God Level Extraction System Chapter 1528


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This kind of big investment includes capable actors and popular actors, plus a full-professional shooting team.

Before filming started, millions of netizens were looking forward to this movie.

Especially in the past two days, the short film commercials shot by Pan Liguo became popular on the Internet.

Pan Liguo hasn’t released any new movies for two years. Many netizens believe that Pan Liguo is already exhausted. Even if he has a big investment and Peak’s screenwriter, it is useless and thinks he can’t keep up with the times.

Of course, only some netizens think so. Most netizens still believe in Pan Liguo.

However, in order to prove that Pan Liguo has not kept up with the times, those netizens found various so-called ‘evidence’ to prove.

As a result, the short film advertisements went viral in the past two days, and the faces of those netizens were instantly enlarged.

And let more netizens look forward to this new movie.

What’s more, Yin Suyan has joined in. Yin Suyan has so many fans, let alone fans, passers-by are also looking forward to it.

So, for a movie that is as popular as this fire, how could Lu Qingfeng give the male one to others?

It was obviously impossible! Even if you lose your bet, so what! The contract was signed anyway!

Lu Qingfeng was staying in his special car. He was holding the mirror and looking at his face. His face was fairer than a woman, and the injury on it was almost healed.

While looking at himself in the mirror, he swears: “My face is the guy I eat! In the future, don’t let others hurt my face! If you dare to hurt, he will look good!”

Lu Qingfeng’s agent is a middle-aged woman with almost 200 Jin, named Fei Jie.

Sister Fat stretched out her chubby hand, took Lu Qingfeng’s arm, and said very intimately: “Xiaofengfeng, I’ll go out for a trial shot right away. Don’t make any bets when those people ask about you. This matter. You just said that you were a test shot of the male one. Anyway, the contract is there.”

In Lu Qingfeng’s gaze, he still looked vaguely at Sister Fat, with a look of disgust in his eyes, but still said: “I understand Sister Fat.”

Fei Sister continued to hook up on Lu Qingfeng’s arm, and said more intimately: “Xiaofengfeng, don’t think of other things, elder sister will solve other things for you, and you will be bold as the first man. If this After the movie comes out, your first boy will definitely attract a lot of other bosses, and your value will increase even more. When the time comes, you can squeeze into the ranks of Peak stars.”

When Lu Qingfeng heard this, his expression of excitement flashed. He is so shameless because this movie can achieve his status.

So he said: “Sister Fat, I understood. But if Lin Kai resolutely refuses to let me play the male one, what should I do? After all, Lin Kai is an investor in this movie.”

Sister Fei looked disdainful, and said: “Investors, our company guarantees you, you are the male one. But I have invited the great character here to talk to Lin Kai specifically. There is that great character, you can rest assured that it’s a trivial matter to settle the forest.”

“Oh? Is there a great character?”

Lu Qingfeng heard the words and finally relaxed, and said with a smile: “That’s fine, I’ll go out and try out the male one.”

Lu Qingfeng immediately escaped and got out of this special car.

The main reason is that he can’t stand it. The fat family eats his tofu continuously. Otherwise, he stays in the car until the sun is so big, unless the crew asks him to act for a while.

As soon as Lu Qingfeng left, some staff greeted Lu Qingfeng.

Even if Lu Qingfeng loses his bet, he will drop from the first male to the second male, and he naturally has a place in the crew.

Especially the crew also has some youngsters, some young girls are fans of Lu Qingfeng.

For example, the director’s assistant, who is said to be an assistant, is actually a messenger, serving tea and water.

The assistant is called Xiao Liu, she is a little girl who just did her internship. The reason she came here to do miscellaneous work is to get close to Lu Qingfeng.

Lu Qingfeng is her idol.

Little Liu looks ordinary. She saw Lu Qingfeng coming out, she stepped forward excitedly, and then opened the mouth and said: “Brother Feng! You finally came out, as far as I know, Wu Feifanyi Come, go to the dressing room and specialize in the male one’s makeup. He is directly competing with you for the male one! Today is just a test shot, and his behavior is too nasty!”

Because Xiao Liu is a fan of Lu Qingfeng, he is aggrieved by Wu Feifei’s behavior.

Lu Qingfeng actually hates Xiao Liu, mainly because Xiao Liu Zhang can’t do it, and often comes to him to get things done, and the rest of the crew suspects what is the relationship between him and Xiao Liu.

But now hearing Xiao Liu say this, Lu Qingfeng couldn’t help but walked to Xiao Liu’s side and immediately asked: “Really? Wu Feifan directly put on the male one’s makeup, did he take the initiative to do it? Or he got the permission of Director Pan ?”

Little Liu didn’t expect, Lu Qingshan took the initiative to talk to her. He quickly responded excitedly: “In the dressing room, Yin Suyan and Director Pan are also there. Although Director Pan didn’t say anything, It must be acquiescence, Wu Feifan dare to change the makeup of the male one.”


Lu Qingfeng was coldly snorted immediately, with an angry expression, didn’t expect to be the second man?

“Take me over!”

Lu Qingfeng stayed in the car and didn’t know where the dressing room was, so he asked Xiao Liu to take him over.

Little Liu was extremely happy, and quickly took Lu Qingfeng to the dressing room.

Basically, when filming, the actors put on their makeup and then change their costumes.

After doing this, I officially started filming.

In the dressing room at this time, several protagonists all put on makeup here, such as Yin Suyan, Yan Xin, Wu Feifan, etc.

The protagonist’s makeup looks are very delicate, so they apply slowly.

Not only the actors are here, but Pan Liguo is also here. He sees how the makeup works.

Generally speaking, directors don’t look at it like this, but leave it to others.

But even in terms of makeup, Pan Liguo did it by himself, which is enough to show how serious Pan Liguo is in filming.

At this time, Pan Liguo took a look at the time, and frowns said, “Why hasn’t Lu Qingfeng come? I gave him the script of the male second a few days ago, and asked him to practice it. Let’s try it out today to see if he can As expected.”

Wu Feifan is actually a little dreaming at this time, didn’t expect today, he really arranged a male one for him.

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