God Level Extraction System Chapter 1520


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Lin Qianqian saw Brother Tang, so arrogant, she sneered: “You will know later, you will not regret it afterwards, your current behavior! My friend, but you will come here later! when the time comes, but you look good!”

Lin Qianqian understands that this Tang brother doesn’t seem to know her relationship with Lin Kai.

Lin Kai made the Leiyuan Group’s boss Lin Yuan scared witless, let alone a little security manager.

“Friend? Haha, I want to see what kind of friend it is! When the time comes, I don’t want to put your friend into the hospital!” Tang Ge disdainful smile.

The dozen or so burly men behind him also laughed and geared up each and everyone.

Yao Dadong and Liu Yi were even more delighted to see this scene.

Especially Liu Yi, looking at Lin Qianqian with an idiot look. If Lin Qianqian had chosen to sleep with Brother Tang for a night, she would really have no chance.

However, Lin Qianqian did not choose this, but chose to be hard.

Liu Yi couldn’t help being relaxed, and at the same time, how much look of ridicule, and the people of Leiyuan Group were tough? What is not an idiot?

Just when a few people are at odds.

On the side of the road outside this store, a Rolls Royce Phantom drove up.

Naturally, Lin Kai rushed over. He quickly parked the car and walked into the store.

As soon as I entered, everyone in the store focused on him.

Seeing Lin Kai coming, Lin Qianqian felt unexplainably relaxed, and her sense of security was greatly increased.

She knows Lin Kai’s skills, let alone the group of people in front of her, if you come ten times a hundred times, Lin Kai will not be okay.

Thinking about it, Lin Qianqian walked to Lin Kai’s side, and then roughly told Lin Kai about what happened here.

When Lin Qianqian finished speaking, Lin Kai understood the whole sequence of events.

He glanced at Yao Dadong first, showing his disdain: “For profit, give your wife to others. But, you really think that if you send your wife out, you can get the benefits you want? “

Yao Dadong’s face was red when he heard it. Although he was very ashamed, he still hummed on the surface: “This is my housework! You can’t control it!”

Lin Kai heard this and ignored Yao Dadong. After all, Liu Yi was also voluntary. He just couldn’t understand Yao Dadong’s behavior. It seems that Liu Yi volunteered, but it was actually Yao Dadong who helped behind. If Yao Dadong persuaded him a little, it would not be the case.

Unfortunately, this Yao Dadong sold his wife for his own benefit.

Lin Kai shook the head and immediately walked to this Tang brother. This Tang brother was named Tang Renxi, who was the manager of the security department of Leiyuan Group.

It’s strange to say that Tang Renxi doesn’t know Lin Kai.

Lin Kai was a little surprised. It should have been a few days after joining Leiyuan Group. Otherwise, this kind of middle-level manager of Leiyuan Group knew him more or less.

Although his appearance is similar to that of Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan rarely shows up in the Leiyuan Group. There are not many people who know Lin Yuan’s appearance, only high-ranking or cronies.

Lin Kai was at least slightly surprised, and he opened the mouth and said to Tang Renxi, “Two choices? Then I only give you one choice, you have to choose if you don’t! Eastern Sea is not your Leiyuan Group Yes! Do anything wrong here, then pay the price! Now that you put the decoration Master we invited into the hospital.

You will leave 200,000 alone. The money will be used for the medical expenses and mental damage expenses of the master renovation. Leave the money to me, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite. “

If it weren’t for Leiyuan Group today, Lin Kai didn’t want to beat the grass to scare the snake on the worst luck day in these days.

Otherwise, he would be rude.

However, this Tang Renxi didn’t appreciate it at all, and instead looked towards Lin Kai with a mocking look, as if he had heard some big joke: “hahahaha, have I heard hallucinations? Look at your ignorance, I Let me tell you that Eastern Sea is the leader of Leiyuan Group!”

Although he has only come to Eastern Sea for less than a few days, Tang Renxi, but because of his background, he became the manager of the security department of Leiyuan Group.

It’s just a small middle-level leader, but with this status, let alone the entire Eastern Sea, even people from families and groups in several nearby urban areas will respectfully call Tang Brother when they see him.

For example, Yao Dadong is the group vice president of a nearby city. Even if he is, he must be respectful and polite to him.

It’s all because he is the middle-level leader of Leiyuan Group!

Enough to see how strong Leiyuan Group is!

As for why he was able to become a middle-level leader of the Leiyuan Group when he came to Eastern Sea, it was because he had a godfather of a senior leader named Wei Shifeng.

Wei Shifeng personally worked for the Leiyuan Group Boss. In Leiyuan Group, he still has the right to give him a middle-level leader, which can’t be considered.

Moreover, with the help of the middle-level leader of this Leiyuan Group, he went wild.

At this moment, when I heard Lin Kai, in such an arrogant tone, he said to him that while he was angry, he was also amused.

I didn’t wait for Tang Renxi to continue speaking.

Lin Kai glanced lightly, Tang Renxi, who was laughing wildly, said: “Is that Tang Brother? Why is he laughing?”

Tang Renxi laughed, and then showed a very sarcasm: “Naturally, you are too ignorant! Fortunately, you are still a local of Eastern Sea, and even the group vice presidents in neighboring cities are afraid of Leiyuan Group. You brat, also It’s such an ignorance is a bliss! Today, I want you to see if Eastern Sea is controlled by Leiyuan Group!”

As Tang Renxi said, with a wave of his hand, the dozen or so burly men behind him immediately thought of it, and they surrounded Lin Kai with ferocious spirits.

After that, Tang Renxi roared: “Go! First, beat this kid half-mutilated! Let him know the fate of slandering Leiyuan Group!”

After the dozen or so burly men heard about it, each and everyone laughed wildly, and then rushed towards Lin Kai.

The first to rush over was a big man who was nearly two meters tall, a head taller than Lin Kai, and he was also extremely burly, several times that of Lin Kai.

Like a small wall, moved towards Lin Kai and dashed away.

Whether it was Tang Renxi, Yao Dadong, and Liu Yi, they all smiled upon seeing this scene, as if they had seen it, and then Lin Kai was hit by the big man and fell to the ground.

Especially Yao Dadong and Liu Yi, taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune are all written on their faces!

For Yao Dadong, he was very jealous of Lin Kai, because when he was in school, he couldn’t pursue Lin Qianqian, but now he was chased by this pretty boy! Very upset in my heart!

Because of this kid, Lin Qianqian is not in love with Old Gu’s classmate, and does not give him a skin care product distributor! Having said that, without a distribution agent, he will be resigned!

He was just, slightly insinuating Lin Kai, Lin Qianqian would not give him a distribution agent!

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