook is clearly facing you. How could it suddenly change its direction and head towards me? Go up the lap? Brother Lin, since you can be there, at that moment, move the hook from my lap to your body, I can change the direction of the hook, right?”

For Bai Haoyu’s question, Lin Kai laughed: “I’m not going to solve that person? If it hurts me, it’s not easy to get into the water, so I’ll be wronged. Besides, you’re just a superficial wound, and now it should be fine. Right? Even more how, that man is an internationally wanted man. I have already told the person above that you have also performed meritorious service.”

The injury on Bai Haoyu’s leg is indeed almost healed, and when he heard that he could still do meritorious services, his eyes lit up, said with a laugh: “What a good brother! That’s all right! That’s all right!”

Speaking, Bai Haoyu curiously asked again: “Brother Lin, this method is really comparable to Deity, how did you do it?”

Lin Kaidor didn’t explain much, he said a few words about being a soldier, which was a bit tricky.

Immediately, Lin Kai treated Bai Haoyu’s leg casually.

Seeing that Lin Kai was very relaxed and completely healed the injury on Bai Haoyu’s leg, as if he had recovered.

Su Qiaoqiao treated Lin Kai for telepathy for her and younger sister, and became more confident.

Prepare to have a good talk with your younger sister. I believe her younger sister will definitely agree.

Of course, I still can’t talk to Lin Kai about this now, after all, girl has the reservedness of girl.

Yin Suyan’s eyes were red, and after carefully looking at Lin Kai for a while, he cared about it and said, “Lin Kai, are you really not hurt at all?”

Lin said with a smile: “You also know my methods, and that person is also slightly stronger than the one who attacked you that day. It is naturally impossible and hurts me.”

Floss is just a powerful assassination method, and in other respects, it is only slightly stronger than the martial artist of Martial Master Level, and has not reached Martial Saint Level.

So, there is no threat at all.

Su Qiaoqiao looked towards Yin Suyan in a playful manner: “Su Yan, I was still guessing before, after you see Mr. Lin, you will pounce on Mr. Lin’s arms.”

Yin Suyan actually wanted this, but after another thought, he coldly snorted and said: “I wouldn’t be like that.”

Lin Kai looked at Yin Suyan’s haggard appearance now, and there was some dirt on his jeans.

Even if he was not at the scene, he could still imagine that Yin Suyan would remember to jump out of the lake to rescue him.

Lin Kaixin sighed softly, he no longer hesitated, and took the initiative to hug Yin Suyan.

Yin Suyan didn’t seem to expect that Lin Kai would take the initiative to hug her, or in front of other people.

Yin Suyan was surprised and delighted, feeling Lin Kai’s warm embrace, she was instantly as shy as a little woman.

Then she lightly pushed Lin Kai away, and twisted: “Qiaoqiao is still here.”

Lin Kai laughed: “It’s okay.”

Su Qiaoqiao and Bai Haoyu both watched this scene dumbfounded.

Who could have imagined that a national Goddess star, like a little woman, leans in Lin Kai’s arms.

Su Qiaoqiao was very pleased to see that his girlfriend finally fell in love.

Besides, the other party is Lin Kai. She has already understood Lin Kai’s strength and can rest assured.

Bai Haoyu admired Lin Kai, such a national Goddess, and won.

You must know how many male compatriots Yin Suyan is the dream lover.

The people chasing Yin Suyan are even more diversified, and many of them are more powerful than his worth.

It can be said that there are many of these, but in any case, I can never catch up with Yin Suyan.

In fact, at the beginning, Bai Haoyu was also chasing Yin Suyan, but later discovered that among the many suitors, even if he was worthy, he belonged to the bottom.

That was, Bai Haoyu dismissed the idea and pursued Su Qiaoqiao.

Su Qiaoqiao is so difficult to follow, let alone Yin Suyan.

After that, several people talked a few more words, and it was late now, and they all planned to go back separately.

Lin Kai wants to send Yin Suyan back. Su Qiaoqiao is here. He rented a car, so he drove to the hotel.

Bai Haoyu didn’t rent a car since he first came to Eastern Sea for a short time. He wanted to take Su Qiaoqiao’s car, but Su Qiaoqiao asked Bai Haoyu to take a taxi.

This makes Bai Haoyu depressed.

At this moment, Bai Haoyu looked at Lin Kai and was about to leave, and asked, “Brother Lin, we called the police before. If we leave like this, will it be okay?”

Lin Kai responded: “It’s okay, I told the people above.”

Lin Kai didn’t explain much, and then took Yin Suyan to the hotel where Yin Suyan was.

Along the way, the atmosphere was a bit ambiguous.

However, Lin Kai did not take any further action. He would not consider other things if the Leiyuan Group did not fall.

The reason Lin Kai gave Yin Suyan a hug was because Yin Suyan cared about him so much and was moved by the move.

It also means that he accepted Yin Suyan.

But not the real time yet.

Yin Suyan was also reasonable. She could see that Lin Kai had thoughts, and this thought made Lin Kai no further. Although she didn’t know what was going on, she understood.

And she is not in a hurry, she will wait for Lin Kai to get rid of that thought.

In this way, Lin Kai smoothly sent Yin Suyan to the hotel, and then personally escorted to the door of the room.

After the two chatted a few words, Yin Suyan returned to the room, while Lin Kai returned to his home.

It is the early morning of the night, and this day is the Leiyuan Group, the worst luck of these days.

So that, Lin Kai let Yinshen continue to stare at the Leiyuan Group. If there is any trouble, he will immediately look at it.

After Lin Kai gave his instructions, he began to wash.

After that, he started cultivation and allowed himself to reach the Nascent Soul Stage as soon as possible. In that case, even if he didn’t find out about Leiyuan Group, he could suppress and kill Lin Yuan through his own strength of oneself.

As long as Lin Yuan is dead, the Leiyuan Group will naturally quickly split and collapse.

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