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Cho Min-joon poured sesame oil on rice, and mixed rice with kochujang and miso in a one-to-one ratio. This was the process that usually characterized the characteristics of Korean bibimbap. Spice rice in advance, or spice it out separately. Sometimes I tried to spice it up.

There was a reason for Cho Min – joon to season rice in advance. The first was that this was a mission. I did not know what to say when I delayed the lecture by the judges. And basically, Cho did not like to leave a red pepper paste or sesame oil pail in a Korean restaurant. I thought the food in the restaurant should be done in the hands of the chef. It was meaningless when finished in the hands of the guests. That was Cho 's idea.

The second was for lukewarmness. If you go back and forth the rice to rub seasoning in the rice, the vegetable, the zidane, and the meat which it put in the famous name often were torn and wrinkled in an unsightly manner. It was a visually stunning image among Koreans.

After putting reddish and shiny bibimbap into a small rice bowl, Cho Min-joon put it on a flat plate. Around the rounded bibimbap, various famous people were placed like petals. I put the yolk of the egg on the rice and it was the end. Cho Min-joon looked at bibimbap.

[Bibimbap] Freshness: 94%Country of Origin: (Several ingredients are hidden) Quality: Award (average of ingredients) Cooking score: 6/10 6 points. It was expected. Cho Min-joon did not shake and looked at the time for a while. 17 minutes. It was enough time to make potatoes.

Cho Min-joon just tasted the potatoes on the steel plate. The potatoes were held on the sieve in order to drain the water, and Chominjun chopped the leek and red pepper as it was. Even though I took the motif from the temples, it was because of this that I can not say that it is tempyo cuisine.

Good. Leek, soothing, par, garlic, huh. It was the five foods that were forbidden in temples. I already used two of them. Garlic has been added to the seaweed soup, and leek has been added before the leek. Of course, the subject is not a temple dish, so I did not have to worry about it. The important thing now is taste and nutrition.

Cho minjung put flour on the potatoes, mixed leek and red pepper. Then I put a fire on the frying pan. The edible oil had to run around properly. If you put too much on the edge as well as the center, you will lose all the delicious taste and burn like a cake.

But it was too bad to take a little too much. I could stick to the fan and ruin the shape of the previous one.

Fortunately, I was baked so beautifully that I could have done so well in the past.

Quality: Award (average of ingredients) Cooking score: 6/10 6 points. Cho 's eyebrows shook for a while. The time had never been less than two minutes. Cho Min-joon put a seaweed soup in a soup bowl. Seaweeds like wakame were not so familiar foods to Westerners, but when they became judges of the cooking program, they could not eat seaweed. It was also a perilla powder for the distance that you might feel. Of course, the perilla was not so familiar to Westerners as well, but it was a bit of a bit of a seaweed paste.

Cho Min-joon put the dishes on the tray. Seaweed soup, leek potatoes, cabbage rolls, and bibimbap.

This happened at that moment. The state windows that had been floating above each bowl were fluttering, and a bigger and clearer state window came up on it. Cho Min-joon watched the scene with a blank face. Soon another window appeared in front of his eyes.

[You have created a harmonious hanger. This is the configuration in which a particular theme exists.]

[The 'composition score' function which can evaluate multiple dishes at the same time has been fried.]

[Skill 'understanding of Korean food' skill has increased.]

[Check configuration score?]

Yes / No Cho Min-joon looked at you with a grim face. That was the moment. A window sprang up in front of me.

[CHO Min – Jun 's vegetarian soup] list: Bibimbap, seaweed soup, cabbage rolls, leek potatoes.

Cooking Score: 6/10 Composition Score: 7/10 Rating: This is a vegetarian-friendly diet. It features simple platings and a refreshing taste, so it is good for a casual meal.

Cho 's eyebrows wriggled. There are also new features. Allen's voice echoed with Buzzard before something came to mind about the situation.

"Get your hands off everyone! The cooking time is over! "

Alan looked back at everyone with his emotionless eyes. Cho Min-joon swallowed his saliva. The dice were thrown. Can this food table made of its own color really sound the judges' mind? Cho Min-joon looked around. A variety of dishes were visible. Ratatouille, Lasagna, Cuban sandwiches and so on.

Pounding. I felt the heart beating clearly. Cho Min-joon hit his lips. Even if I did not do that, I could not help being nervous. The reason why he was able to wait for the decision relatively casually was thanks to the absolute blindness to the cooking score. But I found out that the cooking score is not absolute. And now, the cooking score is only 6 points.

It was only his own judgment that I could believe now. Maybe this was the first time I was in front of a proper test stand.

Allin looked at him with his nervous face. The moment I thought I had met with Alan's eyes, Alan opened his mouth and said.

let's begin." Please come out from the front row. "

Cho Min-joon was the second line. The two who were in front of Cho Min-joon went to the judges with their dishes. One of them was Chloe. Cho Min-joon carefully watched Chloe's cooking. The cooking score is 8 points. Chloe was the best score I could get.

The food of Chloe was roasted wheat noodles with oil, and the food with chrysanthemum and bamboo shoots. The light brown sauce which seemed to mix the soy sauce and the citron was put under it, and the boiled was fried with the half-boiled egg and it was decorated in the center. It was an appearance that seemed to be inevitable in many ways.

It seemed easy, but it was a difficult dish. It was also a skill that cooked the boiled egg in the boiled flour while the inside of the egg was raw. The thin cotton should not be burned properly but should be properly scratched, and at the same time it should remain cozy. It was easy to become food garbage which was not even this even if it was a little bit clean.

Alan picked up the fork and broke the fried egg. Thin frying clothes and white whites were split, and a thin yolk flowed out like orange syrup. Participants watched were swallowing saliva. Even Chloe did. It has been a long time that I made my dish so good.

Allen puts the side that he soaked in the yolk with his cheekbones. The first thing that spread in the mouth was the tasty taste of yuzu and soy sauce. I heard that the intense flavor unique to yuzu spreads the salty taste of soy sauce more quickly. The smell of citron was already halfway through when chewing ginseng. And the vacancy was filled with fresh taste of chrysanthemum. The surface between the leaves of Cheonggyeongjegae was conveyed the flavor of yolk with the taste of oil.

Beautiful No, it was not that tangible taste. It was wild. It was full of charisma. It was such a provocative, primordial flavor that the commanding officers near the battlefield were eating. Alan managed the look desperately. It was the same with the judges at the side. Alan took his mouth first.

"Chloe. Gochisōsan

Chloe did not answer but laughed awkwardly. It was a tense expression. Allen asked in a calm voice.

"Is this your first dish?"

"Afraid not." That's what my mother used to do often. I've improved fried half-cooked stuff. My mother just put a half-full-grain egg. "

"……Your mother certainly seems to be a savvy cook. "

Sure do. I've never seen anyone cook more delicious than my mother. "

"So, do you think your mother's recipe has been saved properly today?"

Chloe's mouth was cramped at the end. She said in a voice without her confidence.

“Umm . . . Did I tell you this recipe is a mother? And you heard that, and my mother said she was a savvy cook. Then I saw my dish good … … No, at least I've seen my recipe. And to look good on recipes, I have to look good in my dishes … … "


Allen opened his mouth to the lengthening horse. Chloe stood up and looked at Alan. Her toe tapped on only the bottom of the crest. Alan was speaking.

"I'll say it straight forward. It was a good dish. Chloe. It was a delicious dish, and it was a dish that made good use of the advantages of the seaweed. Especially the compatibility of yuzu and soy sauce was very good. "

"I have the same opinion. I did not know that my mouth was going to be so good with my first cooking. I ate well. It was a good dish. "

Emily said after Alan. Chloe laughed and looked at Joseph. Two favorable reviews, a majority passed, so the fallout has already been avoided. Joseph said with a smile.

Gochisōsan Chloe. It is passed. "


Chloe shouted with a joyful voice and went upstairs to the second floor. But the good atmosphere was broken right after that moment. The participant at the side of Chloe put out a baguette sandwich with cucumber, tomato, cheddar cheese and fried potatoes in it.

I will eat. But it was a special taste. In the judges' expressions, that feeling has been revealed. The judges officially chewed the sandwich in the mouth. In the meantime, Alan spit out what was in my mouth in the trash bin, whether the texture of the baguette was so hard.

There have been many stories that have flowed since. It is too general. The level of how we have survived so far is suspected. Did you think this dish could get a good score? The words were long, but the conclusion was one.

Jamie You are a candidate to be eliminated. Go back to your seat. "

The next one was Cho Min-joon's turn. Alan raised his voice.

"Cho Min-joon. Helena. Please bring your dishes. "

Cho Min-joon came forward with a tray. First, it was Cho Min-jun. The judges came up. Alan looked down at the seaweed soup with a grim look.

Miyeok gukis it?"

"Yes, I put the perilla in the seaweed soup."

"I ate seaweed soup, but it is the first time I put my perilla. How do I eat? "

"You can eat as you like."

These are It's cooking in Korea. "

"Yes, I have improved the tempest cuisine a little bit."

The judges put the seaweed soup into the mouth first. After that, I bibimbap, and after eating the rolls I put potatoes in my mouth. Emily said with a sigh.

Kenichi Momoyama Lepismatidae It is difficult. "

"I agree."

Allen nodded and looked at Joe Min-joon. It was hard to understand what it means to say that difficult. Is it hard to accept the taste? Or do you judge? It was then. Joseph said his lips for a moment.

"Minjun. Let me have a brief meeting. Please step back. "

Cho Min-joon stepped back in five steps without saying anything. Emily whispered in a small voice.

"What are you going to do?"

"……There was a taste. "

"I liked the taste. It may be a bit exotic to the public, but at least it was good for me. "

"It's a well-made dish. I did not see tempura dishes, but the Korean characteristics are well known. But,

Alan was clouded. Emily understood what Alan was hesitating about. Joseph said in a sorry voice.

"There is no main."

"……"No, not really."

It was literally. Now, the jury members were sick of Cho 's cooking, and it was not a cooking score that Jo Min – joon was worried about, nor was it an exotic taste. Absence of main. That was it.

Bibimbap can be called main. However, the intensity of the taste of bibimbap was too weak to be the main character of this award.

Alan opened his mouth.

"If it was a homemade meal, it would be perfect. Each side dish has a taste, and harmony with each other is not bad either. But,

Alan sighed, not talking. If I had only that bibimbap, I might have given it a higher score. The taste of bibimbap was not bad, and the composition was good.

However, by putting various dishes in the bowl, Cho Min – joon tried to put the integrity into one. That was the problem. Among moderately similar-sized dishes, there was no such thing as a particularly stimulating and enchanting mouth. Everyone was calm and the feeling was complementary to each other's taste.

Of course, it was also evidence that each dish was also highly understandable. But,


Allen's eyes were tapered. There has been a long discussion among the judges for a long time.

And the conclusion came.

"Minjun. Come closer. "

Joseph opened his mouth. Joseph looked at his uneasy expression and smiled at her.

"Personally I think this one of your dishes was the most delicious. It is not a matter of taste. It's a matter of heart. Catfish buns and sea bream that you have done so far have all had flavor, but your greed was too. Of course it is a natural desire. If you are a participant, you will have to pass and cook for him. "

Joseph, who had spoken there, asked for a moment. He looked at the judges who were with him.

"Emily and Alan are the same opinion. This time, the dish you cooked was really warm. I did not have greed, I just wanted to have a delicious and healthy meal. To be honest, I was in a mood to see the statue of my mother. But badly, it's not like a restaurant, it's just like a meal. "

Cho did not say anything. He was just listening to Joseph's words. Joseph sighed. He looked very hard at this examination.

"So I can not help but say sorry now. It was a really good dish. But, we are judges, not guests … … You can not just judge by your heart. Minjun. "

Joseph looked at Joe Min-joon. Joe slowly closed his eyes. Soon I guessed what his mouth would say. And that guess did not go away.

Sorry. You are a candidate to be eliminated. "

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