God Level Extraction System Chapter 1524


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Currently, Leiyuan Group cannot purchase shares of other company groups in Eastern Sea.

The reason why Lin Yuan has expanded so quickly is that he wants to go public in one fell swoop, allowing Lei Yuan Group to directly squeeze into the world’s top 500.

At that time, Leiyuan Group is a real huge monster.

It will be more difficult to bring down the Leiyuan Group.

Due to Lin Kai’s obstacles, Leiyuan Group’s progress has been slow, and now it can only buy company groups in several nearby cities.

There are several large company groups, and they are almost in harmony, and they just wait for Wei Shifeng to take them.

If this is taken down, then he will be the hero of the Leiyuan Group.

The position of vice president of Leiyuan Group has been vacant.

Who will give the most credit to Lin Yuan. The most important thing is that Lin Yuan will not be the president of Leiyuan Group. He will be behind the scenes.

In other words, it seems that the position of the vice president of Leiyuan Group is actually the president of Leiyuan Group.

Wei Shifeng and several others, in order to compete for this position, spent various means to obtain credit.

Don’t rush to take down that big company group.

Because of his godson, he was beaten and tied up.

If this matter is learned by several other competitors, it will inevitably affect his credit to Leiyuan Group.

The senior leaders of Leiyuan Group did not expect to be so united, and they all plot against each other for their own interests.

This is Lin Yuan deliberately doing this, commonly known as the “Gu” mode.

So that, Wei Shifeng resolved the kid earlier and rescued his godson.


About ten-twenty minutes later, Wei Shifeng and a group of his men surrounded the restaurant.

Tang Renxi, who was tied up, saw his godfather coming, and laughed excitedly: “Hahaha, boy, my godfather came with people, those nine people are my godfather’s personal guards, you absolute death It’s set!”

While he was talking, Wei Shifeng took nine people with him. At first glance, he was very not to be trifled with.

The nine warriors all wore uniform uniforms, as if they were some powerful martial artists.

Lin Kai saw these nine people, shook the head slightly, and had to say that Leiyuan Group was indeed rich and imposing.

These nine people are all ancient martial arts, seven are Martial Master Peak, and two are Martial Saint Level.

This lineup, it can be said that ordinary large company groups or families are very difficult to afford.

And Leiyuan Group, any high-level leader, has this kind of momentum.

But in Lin Kai’s eyes, these nine people are still unable to withstand a single blow.

“Goddamn! Hurry! Save me!”

When Tang Renxi saw Wei Shifeng, he hurriedly cried.

Because Lin Kai was wearing sunglasses and a hat at this time, he naturally took them temporarily from the car.

After all, Wei Shifeng, as one of the senior leaders of the Leiyuan Group, must have known Lin Kai, but he did not personally see Lin Kai.

So Lin Kai didn’t recognize Lin Kai very much under this dress, Wei Shifeng just felt a little familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere.

Because at this moment, Tang Renxi was there calling for help.

Wei Shifeng couldn’t take care of that many, so he immediately yelled: “Wait, go and save my godson!”

Just as Wei Shifeng’s words fell, among the nine, a tall and thin man responded: “I’m coming!”

As the tall and thin man said, very fast, he went to the corner of Tang Renxi’s wall and took out a small knife, which cut across the rope on Tang Renxi’s body in an instant.

This time, the others could not help but be nodded.

“Kuro’s speed is faster. This speed is already comparable to Martial Saint. In time, after breakthrough Martial Saint, the speed is also unique among Martial Saint ancient martial arts.”

tall and thin man, also known as Jiulang, Ranked 9th among the nine. The battle strength is not so powerful, it is quite backward among the nine, but in terms of speed, it is very high among the nine.

When Wei Shifeng saw Jiulang, he almost cut the rope on Tang Renxi’s body, and secretly nodded.

What he wants is to be so fast, so as not to attract the attention of others, but it is not good.

The Leiyuan Group has been watched by the country, and Wei Shifeng didn’t want to make a fuss. There was too much movement.

At this moment, it was when Jiulang completely cut the rope on Tang Renxi’s body.

Abruptly, a plank hurriedly attacked towards Kuro.


No matter how fast Na Kuro was, he couldn’t be faster than this board, and he was hit directly by the board. The bones all over the body, as if they were broken, were hit hard on the ground, vomiting blood.

Lying on the ground, Jiulang looked at Lin Kai with horror.

Naturally, Lin Kai took the shot. He just kicked it randomly, let the plank fly out, and smashed it at Kuro accurately.

Now it’s not just Jiulang, other people can’t help but look at Lin Kai, all with surprised eyes.

Lin Kaize said indifferently: “Sorry, I didn’t say let him go, so I can’t let him go. You can continue to save him, but you will take responsibility for the consequences.”

“Good boy! I, Wei Shifeng, came personally! Do you dare to speak out! Die to Laozi!”

Although Wei Shifeng felt that this kid was familiar and was surprised by his strength, he dared to tell him that, didn’t this make him lose face in front of his own people?

This is something Wei Shifeng can’t tolerate. He lost his reason and pointed at Lin Kai and said in an extremely ferocious voice: “Come on! If you don’t kill this kid today, it’s hard to understand my hatred!”

The other eight people hearing this are also full of murderous eyes, staring at Lin Kai.

Three people took the lead in killing Lin Kai. All three of them were Martial Master Peak, and they were only half a step away from entering Martial Saint Level.

The three of them had a tacit understanding. They just glanced at each other, then each went in the same direction and flanked Lin Kai.

Three directions, showing the horns, obviously do not want Lin Kai to escape, let him unavoidable.

Immediately, the three of them came to Lin Kai and threw their punches and kicks.

If you change to an ancient martial arts who just broke through Martial Saint, you will most likely be defeated in the face of the tacit attack of these three.

But who is Lin Kai, he just raised his eyelids faintly, then waved three palms casually.

These three palms slapped them quickly.

I saw the three people, as if they had been hit hard, each and everyone flew out and was seriously injured.

Lin Kai looked at the remaining five people, and said lightly: “You guys go up together.”

Of those five people, there are two Martial Saint Level.

Whether it is from Martial Saint Level or Martial Master, both facial expression graves. They are understood. This kid is definitely Martial Saint, not a general Martial Saint.

“Hey, it turns out that you are Martial Saint ancient martial arts. No wonder we are so arrogant. We have two Martial Saints. I can’t even beat you if I don’t believe it!”

One of the five people, coldly snorted.

This sentence was approved by the other four people.

So the five people moved towards Lin Kai and attacked.

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