God Level Extraction System Chapter 1522


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“So, if you do it to me! The entire Leiyuan Group will not let you go! Don’t think you can fight, just think that I have no one in Leiyuan Group! Let me tell you this, our security department , Only to ensure the internal order of Leiyuan Group. It is a group of experts who really safeguard the security of Leiyuan Group!”

Tang Renxi argue with the courage of one’s convictions, the more he speaks, the more excited he gets. Although he only learned from other people that the Leiyuan Group has a group of experts, whether he is true or false, it can scare Lin Kai and dare not shoot him, that is the best.

When Lin Kai heard Tang Renxi’s words, he stopped suddenly.

On the surface, he is quite normal, but his heart is actually a move. Wei Shifeng knows that he is indeed a senior leader of the Leiyuan Group.

The most important thing is that Wei Shifeng is in charge of part of the financial resources of Leiyuan Group.

With Lin Yuan’s cunning, he certainly wouldn’t put all of the Leiyuan Group’s assets in the Finance Department, but instead had several cronies in charge of one.

This part of the financial resources that Wei Shifeng is in charge of, through the previous investigation of the ghosts in Li Shengxian’s company, it can be determined that Wei Shifeng transferred the money to the ghosts.

Apart from this, a suspected money laundering company discovered by Lin Kai was also purchased by Wei Shifeng.

It’s the running water of that casino, I don’t know who is in charge.

Lin Kai thought about it, looked at Tang Renxi calmly, and said: “Your godfather, is it really Wei Shifeng?”


Tang Renxi thinks that Lin Kai is afraid, so he no longer fears Lin Kai, but arrogantly said: “So you have also heard of my godfather’s name. Also, my godfather is a senior of Leiyuan Group Leader, a slightly accomplished person in the entire Eastern Sea, who has never heard of it! Hey, kid, afraid right? As long as you kneel down and apologize to me, I will spare you!”

Lin Kai’s mouth curled up with a smile, and then he turned his gaze on Tang Renxi with interest, and said: “I gave you a choice before. Everyone pays a little money, and I will pursue what. Now you It’s still called people, and that’s all to shoot me. Now you dare to be so arrogant in front of me.”

As Lin Kai said, he continued to approach Tang Renxi.

At present, Lin Kai is only a few steps away from Tang Renxi.

Tang Renxi was dumbfounded, isn’t Lin Kai scared? Why is this happening again? Could it be that this kid didn’t know Wei Shifeng at all?

As he was thinking, Lin Kai grabbed Tang Renxi by one of his shoulders.

Tang Renxi wanted to retreat, but found that he had retreated to the wall, there was no way to retreat!

Tang Renxi’s face was extremely pale again. He was trembling, and he was terrified in his heart, because he was afraid of being beaten, especially when he saw the miserable group of his men, he had to lie down in the hospital for at least a few months.

If he really lay in the hospital for that long, his position as the manager of the security department would be gone.

You need to know this position, but there are many people staring at it. If the relationship between his godfather is not strong enough, otherwise he will not get it.

Therefore, Tang Renxi was terrified and said to Lin: “You…you…what do you want to do!”

Lin Kai did not respond to Tang Renxi’s words, but casually picked up a hemp rope from the side, which was left by the decoration master.

He made Tang Renxi make a circle, then wrapped it with hemp rope, and saw that Tang Renxi was instantly tied up by the hemp rope, and he couldn’t move.

Lin Kai kicked again, kicked Tang Renxi to the ground, and stared at him condescendingly, indifferently said: “Didn’t you say that your godfather Wei Shifeng is quite bullish? I can give you a chance to let you Call Wei Shifeng for advice.”

Since Lin Yuan is also keenly aware, Lin Kai has done a good job in protecting the senior leaders of the Leiyuan Group in order to fight back against the Leiyuan Group.

Also ordered the senior leaders of Leiyuan Group to avoid leaving their own area, at least until Lin Kai was resolved.

At the same time, strong ancient martial arts will be arranged to protect the senior leaders of Leiyuan Group.

Lin Yuan’s cunning is not ordinary difficult.

This also led to the fact that Lin Kai thinks to catch everything in one net, the senior leaders of Leiyuan Group still have a certain degree of difficulty.

Now the opportunity is not coming. Tang Renxi estimates that Wei Shifeng is not a simple godfather relationship.

Lin Kai is an Immortal Cultivator, and his cultivation is indeed proficient in facial features.

Through his face, he can see that this Tang Renxi is Wei Shifeng’s biological son, and should be an illegal child.

Wei Shifeng arranged such a good job for Tang Renxi.

Lin Kai wanted to pass Tang Renxi and see if he could call Wei Shifeng over. If he did, he would have a new plan.

At this moment, Tang Renxi, where would I know what Lin Kai thought.

Just hearing it, Lin Kai gave him a chance to ask Wei Shifeng for advice, and he was immediately excited.

He immediately asked cautiously: “What you said is true? If it is true, I will call!”


Lin Kai is lightly nodded.

Even if his new plan did not succeed, it still taught Tang Renxi and Wei Shifeng a severe lesson, so that the Leiyuan Group as a whole had to converge.

Although Leiyuan Group has converged quite a bit now, it has grown stronger and stronger, and dare not show any big moves on the surface, but keep on making small moves.

For example, Tang Renxi, who is just a middle-level leader of Leiyuan Group, tyrannically abused power here.

Just when Lin Kai finished talking, there was a sudden, mocking laugh.

“hahaha! Lin Kai, Lin Kai! Although I am understood now, you have a little ability to fight, but you want to provoke Wei Shifeng, you really eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gallbladder! You really think that I am a member of a listed group Vice President, why are you in awe of a small middle-level leader of Leiyuan Group? It is not Wei Shifeng behind it!

Hey, dare to call Wei Shifeng over! You are afraid that you don’t even know how to write dead words! Since you said let Brother Tang call Wei Shifeng, you are a man, so don’t regret it! “

Lin Kai looked back, it turned out that Yao Dadong was clamoring there.

Yao Dadong did not persuade Lin Kai kindly, but mocked Lin Kai for being stupid.

Lin Kai glanced at Yao Dadong disdainfully, this kind of thing that even his wife could betray, he didn’t even bother to do it, lest he dirty his hands.

So, he said indifferently: “You and your wife can go away.”

Yao Dadong said with a malicious smile: “Hey, I don’t want to leave. Anyway, Brother Tang is calling and telling Wei Shifeng to come over. If you make Brother Tang like this, Wei Shifeng will definitely not let you go. I want to be here and see with my own eyes how you were killed by Wei Shifeng!”

Liu Yi also took a bitter look at Lin Qianqian, said with a sneer, said with a sneer: “Lin Qianqian, the same is true for you! You stinky bitch, just wait! Don’t think that relying on that kid can fight, you are safe Unfortunately, this kid is so stupid, let Wei Shifeng come over, you two will wait to die!”

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