God Level Extraction System Chapter 1525


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When Lin Kai saw the arrival of the five people, he first pulled Lin Qianqian behind.

He is not afraid of these five people, he can easily solve them.

He was afraid that if one of them was good at hidden weapon, it would be bad.

Although Lin Kai is confident that he can prevent hidden weapons, he is not afraid of ten thousand in case.

Holding Lin Qianqian in front of her, Lin Kai fought with the five people.

Said it was a fight, but it was actually Lin Kai, crushing it on one side.

In two or two strokes, these five people were seriously injured to the ground.

There was a Martial Saint, and when he fell to the ground, he quickly took out a gun and shot Lin Qianqian.

Lin Kai had taken precautions early and used True Qi to fly the bullet and directly hit the arm of the Martial Saint. Instant blood was splashed, that arm was useless, and the gun in his hand was dropped. drop.

But before the fall, the Martial Saint was about to make another shot. The shot was fired, but due to the sudden reflection of the bullet, it hit his arm.

So when the second bullet was shot, it was directly offset and hit Wei Shifeng’s leg.

I saw Wei Shifeng let out a scream, and then lay on the ground likewise, screaming again and again.

In the corner of the wall, Tang Renxi, not long ago, saw his godfather coming. It was to be wild with joy. At the same time, he was thinking, wait to see how Lin Kai ended miserably!

Especially, when Kuro was about to untie the rope for him, it was even more uncertain that Lin Kai’s fate would be very miserable.

This is only one minute in the past!

There is a shocking reversal! Lin Kai alone solved all the experts brought by his godfather!

Tang Renxi knew the greatness of these nine experts, absolutely didn’t expect, Lin Kai was even better!

He was desperate for an instant, his face was as gray as death.

Wei Shifeng also brought some people. When they saw the movement in the store, they ran in. When they saw the scene in the store, they were shocked.

Although these people are ordinary people, they all carry guns and the like.

Wei Shifeng was immediately on the ground, and roar said in pain: “You still don’t do it! Shoot him!”

extraordinary shame and humiliation! It’s simply extraordinary shame and humiliation!

He is one of the senior leaders of Leiyuan Group, and he is still the kind of position that can compete for the position of vice president of Leiyuan Group! In the past, let alone Eastern Sea here, even if it was from the province or even from other provinces. Even Jingcheng, those Aristocratic families, will give him a bit of face.

But now? Being a hairless brat, made it like this!

However, those who came in did not immediately listen to Wei Shifeng’s words. After all, even the nine personal guards of Wei Shifeng had lost their battle strength.

They know the nine personal guards, all of whom are ancient martial arts, and they are not ordinary ancient martial arts.

What’s more, I also saw a Martial Saint with a gun falling next to him. Even Martial Saint couldn’t use a gun, and they couldn’t use a gun.

I was afraid that Lin Kai would make them so miserable.

So that the people who came in just looked at Lin Kai in fear, apart from this, and didn’t do anything else.

Wei Shifeng saw this scene, flustered and exasperated, and did not wait for him to speak.

Lin Kai swept towards those people and said domineeringly: “I will count for three seconds and you will leave at a constant speed. If not, you will end up with these people lying on the ground!”

The main reason is that Lin Kai feels that he doesn’t want to make this matter too much. There are almost 20-30 people among them.

If these 20-30 people are also seriously injured, lying here, it will not be good.

Originally this shop, now there are more than twenty people lying here.

Lin Kai didn’t even start the countdown. After those people heard this, they turned their heads and left.

Those people are said to belong to the security department of Leiyuan Group, but they are not affiliated with Wei Shifeng.

There are several forces within the Leiyuan Group. They don’t want to sacrifice their lives for nothing.

Under Wei Shifeng’s angry gaze, those people all fled.

Next, Lin Kai stepped on the coma, who was lying on the ground, the security department of Leiyuan Group, and the nine personal guards.

Allow these people to leave the store. In short, there is no one else in the store except Wei Shifeng, Tang Renxi and Lin Qianqian.

Tang Renxi was knocked out by Lin Kai, and Lin Qianqian was not an outsider.

Lin Qianqian also has her own business, but contacted the renovation master who was injured, she naturally has to pay the medical expenses and so on.

At this time, Lin Kai closed the door of the store, and then stared at Wei Shifeng with a frightened look, and said: “Wei Shifeng, originally your godson Tang Renxi, I just let him lose some money. Let him go. However, instead of this, he called out your name.

I know that Tang Renxi’s original name was not Tang Renxi, but Wei Renxi, right? Moreover, after I learned that it was you, I changed my attention and asked him to call you. Do you know why this is? “

Lin Kai said, looking at Wei Shifeng lightly.

When Wei Shifeng heard Lin Kai’s words, his pupils shrank slightly, and the pain in his legs was forgotten, but his face looked incredible and dull.

“Who…you…who are you!”

When Wei Shifeng saw Lin Kai’s appearance at this time, he felt more and more familiar.

Most importantly, how did this man know that Tang Renxi is his own son!

If you want to know this, he hasn’t told anyone!

Even Lin Yuan didn’t know about it.

It is precisely because of his role as a godson that he allowed Tang Renxi to successfully become a small leader of the Leiyuan Group. Otherwise, his sonship would be impossible.

Lin Kai laughed and didn’t hide it anymore. He took off his sunglasses and hat.

Wei Shifeng saw Lin Kai’s face clearly.

In an instant, Wei Shifeng’s eyes widened, and then his body trembled, and even the tone of speaking was trembling: “Lin…Lin Kai! So it’s you! Me, why do I say so familiar!”


At this moment, Wei Shifeng was surprised at the same time, he was also extremely afraid.

Lin Yuan is afraid of Lin Kai, how can he not be afraid, especially after seeing Lin Kai’s current skill.

Furthermore, Lin Kai and Leiyuan Group had their own feuds of life and death, and he had no doubt that Lin Shanxi killed him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you.”

Lin Kai faintly smiled.

Hearing these words, Wei Shifeng relaxed, suddenly feeling uneasy, very strong.

Just because of the next moment, Lin Kai continued: “I know, you wouldn’t say anything related to Lin Yuan and Leiyuan Group.”

Lin Kai directly urged the extraction ability to tell the truth before Wei Shifeng had any reaction.

Immediately after he and Wei Shifeng asked each question and answer, Lin Kai gradually learned about Wei Shifeng, Lin Yuan and Leiyuan Group.

Lin Kai did not expect that even if Wei Shifeng is a close friend of Lin Yuan and one of the top leaders of the Leiyuan Group, the truly fatal information is still unknown.

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