God Level Extraction System Chapter 1526


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Although I didn’t get it, the really fatal information.

However, Lin Kai still got a lot of useful information.

You can stop Leiyuan Group first, complete the acquisition of shares in several large group companies in neighboring cities, and delay the listing of Leiyuan Group.

Furthermore, Wei Shifeng, in the position of Leiyuan Group, is indeed very high, the most promising to compete successfully, the vice president of Leiyuan Group.

The information revealed from Wei Shifeng’s mouth. A major event happened early this morning. Lin Yuan led a group of senior leaders of Leiyuan Group and left Eastern Sea overnight, as if there was something important.

Wei Shifeng didn’t know what major event actually happened, but he was left alone to manage normal operations in Leiyuan Group.

It is precisely because of this that Wei Shifeng can come out of Leiyuan Group.

Otherwise, if Lin Yuan is in the Leiyuan Group, or any high-level Leiyuan Group is also there, Wei Shifeng will not come out, even if Tang Renxi asks for advice himself, he will not come here.

After all, Lin Yuan had given orders that he could not go out during special periods unless he got his permission.

Little things like going to save Tang Renxi will definitely not be allowed.

It seems that for the luck of divination, Leiyuan Group is the most memorable day today, and it should be the major event.

In addition, Wei Shifeng took the initiative to send it to the door. Lin Kai didn’t need it, so he spent more energy.

The most important point is that Lin Kai can implement his new plan!

Also letting Wei Shifeng come here in person is not simply to ask some questions about Lin Yuan or Leiyuan Group.

I miss it so far, Lin happily moved and used Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body.

Primordial Spirit is the form after the soul cultivation, whether it is an ordinary person or an ancient martial arts person, it is naturally invisible.

Even if it is Immortal Cultivator, only if the cultivation realm exceeds Lin Kai, can the Primordial Spirit be seen.

I saw the Primordial Spirit at this moment, under Lin Kai’s instructions, instantly submerged into Wei Shifeng’s within the body.

Lin Kai was in the body possession of Wei Shifeng, not taking Wei Shifeng’s life, but temporarily taking possession of Wei Shifeng’s body. After finishing the matter, the Primordial Spirit came out and it would not be dangerous to Wei Shifeng.

If the opponent is an Immortal Cultivator of the same realm, Primordial Spirit body possession, it is indeed a bit troublesome.

But Wei Shifeng is only an ordinary person, so Lin Kai’s Primordial Spirit successfully succeeded in a body possession that was extremely smooth.

Lin Kai’s Primordial Spirit incorporates Wei Shifeng’s memory and occupies his body.

Wei Shifeng now can be regarded as Lin Kai himself.

Lin Kai relieved Wei Shifeng’s ability to extract the truth. He opened the mouth and said to Wei Shifeng: “Okay, you have to say everything to me. I will let you go and take you soon His godson and the group of subordinates all withdrew.”

“Yes, yes, many thanks many thanks!” Although Wei Shifeng said so, there was a smile in his eyes, because Lin Kai’s Primordial Spirit occupied, equivalent to Lin Kai in charge of Wei Shifeng.

In this way, you can safely lurch in the Leiyuan Group and become an inner ghost.

Speaking of this, it is naturally seen by outsiders.

Wei Shifeng’s group of subordinates are still at the door. Of course they dare not leave like that. After all, they are working in Leiyuan Group. Wei Shifeng is an executive of Leiyuan Group, but he was afraid of Lin Kai and had to stand outside.

Later, Lin Kai awakened Tang Renxi.

Tang Renxi originally thought that he was going to die in embarrassment, but seeing Wei Shifeng take him away, he looked at Lin Kai proudly, laughed heartily: “Boy! You finally know that my godfather is amazing, right? ? Kneel down and apologize to me, or I will let my godfather kill you!”

Tang Renxi mainly saw that Wei Shifeng was very calm and took him away. He didn’t see Lin Kai doing anything along the way. He thought that Lin Kai understood Wei Shifeng’s identity and was afraid.

So much so that Tang Renxi clamored again.

However, what Tang Renxi became confused next was that Wei Shifeng turned around and slapped Tang Renxi heavily, making Tang Renxi dizzy.

He looked at Wei Shifeng in disbelief, with a grieved expression: “God, where did I say the wrong thing? That kid…”

Before Tang Renxi finished speaking, Wei Shifeng slapped again and slapped it.

Tang Renxi was stunned again and didn’t dare to speak any more.

Not far away, Lin Qianqian, who had just hung up the phone, was a little confused when she saw this scene. She had been calling there, and she knew that Lin Kai was asking Wei Shifeng.

However, she did not know that Lin Kai’s Primordial Spirit had already possessed Wei Shifeng.

I thought Lin opened up to Wei Shifeng. How can I say that Wei Shifeng is one of the important figures in the Leiyuan Group. The current situation, what would happen to Wei Shifeng?

If Leiyuan Group goes crazy regardless of other things, Lin Kai will still be dangerous.

Many people Lin Kai knew, including Lin Qianqian, Dong Shu, Li Shengxian, and Huang Tianshi, were all here.

If Lin Yuan fights together, either the fish dies or the net splits is not very good.

Although Lin Kai thinks that Lin Yuan would not be like this, he is really pressing for something like this, and the dog jumped the wall when he was anxious.

So he used Primordial Spirit body possession Wei Shifeng to hide in the Leiyuan Group.

Lin Qianqian thought that this is not so good, and she plans to persuade Lin Kai to let Wei Shifeng go temporarily.

Just as soon as she hung up, she saw Wei Shifeng calling Tang Renxi constantly, which made her surprised.

Tang Renxi didn’t dare to say much now, so she couldn’t be reconciled, and followed Wei Shifeng out of this store.

Outside the store, the nine personal guards and the big guys from the security department are also standing outside.

Of course, they were all seriously injured, and each and everyone was lying on the ground in a sloppy way.

The movement here naturally attracted the attention of the police.

Cao Captain, with a police team, will be surrounded here.

Cao Captain has already learned what the specific situation is, didn’t expect Leiyuan Group to dare to make trouble under this broad daylight.

But the people in the Leiyuan Group are also miserable.

In this case, those who hurt Leiyuan Group also have to pay some price.

So, Cao Captain asked Wei Shifeng and said: “Wei Shifeng, you have the courage to bring so many people to make trouble! It’s beautiful to have you!”

Wei Shifeng laughed: “It has nothing to do with me. It is caused by my godson. The main responsibility is on my godson. You should catch it. I just came to save people, but I didn’t do it. Don’t believe me, you Go ask the master inside.”

“en?” Cao Captain was taken aback for a moment, is that right?

He continued: “Then your people, why are you injured?”

Wei Shifeng said: “They fell to the ground by themselves. The paint was splashed inside and the paint was still wet, so each and everyone fell to the ground without standing firm. Of course, the medical expenses and so on. I will do it. Right?”

Wei Shifeng’s group of subordinates, although puzzled, they are all nodded.

When Cao Captain saw this, he didn’t delve into anything, as long as it doesn’t kill anyone.

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