God Level Extraction System Chapter 1530


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When Pan Liguo heard what Wu Feifan said, his eyes lighted up, and he had to say that Wu Feifan was right.

So, he opened the mouth and said: “Lu Qingfeng, you also heard it. This is what you reap what you have sown. Since you have lost the bet, you have to surrender and be the second male number. Otherwise, If you offend Mr. Lin, let alone the second man, you don’t need to consider participating in this movie.”

Pan Liguo is also true. He understands some of Lin Kai’s character. Lu Qingfeng insists on going down. It is very likely that Lin Kai will directly let Lu Qingfeng roll.

How do you say, Lu Qingfeng is his original role. At that time, because of the investor, he had to hire Lu Qingfeng, a peak traffic star.

Although traffic stars do not have acting skills, their popularity is there.

Because the investors at that time valued this kind of traffic star, Pan Liguo couldn’t just invite it.

Now he has changed the investor, but he invited Lu Qingfeng back then, thinking that if he can leave Lu Qingfeng, he will leave Lu Qingfeng.

However, Lu Qingfeng didn’t understand Pan Liguo’s affection at all, so he sneered: “You want me to stay? Except for me to play the male one, no other roles are qualified for me to play!”

unspoken implication, if you don’t give a man the role, you won’t play at the worst.

In his opinion, with his status and popularity in the entertainment industry, he is even worse than Yin Suyan.

Among today’s male stars, his popularity is one of Peak’s.

So Lu Qingfeng thinks that he still has a bargaining chip.

Especially when Pan Liguo said that, he believed that he still had great value, which made it difficult for Pan Liguo to make a choice.

At this time, Lu Qingfeng thought of the words of the previous fat sister, and then continued: “Tell you the truth, Lin Kai has a lot to do. My company has already agreed with a great character, don’t say that great character. Lin Kai, I dare say that even the Boss of Leiyuan Group, in front of this great character, shakes a few times.

The great character will contact Lin Kai immediately and let the conflict between Lin Kai and me mediate. Lin Kai will definitely agree to that great character, and then I will continue to play the male one. Director Pan, you guys don’t go against me, lest you will be embarrassed. “

Lu Qingfeng said confidently.

This made Wu Feifan suddenly lost his bottom line: “Lu Qingfeng, what you said is true?”

Wu Feifan is sighed again. It is very likely to be true. After all, the economic company behind Lu Qingfeng is not simple. In the domestic entertainment circle just formed Early Stage, the economic company behind Lu Qingfeng has already been established and quickly occupied most of the market.

At that time, it could be said that it was Overlord level and other people’s backgrounds.

Although it has fallen a bit now and has poured into many large entertainment companies, it is still one of the largest entertainment companies in China.

Relying on the previous contacts, I can indeed get a great character to talk to Lin Kai.

Wu Feifan has been in Eastern Sea for several days, how could he not know about Leiyuan Group.

Leiyuan Group is a group dominated by Eastern Sea, the cream of the crop group in the entire province, and even this large group is afraid of the great character, let alone Lin Kai.

Thinking about this, Wu Feifan is very disappointed. The past few days is like riding a roller coaster, and now it seems to be back to the original point.

Seeing the expressions of the people, Lu Qingfeng immediately became proud, and then looked at Wu Feifan, said with a sneer: “Wu Feifan, quickly take off the azure robe on your body! I’ll take it off later! Wearing this male one costume, try shooting the male one role! As for you, you are still obediently and honestly playing the male second! Otherwise, I will let the great character tell Lin Kai that you will play a small supporting role directly!”

I heard Lu Qingfeng say so arrogantly that Wu Feifan’s face was very ugly, he didn’t say much, and silently took off the azure robe on his body.

He sighed again in his heart, and waited for Lin Kai to come to see what was going on.

I don’t know the specifics now, so that if you don’t offend Lu Qingfeng, you may really only play a small supporting role. He was just a backgroundless person and no economic company. He relied entirely on his own martial arts skills and good acting skills. This was how Pan Liguo met him.

At this scene, Yin Suyan frowned slightly. She had already put on her makeup. She walked out of the dressing room and immediately dialed Lin Kai’s phone.

Soon, Lin Kai picked it up.

At this moment, Lin Kai was still on the road to the western suburbs of the city. He used a Bluetooth headset and answered the phone: “Su Yan, what’s wrong? I’m still on the road.”

Since the hug last night, Lin Kai and Yin Suyan’s relationship has become closer.

Yin Suyan said with a smile: “Knowing that you are still on the road, but there is something, I should tell you in advance. Just now, Lu Qingfeng and Wu Feifan had a quarrel about who played the role of one man and two men. Lin Kai , Does this bet count? Lu Qingfeng lost, did he follow the bet or not, let him continue to be the male one?”

Hearing Yin Suyan’s question, Lin Kai was taken aback for a while, opened the mouth and said: “Didn’t you say yes yesterday? That bet is naturally counted. Director Pan also agreed, and Wu Feifan came to try this out today Is it the male one?”

Immediately, Yin Suyan told Lin Kai what Lu Qingfeng said not long ago, such as great characters.

After Yin Suyan finished speaking, he then asked Lin Kai: “Lin Kai, what is that great character, did you find you?”

Lin Kai responded immediately: “I don’t know about this, and there is no big problem for me about the great character or the great character. I am almost behind the mountain range, and when I go there, and Lu Qingfeng talk about it.”

Lin Kai is also telling the truth. He is the owner of the Ninth Mountain of Jiulong Mountain. This status and status is scary enough. The most important thing is that his own strength is very strong.

Yin Suyan said again: “If Lu Qingfeng is still unwilling, what should I do?”

Lin Kai said with a smile: “If he doesn’t want to, he can only let him taste my fist.”

Yin Suyan suddenly laughed, and couldn’t help but said: “I know to fight and kill, but I agree with the guy who beat Lu Qingfeng with both hands.”

Lin Kai laughed, Yin Suyan’s own character is the kind of disagreement, let alone fighting.

You can see how disgusting Lu Qingfeng is.

After that, Lin Kai and Yin Suyan had a few more conversations, and Lin Kai hung up the phone. He has now entered the suburban area of ​​the west of the city. After driving for ten-twenty minutes, he will reach the back of the mountain range.

It’s just that he just finished hanging up and the phone rang again.

Lin Kai couldn’t help picking it up.

Only listening to the opposite, a very strange man’s voice came: “Lin Kai, my name is Zhao Changyun, I have met you once. I was sitting on the VIP seat in the number one position, and you were just sitting in the ordinary Seat. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t even be able to sit in a regular seat. You should know me, right?”

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