The raws were pulled (real-time) from:

"Again …?"
"Yes, is there something wrong?"
"Afraid not." It's not … … "

Cho Min-joon hesitated, and cut the ribs back one side and tore off his flesh. I shivered and shivered my body. It was so tasty that goose bumps on the spine. Taste of tom yum spreading in mouth, taste of crab meat, and taste of back rib. There was nothing lacking and nothing unmatched. Joe Min-joon's eyebrows were collected. I did not understand that it was so delicious that I was still handled by the lack of cooking.

"It's really delicious. I want to be able to pick this over with this recipe. "
"Right. If we were ordinary people. But we are chefs. "

Rachel said in a pulpit voice. This is just like the perfect truth that will not change anyone.

"The chef has to go beyond the limits of the recipe. I think if you are a minjun, you will understand my words. "

Joe asked what he was trying to do with his lips. Suddenly, it was time to make risotto. Ship risotto. The expected cooking score was 6 points. However, he did not miss the change of food several times during the cooking process and concentrated. What was the result? 8-point risotto was not born.

So I was caught feeling what Rachel was saying. But that's about it. If the score is 9, it already has all the necessary features as a recipe. How much more can this difference be?

Of course, if Rachel hands her hand, something might be different. You can catch the subtle parts they do not feel. But can the subtleties lead to a huge difference that will make it between 9 and 10?

It was then. Jeremy came up to them with a small pot of avocado soup.

"Once I see this taste for a while."
"Oh, are you done already?"

Cho Min-joon came up to the avocado soup with a flower. Jeremy poured a little soup over a spoon of Joe Min-joon as a scoop. He licked the soup that fell on his palm under the spoon, and Cho Min – joon nodded his head.

"It's delicious. I also like this neat taste. Of course, there is a taste of avocado to make it neat and clean. … After all, it's also the pure taste of avocado itself. "
"Did not you say good-smelling dishes last time?"
"Taste and incense are a little different story. It's kind of like a car. The flavor is strong, but the taste is mingling. I do not mean to like the taste of manging. "

Emily's answer to the question was very calm. The cooking score of the avocado soup was 8 points. But that was also a big deal. The one who cooked was Serah and Jeremy. Both of them were only 5 to 6 at the cooking level.

I actually thought it was Rachel, not Serah and Jeremy, who actually cooked. It is not just to be commanded as a head chef, he controls everything. If you can feel and coordinate the whole situation of the kitchen in real time, it is not really important to know whose hand it is to catch a knife or a fan.

'This was a legend.'

I did not see how Jo Minjun was looking at Rachel. Anderson looked at Cho Min – jun with a wary look and touched him with his elbow.

"Why are you so hollow?"
"No, Mr. Rachel …… I want to be great. "
"……When did you call you a teacher? "
I didn't It just happens. "

Anderson's expression was subtle. Although Rachel is honored to be respected, it feels like a disgusting turnover. I should say that my brother is like a brother to guard his mother when he is born.

On the other hand, Rachel was not that relaxed. She gazed at the ribs on the plate. The face was painful like a mother watching her child. It was the expression that I felt guilty feeling that I could not cook perfectly.

Daniele What am I missing now? "

It seemed that the voice would be heard right away, but neither the voice nor the breath was heard at all. Rachel realized at the moment that she had come back to the kitchen in a very long time. It also came to my mind that I had been reluctant to go to the kitchen for quite some time, and at the same time was afraid.

My breasts became so frustrated that I could not breathe for a moment. The landscape of that day came to mind. California, summer of Venice beach. The sand on the beach where I was sizzling, and the disciples who sweated in the kitchen. And, the figure of the fallen husband.

"Rachel? all right

Emily looked into her with an anxious face. Rachel faced Emily with a blank face and shook her head with amazement.

"Oh, you've been a little nervous for a while."
"The complexion is so bad …… Is not it too difficult now? "
"I have a chef in the kitchen.
"But you were resting for 10 years."
"So I can not rest anymore. I was already drunk enough to take a rest. "

Rachel answered stubbornly and smiled as if she was fine. Emily said she still does not mind.

"But do not let it go too far. We still have a lot of time. "
"Yes. I know. I can not afford … … "

Rachel's mouth stopped. She looked at the canister with a hollow face and laid brightly.

"It is a journey of many years between the child, the mother, and I. " relaxation. I did not have much room. "
Andersson Minjun. Sorry. I made a big mistake. Do not put the dough on the ribs, such as boiled, drained to the garden and wait a little. "
"Got it."

Cho Min-joon has just recovered the back ribs. I watched him with his ribs. Should I say that I want to do something soon. But Rachel gave no signal. Most of the bites on the back ribs had already fallen down.

Rachel opened her mouth when she was not cool enough to get rid of the water. "Now dough and fry." Anderson quickly put out the dough I made. On the back ribs, crab starch dough and bread crumbs were buried, and they fell into boiling oil.

'Will it be different?'

Cho Min-joon looked at the anticipation half, the suspicious half-hearted, white, red, and yellowish frying clothes. Jeremy had already been made by the side, including the ribs said.

"It's already good enough. Could it be more delicious here? "
"Look forward. I'll have more flavor than you imagine. "

Rachel answered with a confident voice. Jeremy alternately looked at avocado soup and fried ribs. Rachel said with a frown.

"No, do not think I'll ever play with food."
"……What do I know what to do? "
"Right now … whew!

After all, the back ribs faded green green soup. Jeremy banged the back ribs with a lucid face and immediately twisted the lower jaws to make an impression like those who ate nothing. Rachel shook her head with a sigh.

"Let's hear the chef's advice."
"……Reflection. "

Whether the harmony between the two was shocking or shocking, Jeremy nodded his face with a silly face. It was about that time. That the ribs were all fried. Cho Min-joon picked up the ribs, removed the oil and put it on the plate. And I looked at the back ribs with a little surprised eye. Serra, who watched them closely, opened her mouth.

"It's a bit different from what it looks like."

If ribs such as fried earlier had a whitish color as a whole, the overall color feeling was uniform except for the crab portion. It was the moment when I fried Rachel's carved potatoes and put them in a bowl with pickles and vegetables.

[Fried rib meat crab with pickled tom yum sauce] Freshness: 97%Country of origin: (There are a lot of ingredients hidden) Quality: Phase Cooking score: 10/10 [I put hands on 10 point dish]
[Understanding 'Head Chef' skills have increased!]
[Level of 'Auxiliary Stone' skill has increased!]
[Experience of cooking is rising!]

Several windows sprang up. But there was only one number that Cho Min – june concentrated on. Ten points. Rather than contributing to a little bit of a 10-point dish for the first time in my life, it was a big shock to me that the short wait time was making such a big difference. Rachel sliced ​​the ribs slowly. She put it in her mouth and shook her body like she was thrilled. It was perfect. I wanted to show this difference soon. I wanted to know how this feeling was felt by Cho. But at the moment when I saw Joe Min-joon's face, Rachel forgot her impatience and laughed.

"Why do not you eat it and you already admire it? Now, try it. "

Cho Min-joon did not even answer, and received the ribs with trembling hand. He slowly put the back of the ribs in his mouth. The first taste was similar to that before. Melting down the crumbly crunchy bread crumbs at the end of the tongue, and as soon as the teeth cracked the crispy starchy clothes, the smell of crab meat spread calmly into the mouth.

And then it was the moment. If you smelt the ribs, you smell the smell of tom yum, and this time you just softly touched his tongue and palate. But that was better. It is not blatantly tasteless. I have tempted him like a lady dressed in pure taste.

Cho Min-joon giggled and laughed. However, as he pushed his ribs back into his mouth, he soon disheveled his face as though he had made a sore face. In the reddish-blue eyes, the pupil was holding his back ribbing with his aching eyes.

It was not delicious. Of course it was delicious. It was delicious enough to impress me. But it was because of the intersection of various emotions, thoughts, and memories that made him thrilled. I thought only far. The end of the dish, the perfect dish. But though he was under Rachel's guidance now, he created it with his hand. A dish that can not be faulty.

What made him most impressed was the power of time. Waiting is that the patience of the moment can make such a big difference … … It felt so beautiful. The subtlety of the cooking itself was very touching. But at the same time I got angry. It seemed to be right in front of me. The dish that came to the end was born in his hands, but it was not his dish. That made him too thirsty.

Nobody looked at him like that strangely. Rather, I think about the absolute taste of Cho Min-joon, and the fact that he reacts like that seems like a peculiar kind of genius. Martin laughed. When each of these scenes was put on the screen, depending on how they were directed, they could bring a much more explosive impression and thrill to viewers. And to that extent, he was confident enough.

'It was the right choice to bring him back too.'

Yet his absolute taste has not even worked well on this pro. But, he will come to spread his wings. And Martin never intended to miss that moment.

The dish was finished. Simple, yet top-notch dishes were put on the inside and outside of the Thai king … … As he ate, the king repeatedly drowned in his nostalgia. At the end of the meal he spoke with a raging voice.

"It was a rewarding meal I missed. And I look forward to continuing to miss it. "
"It will not be long. By all means, I'll bring back those memories. I promise. "

The king grabbed Rachel's hand and poured out words of gratitude many times. The cameras stood still. Everyone felt. The power of a chef named Rachel. It seemed to be more wonderful because it led the other person 's hand, not his own hand, and made such a dish.

It was time to leave the palace. In the car. Cho Min-joon, who watched the nightly scenery quietly, opened his mouth.

"Mr. Rachel. Are you sleeping? "
"Afraid not." What do you have to say? "
"I was always obscure. What to aim for as a chef. Can it be a delicious dish? But it is a good standard to be delicious. That's the idea. "
"I want to make my goal. No matter how difficult it seems to be, it's chef who can make it light … … I want to be. "

Compared to before, it was a quiet voice, but it was full of ambition and ambition. Rachel smiled and looked at him. The more you crave for cooking, the more power you'll get. She answered.

"That decision, I'll cheer. But there is something I am mistaken for one. "

Rachel said.

"I still have heavy and difficult dishes. No matter how much experience and skill you have … … "

A woman who has grown old over the years has put her life in her mouth.

"It does not get lighter."

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