God Level Extraction System Chapter 1521


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It can be seen how important Lin Kai is in Lin Qianqian’s heart.

This makes Yao Dadong extremely jealous, and he hopes these people will kill Lin Kai.

Liu Yi is jealous of Lin Qianqian. Why is she the same woman, the same university, and the same bedroom. She can only live a better life through Yao Dadong.

Once Yao Dadong is resigned, life will not be good!

Lin Qianqian is different. She even opened a company. Recently she developed a skin care product that will become a hot product in the future! When the time comes, the money you earn is really a lifetime, and it can’t be spent!

The technology of this skin care product is provided by Lin Kai, and Lin Kai is Lin Qianqian’s boyfriend!

Liu Yi was very jealous of Lin Qianqian, she couldn’t help it, and wanted to tell Tang Renxi that she would beat Lin Qianqian to death.

It’s Tang Renxi, just pure, wanting to be called Lin Kai and Lin Qianqian, these ignorant people have seen the power of Leiyuan Group!

So much so that Tang Renxi shouted at the two-meter-high man, “Shoot harder! It doesn’t matter if you kill it! I will take care of the rest!”

While talking, he looked at Lin Qianqian and wanted to see what Lin Qianqian would look like when Lin Kai was beaten by his own hands.

However, what Tang Renxi was puzzled was that Lin Qianqian’s expression was very calm at this time, even with a hint of playful smile.

What’s the situation?

Tang Renxi was a little dazed, and then he snered: “Is still dreaming, can your friend beat my group of people? Hey, my group of people, everyone is out of the ordinary! or A weightlifting champion, either a Sanda champion, or the highest level of taekwondo! In short, anyone can beat your friend to death!

So, I advise you to consider the second option and sleep with me all night. Otherwise, now your friend’s fate is you…”

I haven’t waited for Tang Renxi to finish talking about the threat.

Only a crisp sound of broken bones rang in this store.

Everyone couldn’t help but looked at the source of the sound, and saw Lin Kai casually pushing it on the arm of the two-meter-high man.

It seemed like a knife cut tofu, breaking the big man’s arm with no difficulty, and the big man was like a kite with a broken line, his entire burly tall body flew backwards.

Finally, he fell heavily to the ground and fell into a coma.

Except for Lin Qianqian, everyone in the room looked at this scene dumbfounded.

The couple, Yao Daqiu and Liu Yi, opened their mouths and looked incredible. What happened? Don’t you say that a good weightlifting champion is a Sanda champion? And in terms of size, the difference is so big that it can be solved so easily!

Don’t talk about Yao Daqiu and Liu Yi, even Tang Renxi himself is very mad.

In the past few days, he tyrannically abused power and brought his group of subordinates with him, but it was all right. Why is it as weak as the chicken in front of Lin Kai?

Actually, the security department of the Leiyuan Group only takes care of the internal order of the Leiyuan Group. It is an ordinary security that’s all.

It is not the security department that really protects the safety of the Leiyuan Group, but is composed of ancient martial arts.

Those ancient martial arts are secretly arranged near the Leiyuan Group, and Lin Yuan himself is a great ancient martial arts, and he often spends a lot of money to train other ancient martial arts.

This has led to the fact that Leiyuan Group has crushed other groups and families, both in terms of financial resources and military force, so that it will soon become bigger.

At this time, Lin Kai glanced at the group of burly men who were about to pounce.

These burly men, who just saw Lin Kai, the companion with no difficulty, were severely injured to the ground, and they all stopped.

Seeing Lin Kai’s glances now, they were all startled, and they couldn’t help but step back.

Tang Renxi looked at this scene very annoyed, and shouted: “What is there to be afraid of! With so many of you, you can’t beat a hairless brat! Two fists are hard to beat four hands! All for I!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Tang Renxi felt a cold look. He raised his eyes and saw that Lin Kaizheng’s eyes were cold.

Tang Renxi shuddered inexplicably, not daring to look at Lin Kai, he also began to feel uneasy in his heart.

But soon after seeing that the group of subordinates had all gone together, he felt a little relieved.

He doesn’t believe it, this time Lin Kai can still be prestigious!

Yao Dadong didn’t believe it either. The more Lin Kai behaved, the more jealous he was, and he also roared: “Hit! Beat this kid to death!”

Yao Dadong’s real ugly face is completely exposed. He seems to be honest and timid, but his heart is very gloomy.

Lin Qianqian glanced at Yao Dadong with disdain, showing disgust. She really didn’t expect. The true face of Yao Dadong would be so ugly.

At least Liu Yi will not pretend to be these. Since college, she has been such a snobby personality, so several roommates can’t play with her.

Yao Dadong’s performance in college is that kind of honest person, didn’t expect so gloomy in his heart.

Tang Renxi also looked expectant, watching Lin Zhuan get beaten to death with random punches.

Lin Kai faced these dozen burly men, all of whom were slightly better than ordinary persons.

Don’t talk about the ordinary person. If you change into a dozen or so Martial Saints, he can retreat all over, even injuring several.

Not to mention the group of people in front of me.

So Yao Dadong and Tang Renxi were disappointed.

Not only did Lin Kai have nothing to do, on the contrary, he randomly punched out a few punches. Like the previous one, these dozen burly men flew out and fell heavily to the ground. In a coma, a coma, a painful cry, no one stood up.

“Leiyuan Group’s security department? Very difficult to deal with? Also only this.”

Lin Kai said indifferently, he naturally knew the real security of the Leiyuan Group, as a group of ancient martial arts.

But for him, whether it is an ordinary person or an ancient martial arts person, it is indeed ‘merely this’.

Even if Lin Yuan is singled out with him, it is also ‘merely this’.

Lin Kai said, walking towards Tang Renxi step by step.

At this time, Tang Renxi’s face was pale with fright, cold sweat kept on his forehead, seeing Lin Kai approaching step by step, he kept moving back.

If he is behind the door of the shop, he will run out of the door without the slightest hesitation.

No, he is facing the entrance of the store.

With the retreat, he quickly retreated to a wall.

Under the wall, there was a wooden board that had not been completely removed. Tang Renxi tripped and fell heavily on the ground.

He was very embarrassed again. He quickly got up from the ground, and then looked at Lin Kai intensively. He pretended to be calm and shouted: “You can’t do it to me! My godfather belongs to Leiyuan Group. Senior leader Wei Shifeng! My godfather is a cron of the boss of Leiyuan Group!”

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