God Level Extraction System Chapter 1529


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Pan Liguo paused when he said this, and then looked at Wu Feifan with a faint smile, and said, “It’s extraordinary. Even the construction workers here know about the bet between Lu Qingfeng and Mr. Lin. But it shouldn’t be idle, and the news is posted on the Internet, and it’s still in places like blogging.

You honestly confess, did you post this on the Internet? Of course, I am not blaming you, but rather curious. After all, the person who exposed the news also revealed some details that are not good for Lu Qingfeng. “

Pan Liguo’s guess is not unreasonable.

After all, it is well known throughout the Internet that no matter how thick-skinned Lu Qingfeng is, he should be more restrained and has to accept the fact that he lost the bet.

If you are really shameless, you will definitely be ridiculed by the entire network.

So in this matter, from beginning to end, the biggest beneficiary is naturally Wu Feifan.

So that Pan Liguo had to suspect that Wu Feifan did it.

Wu Feifan heard this, and suddenly smiled bitterly: “Director Pan, this matter really has nothing to do with me, the past few days I stayed in the room and cut off any contact with the script lines of the male one. And the Internet. Feel at ease, just practice there. I only learned about this this morning.”

Pan Liguo is nodded, he also believes Wu Feifan’s words, Wu Feifan’s efforts in the past few days, he sees it.

At this moment, Yin Suyan just shook his head and laughed. To her, it didn’t matter who revealed the news. What she cares about is that the male one is not Lu Qingfeng.

After all, as a female one, she plays the most part in a play with a male one.

even more how, she doesn’t have any thoughts now, she thinks about other things. In fact, the whole thought was still stuck last night, when Lin Kai took the initiative to give her a hug.

Yan Xin was also there, opened the mouth and said: “Dao Pan, don’t go into this matter. Anyway, if this matter is exposed, it will be exposed. And also can’t be considered, what is the negative Influence. On the contrary, it has made a lot of popularity for our movies. In the past two days, our movies have been searched frequently because of him.”

Yan Xin has already changed her previous mistakes. She has no illusions about the role of the female one. It would be nice to be a female two steadfastly. Otherwise, the tragedy of Lu Qingfeng would happen to her. What’s more, she is currently only a second female, if she is like Lu Qingfeng, she would not even be a second female.

But at this moment, as soon as Yan Xin’s words fell, Lu Qingfeng calmly walked into the dressing room.

When Lu Qingfeng came, he first greeted Pan Liguo and Yin Suyan. As for the others, he ignored them.

Then Lu Qingfeng looked towards, an idle makeup artist, commanded: “Give me the make-up of the male one, and the costumer, you prepare me the azure robe costume.”

Lu Qingfeng saw it, and a costumer took out the azure robe of the male one.

Knowing Wu Feifan, the branch of the trial shot wears this azure robe.

Lu Qingfeng simply gave Wu Feifan a giving tit for tat and wore that azure robe.

Whether it is a makeup artist or a costume artist, after hearing Lu Qingfeng’s words, they were all stunned.

Because Wu Feifan is currently putting on the makeup of the male one, and the clothes he prepares are also male one.

Obviously, Wu Feifan is a test shot for the male one character.

The two are not good at rejecting directly. How can I say that Lu Qingfeng is a big star, and his status is far apart. So the two had to look at Pan Liguo, and the director decided.

When Pan Liguo saw this scene, he looked at Lu Qingfeng, indifferently said: “Lu Qingfeng, I gave you the script lines of the second male second a few days ago, so that you can study and ponder it. It just happens that today is a trial shooting, you Just try to shoot the role of the second man. Don’t refuse, you and Mr. Lin bet, according to the betting agreement, it is a certainty that you lose, so you should fulfill this bet.”

Lu Qingfeng complexion sank, although he already knew that someone would ask him this way, he didn’t expect it was Pan Liguo, who said so directly.

But Lu Qingfeng can’t take care of anything. He sits in front of the dressing table and then opens the mouth and said to Pan Liguo: “Director Pan, what you said. Did you forget that I signed the contract? , On the contract, I am the male one, then I am the male one.”

Pan Liguo immediately wrinkled frowned. Although he said earlier that there is a treaty in the contract, if it appears to bring negatives to the crew or the film, he has the right to void the contract.

But the difficulty is that you have to ask a lawyer to investigate and collect evidence and so on.

When the time comes, Lu Qingfeng must also hire a lawyer, and it becomes a lawsuit.

The lawsuit lasts for at least a few months to a year or two. Pan Liguo is naturally rich and can afford it, but filming must be delayed.

This movie cannot be delayed, so much so that I want to use this method unless I delay the filming.

Pan Liguo originally thought that the Lu Qing Summit was acquainted. After all, this news is everywhere on the Internet.

Where can I think that Lu Qingshan’s to have no shame face violated the gambling agreement with Lin Kai.

If you change it, if Lu Qingfeng and others bet, Pan Liguo may hinder the face of a Peak traffic star like Lu Qingfeng, and stand at the angle of Lu Qingfeng, and go past like mud.

However, Lu Qingfeng is betting with Lin Kai that Lin Kai is not only a wholly-owned investor in this film, but also his life saving benefactor.

For any reason, Pan Liguo can unconditionally support Lin Kai.

Although Lu Qingfeng is a Peak traffic star, Pan Liguo himself, a great director, is not afraid to offend Lu Qingfeng.

Not to mention that now, Lu Qingfeng is against Lin Kai.

If he helped Lu Qingfeng, it would offend Lin Kai.

How could Pan Liguo offend Lin Kai? The current attitude of Lu Qingfeng is to make it clear that he will continue to play the male one.

He didn’t know what to say for a while.

As the so-called The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clear, Pan Liguo was said by Lu Qingfeng that he couldn’t think of the key point.

As the biggest beneficiary of this matter, that is Wu Feifan, who has always kept a clear head.

Now when I heard Lu Qingfeng say this, Wu Feifei couldn’t help but smile: “Director Pan, you overlooked one thing. This contract can actually be changed because we signed the contract more than a month ago. That’s it. At that time, it was signed with the investor’s company. Now that the investor’s company no longer invests, the contract is naturally entitled to void. Now that it is changed to a new investor, the contract can be changed.”

As soon as Wu Feifan’s words fell, Lu Qingfeng’s face changed wildly.

Immediately, Lu Qingfeng pointed at Wu Feifan and yelled: “Wu Feifan! You shut up!”

Lu Qingfeng couldn’t think of any reason to refute, so he shouted incompetently and furiously.

Wu Feifan laughed immediately: “Lu Qingfeng, I didn’t say anything, just telling a fact. Even more how, you took the initiative to bet with Mr. Lin at that time. It’s no wonder someone else, right?”

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