God Level Extraction System Chapter 1531


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Lin Kai was stunned for a while. To be honest, in his impression, he really didn’t know who this Zhao Changyun was.

It’s not the kind of slightly powerful one, he won’t remember it.

So Lin Kai asked: “I don’t remember, who are you? I have something to say.”

Then Zhao Changyun, obviously because of Lin Kai’s words, was quite displeased. He didn’t expect, a very humble boy at that time, even he could not remember.

Zhao Changyun suddenly coldly said: “I am the chairman of Huayue Group, should you be understood?”

Lin Kai was even more stunned. Naturally, he knew that Huayue Group was one of the large groups of cream of the crop in this province. Before Leiyuan Group was listed, it was still inferior to Huayue Group.

Even Huayue Group is a real giant crocodile who can be ranked in places like Beijing.

Of course, if Leiyuan Group continues to develop so brutally, it will soon surpass Huayue Group.

This is why Lin Kai is eager to stop Leiyuan Group.

Once it has developed into a Great Influence like Huayue Group, it will be difficult to destroy it.

Fortunately, Lin Kai has already used Primordial Spirit to get out of his body, possessed by a senior member of the Leiyuan Group.

Thinking of this, Lin Kai suddenly remembered. Not long ago, from the perspective of Wei Shifeng, he understood the cooperation between Huayue Group and Leiyuan Group.

The shares of a company under Huayue Group will be transferred to Leiyuan Group.

This matter is also Zhao Changyun, who will deal with it personally.

“What a coincidence.”

Lin Kai murmured to himself, thinking about this, he communicated with Wei Shifeng, his Primordial Spirit.

In just one thought, Lin Kai was able to communicate with Wei Shifeng. Wei Shifeng is currently healing in the hospital, but it was Zhao Changyun who learned.

Lin Kai thought about it for a moment, then opened the mouth and said to Zhao Changyun, “It turned out to be Mr. Zhao, what can you do?”

Lin Kai really didn’t know, what happened to Zhao Changyun asking him, is it related to Leiyuan Group?

Just listen to Zhao Changyun speaking in a cold voice: “Do you really don’t know or fake? The movie you invested in, the male number one is the Lu Qingfeng, right? I have a little friendship with the company behind Lu Qingfeng. Said, he is also a character, there is no need to target Lu Qingfeng and let him continue to be the male number one.”

Zhao Changyun commanded Lin Kai with an unquestionable tone.

Lin Kai heard the words and responded calmly: “Mr. Zhao, first, this is an investment movie, not a movie you invested in. You are not qualified to order me. Second, this is Lu Qingfeng’s own bet and lost. Whoever loses will look like losing.”

Zhao Changyun suddenly became even more unhappy, and his tone was very bad: “Lin Kai, what is your tone? Dare to give me face? Although you are in the Eastern Sea, you also belong to the province. There is no one in this province. Dare not to give me face. So you still insist on not giving me face?”

Lin Kai continued to speak calmly: “Mr. Zhao, sorry, in my opinion, your face is worthless.”

Zhao Changyun was furious in an instant: “Yes! Lin Kai, right? I remember you, and you are waiting for you to pay what a terrible price!”

“I’m waiting.”

Lin Kai didn’t care, when he heard Zhao Changyun hung up his phone angrily, he took off the Bluetooth headset.

Then he contacted Wei Shifeng again, and Wei Shifeng was occupied by his Primordial Spirit and could be contacted at any time.

Lin Kai let his Primordial Spirit prevent the cooperation between Huayue Group and Leiyuan Group, and even sold his hand Huayue Group, causing conflicts between the two groups.

Lin Kai finished this, slightly smiled, his car has come to the mountain range.

At the same time.

In a luxurious office, Zhao Changyun heavily smashed a mobile phone worth tens of thousands of dollars to the ground without feeling distressed at all.

“Okay! Very good! Isn’t Lin Kai? Don’t think that Lin Yuan of Leiyuan Group will fear you a bit, but I will not fear you!”

Zhao Changyun ruthlessly said that his group has cooperated with Leiyuan Group, so he naturally knows who Lin Kai is.

In his eyes, Lin Kai only has several points of strength that’s all, thinking that dealing with Lin Kai is still very simple.

The company that has friendship with Lu Qingfeng asked him to talk about it.

In his early years, Zhao Changyun got help from that company, so he put down his attitude and went to talk to Lin Kai.

Didn’t expect, that Lin Kai don’t give face like this, even saying that his face is worthless!

Really unbearable!

What kind of identity he is, he was actually a hairless brat, so to speak!

Thinking of this, Zhao Changyun must teach Lin Kai a lesson.

It’s just that his power is on the provincial capital, and Eastern Sea is still a certain distance away from the provincial capital.

Zhao Changyun wanted to teach Lin Kai as soon as possible, but he still had to let the Eastern Sea forces help him out.

Eastern Sea also has some cooperation with Leiyuan Group. He is considering whether or not to call the people from Leiyuan Group.

After all, as Huayue Group’s, he is stronger than Leiyuan Group’s. Now it is not appropriate to call someone for help.

didn’t expect, at this time, someone from Leiyuan Group called him.

As the chairman of a Peak Group, Zhao Changyun naturally has many mobile phones. The one I dropped just now is just the most common among many mobile phones.

The cell phone that rang was more than 100,000.

It appeared to him that the phone showed the incoming call, which was from Wei Shifeng, a senior leader of Leiyuan Group.

So, Zhao Changyun answered the phone and said, “Wei Shifeng, what’s the matter?”

“Mr. Zhao, I have already drafted the shares here, and I’m waiting for you to send someone to fix it. In this way, we can establish a formal cooperation.”

Hearing the words of Wei Shifeng on the other side, Zhao Changyun nodded, said: “Okay, now that it is drawn up, I will send someone over as soon as possible.”

Zhao Changyun thought for a while, and then quickly continued: “By the way, don’t you Leiyuan Group have a number one enemy, that is Lin Kai. If you send someone now, teach that Lin Kai, we will come later Cooperation will be more frequent.”

Wei Shifeng hesitated a little, and said: “Mr. Zhao, you also know that our Leiyuan Group is in a special period now, and there is no way to send an expert to teach Lin Kai, so…”

Before Wei Shifeng finished speaking, Zhao Changyun clenched the teeth and said: “Then I will add another company, give you Leiyuan Group, shares and so on, and let you decide. In short, before tonight, I want I saw how Lin Kai was injured!”

Wei Shifeng said with a smile: “Since Mr. Zhao is so sincere, and he is only teaching Lin Kai, this little thing, take seriously, to ensure that Mr. Zhao is satisfied. However, Mr. Zhao, you should first take the shares of that company Transfer to me, lest you are too busy when the time comes, so forget it.”

Zhao Changyun was frowned at once, but didn’t say much. It was nothing to teach Lin Kai.

So, Zhao Changyun next transferred the shares to Wei Shifeng.

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