God Level Extraction System Chapter 1519


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Therefore, Lin Kai didn’t sleep at night, and worked very hard on cultivation.

In the early morning of 2nd day, the phone rang.

Today, Lin Kai is still looking forward to the call from Yinshen.

If Yinshen calls, it means that something is wrong with Leiyuan Group.

When the time comes, I went to Leiyuan Group to add fuel and vinegar to it and add fuel to the fire. It was pretty good.

Unfortunately, this call was not from Yinshen, but from Lin Qianqian.

Lin Kai answered the phone immediately, only to hear Lin Qianqian with a hint of angrily, said: “Lin Kai! You don’t know! I arranged for the decoration of the Master this morning, and I am going to open the restaurant first. The place was demolished. Who knows, someone came here to make trouble, and the decoration master was beaten into the hospital. It was too bully intolerably!”

“en? What is the specific situation?”

Lin Kai browses slightly wrinkle, didn’t expect someone to dare to hit others.

Lin Qianqian said more angrily: “It’s not Yao Dadong and Liu Yi! These two people, please come one, what is Brother Tang’s name!”

Lin Kai was hearing this, and couldn’t help shook the head. The two of them were unwilling to let go.

Lin Qianqian had said so clearly at the time that she didn’t expect to provoke.

Thinking about this, Lin Kai responded: “Okay, I’m understood, I’m in the past, don’t stay there by yourself.”

As Lin Kai said, he hung up the phone and drove the car to the center of Eastern Sea city center, the busiest street.

At the same time.

On this busiest street, there is a Sicily restaurant.

However, the signboard of the Sisi Kori restaurant has been removed, obviously it will not open, and it has been changed to another restaurant.

It should be said that if you change to another store, you will quickly demolish and renovate the new store.

However, the strange thing is that the outside and inside of this restaurant in Sisikli are all painted with paint.

There are even some blood stains inside.

At this time in the Sisi Keli restaurant.

A man in a suit in his thirties, leading a dozen burly men, occupied.

Yao Dadong and Liu Yi are also inside, sitting with the man in the suit.

At this moment, Liu Yi said softly to the man in the suit, “Brother Tang, you did what you said. But we not only want to hinder the progress of the renovation here, but also ask for a distribution agent. As long as the distribution agent gets it, when The time comes will give you 10%. After Lin Qianqian is a bitch, she will come. It’s up to Brother Tang.”

Speaking, Liu Yi couldn’t help but stretched her hand to the chest of the man in the suit.

The man in the suit touched Liu Yi’s hand and laughed heartily: “Okay, OK! When things are done, you can sleep with me for one night!”

The man in the suit, Brother Tang, spoke unscrupulously in front of Yao Dadong.

Because of Tang Ge’s help, Liu Yi can sleep with him for one night and get 10% of the distribution agent.

Compared with Yao Dadong’s resignation, this is nothing.

Liu Yi directly agreed, so now I heard Tang brother’s words, she said with a smile: “Of course, but the premise is to get things done.”

Yao Dadong heard his daughter-in-law, but he was like another man, he was very angry, but he didn’t dare to show it.

Just as a few people were talking.

Lin Qianqian walked in angrily, then looked at Yao Dadong, Liu Yi, Tang Ge and the others, coldly said: “What do you want? Injure the innocent, come here to destroy the store!”

When Brother Tang saw Lin Qianqian, his eyes lit up and he was amazed by Lin Qianqian’s beauty.

Tang Ge glanced at Liu Yi again. Liu Yi was still very ordinary, so he pushed away Liu Yi’s hand, then stood up, and walked to Lin Qianqian with a smile.

“President Lin, I am the manager of the security department of Leiyuan Group, and I am called Brother Tang.” Brother Tang extends the hand, wanting to shake hands with Lin Qianqian.

Lin Qianqian will naturally not shake hands with this wretched person in front of her, but the other party belongs to the Leiyuan Group, so she is taken aback.

Didn’t expect, the people invited by Liu Yi and Yao Dadong belong to the Leiyuan Group. No wonder they dare to be so arrogant in Eastern Sea.

However, she doesn’t believe that the people of Leiyuan Group, on the busiest street, under the broad daylight, can they do anything excessive.

So Lin Qianqian wrinkled her eyebrows slightly, indifferently said: “The Leiyuan Group’s hands are too long.”

“Mr. Lin, you are misunderstood, I am not representing the Leiyuan Group, but in my own name, to help my friend Yao Dadong.” Tang Ge dared to hurt people, naturally not in the name of Leiyuan Group.

After all, the Boss of the Leiyuan Group has warned long ago that they will be honest during this period of time. Even if you want to cause trouble, don’t use the name of Leiyuan Group.

Naturally, Tang Ge would not admit it, using the name of Leiyuan Group.

He continued: “I heard that my friend could not get your company’s distribution agent. As long as you give the distribution agent to my friend Yao Dadong, I won’t stop you from opening a shop, how?”

“Do you have a great dream!” Lin Qianqian responded unceremoniously.

Injured people, destroyed the store, and now I still say that as long as the distribution agent is handed over, I will let it go. What’s the truth!

Tang Ge suddenly sneered: “Although I can’t use the Leiyuan Group’s name, I can use the Leiyuan Group’s security department. As the Leiyuan Group’s security manager, I play very well with my subordinates. Normal, right? I will call the group of brothers in the security department in the name of brothers, so don’t even think about opening your shop!

I heard that you have several other direct sales stores in Eastern Sea. When the time comes, the other direct sales stores may not be guaranteed! As an Eastern Sea company, you should know what kind of big group Leiyuan Group is? The security department has more people than other groups or Great Family! Everyone is also out of the ordinary! “

Speaking of this, Brother Tang paused for a while, he stared at Lin Qianqian with a wretched look: “Of course, President Lin, I think you are a beautiful woman, so I will give you a bit of face. So, you still have The second option. As long as you sleep with me for one night, I will take my group of brothers and evacuate here. I don’t care about the things here.”

This sentence caused Liu Yi and Yao Dadong to change their colors. Absolutely didn’t expect, this Tang brother is so untrustworthy.

But what made the two of them relieved was that of course Lin Qianqian refused, waiting for Brother Tang angrily, and said: “Just you? What are you!”

Brother Tang was not angry, but looked at Lin Qianqian excitedly.

The more Lin Qianqian resists, when the time comes, if he gets it, he will feel more satisfied.

So, Brother Tang smiled: “Mr. Lin still think about it, I’ll give you ten minutes to think about it. You can choose one of the two options.”

Lin Qianqian sneered: “Don’t think about it, I don’t agree with either! If you continue to stay here, you will definitely regret it!”

“Regret? Haha, what can I regret?” Tang Ge immediately disdainful smile.

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