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Winter in Santa Monica is not cold. Of course, the people who live in it. In winter, they put on their coats and wear underpants, but they were cold enough to feel colder than those who live in colder places.

It was raining in the unbelievable cold. No, I came down and stopped.
The water that flowed through the window was long under the window frame, and only the water drops that were left in the window stubbornly kept their position.

"It's rain."

Janet muttered silently. The answer did not come back, but she did not care.

"We got married."

And I heard a stubborn voice as much as the drops of water. Janet turned her head. Anderson was looking at her. With unrealistic eyes, as if you can not believe the moments right now.

Yeah, right.

Anderson raised her hand on Janet 's ship. Only a few months ago, this hand could not touch her belly so naturally. But now it was different. The place where this hand can be, the place where they lie. And it's not just the two of them.

Sorry. I can not do my honeymoon properly either. Let's marry with a boat. "
"If the boat had not been called, we would not have been in the first place."

Anderson did not try to deny it, but at the same time, he was a bit curious. If Janet's ship had not been called, then would not they have been married if this was not the case anyhow?

He looked back at the moment when he approached Janet. No, they looked back at the moment they got married. The most likely cause was Janet's child, but in fact it did not. Janet had never wanted to marry Anderson after having a child.

Wanted was Anderson. It was Anderson who could not stand it. Every time Janet 's ship gets more and more popular. And every time she goes out to the cacophony restaurant she can not get tough even in the sharp nerves. Anderson could not keep watch over Janet, who could not drink a drink he liked and was trampling under heavy reality. I could not do it.

Is it a pity? Should it be a simple sense of responsibility? Or … it was love. I wanted to argue with love, but to be honest Anderson still had no confidence.

When I saw Janet, my heart became warm. I got comfortable. When he was holding his skinny body in his arms, he felt like he was somebody other than Anderson. The world was feeling different. But if you ask if it is love, the answer is not what to say. If I had loved, I should have wanted Janet before I had a baby.

The idea became complicated. And the complexity pressed Anderson 's mouth down on Janet' s neck. Janet sang shortly and turned around Anderson.

"Are you a newbie? It's very active today. "

Anderson hugged Janet more in lieu of the answer. She felt her taste, warmth, aroma, smell, softness, hardness, breath and eyes, filled with those angry affection. I wanted to say that I love you. But that was not easy. I do not know how he can easily make things go wrong, and he admires himself, but Anderson does not often say that he loves even such a person.

"You know what you want to say, do not you?"

Anderson asked. Janet looked at Anderson like that.

"I do not know if you do not tell."
"· · · · Then it is. I do not know. "

Sooner or later, the hot moments had to be done for the newlyweds, and soon Anderson and Janet spewed out their heat with their hot body and eyes thrown on the bed. At this moment, Anderson felt rather colder than ever. Was it Santa Monica's cold. Or was it just the delusion that he imagined.

I love you

That was an unexpected moment. Anderson looked at the ceiling with a blank expression for a long time. I just did not understand what he was saying. In the beginning, it began to get confused as to who came out of the mouth. After a long silence, Anderson turned his head slowly. Janet was lying on his arm and looking at him with only her head.

"… What did you just say?"
"I say I love you. Anderson Russo. "

There was a faint tear drop in Janet 's eye that said. Is it sadder? Is it a joy. No, I do not even know if she was yawning. Too badly sick and tender yawning.

Anderson slowly wiped out his fingers and wiped Janet's tears. Her skin seemed gentle to her skin. Anderson opened his mouth. My body was hot. So it was cold. It was so cold that it seemed as if I would be able to speak it out now.

mee too

A little cowardly. Like a fool. So I'm sorry for your sincerity.

"I love you too. Janet Russo. "

I wanted to feel the air of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, which was like a heart after a long time, but it was not possible. No matter how lucky I was, I could not keep SuSheff's seat still open. Now, just in the same situation that just entered that point.

Kayana and Chloe were also very busy. They were not the chef like Cho Min-joon, but the head chef who was in charge of the store. It was good to go back a little faster as it was the situation that I went to the store until I closed.

Nevertheless, Cho Min – joon was standing in the hall now. Standing on the spot where Rose Island Headquarters, Anderson and Janet had a simple yet beautiful wedding. As soon as he was standing on the red carpet he could not get rid of, Soon Anderson came in and called him Cho Min-joon.

"You came early."
"You come early."
"It did. I'm sorry. It's rather late. "
"I am not a cold-blooded man who does not understand the situation of the bridegroom from the first night. Do you know? "

Cho Min – joon said so and laughed. Anderson had a grim smile on the horse, but he did not panic as before. I only married, but how the weight of a man can be so different. Rather, I was surprised.

It was always obscure about the appearance of a friend who covered it. I was glad and glad and bitter. I felt that their growth was not jealous, but that their time was going on day by day. What I thought was today was already yesterday, and sometimes I find myself in a faraway place that can not be described as yesterday.

"What does Janet do? However, if the groom comes out this morning from the first morning, I think he'll be a little sick. "
"We are not going to say something like that. In the beginning, I am tired now sleeping.
I'll be tough all day. "
"So why did you call it so far? I do not think I just wanted to talk like this. "
"Did you have breakfast?"
"Not exactly."
"Good. I'll give you breakfast. "

Even in the unfolding of the unexpected, Cho Min-joon nodded without embarrassment. Anderson began to take something out of the fridge. As you can see, it was a chunk of meat ripened with seasoning. Cho Min-joon looked at it and opened his mouth.

"Yes, I matured from yesterday morning. It's only 24 hours now. "
"······yesterday morning? Is not it just before the wedding? It was aging at that time? "

Cho Min-joon sneered. No matter how good the food is, preparing the dishes to make on the morning after the wedding day. It was unlikely that Cho would do such a thing.

"I know you should leave early. So I wanted to get ready a little early. "
"What kind of dish do you want to show so much?"
"You'll know soon enough. Be quiet. "

That's what Anderson said and ripped out the wrap that I put on the meat. And at that moment, the hook and the smell of the sauce pounded Cho 's nose. Mustard was the strongest presence on the pepper flavor. Dijon mustard. Cho did not say anything and watched Anderson's cooking. This is what I want to show you if you catch the atmosphere.

"I'll eat everything. Pasta Potato Or Bob? "
"· · · · · · Pasta and potatoes are fast. Do either of them. "
"I'll make it pasta."

Anderson finished the conversation and immediately started boiling. And the pasta he prepared was fetuchine. As soon as Cho Min – jun was still watching to try to use some kind of sauce, Anderson rusted the rapeseed oil and butter on the fan, and soon he started raising rabbit meat.

As the meat's fascinating fragrance grew more and more intense, Anderson shifted the meat to a dish as the meat's surface was tinted with a perfect golden brown color. And then I started to learn it again with Charlotte, garlic, laurel leaves and rosemary. How many minutes did it take? Anderson poured dry white wine when the garlic was still ripe because of the moisture of the onions and other things.

The flame did not soar. I was not pouring for Flambe. The fire was not so hot. Anderson poured the wine to the point where almost no soup was visible, and then poured the chicken broth along with the rabbit meat that he had pre-cooked. By the time the chicken broth sucked in about a third, Anderson went to Grainie Mustard with a double cream.

Cho Min-joon had no choice but to watch the series of processes. I thought it would probably be nine points if I went this way. But it was not. Anderson's pasta was not usually pasta. Gluto was the site holding a cotton yarn that would not be shaken by Alfredo or Amilla. No one else, Amelia itself, was superior cotton yarn.

Thanks to that, Anderson's pasta boasted a cooking score of ten. But what surprised Cho Min-joon was not just because Anderson made 10 points. If you are a chef with about eight levels of cooking, you can create a 10-point dish if you only have time and inspiration.

What surprised Cho Min-joon was that Anderson's cuisine was completely localized to suit American tastes while still retaining the essence of European cuisine. Anderson puts the sauce and rabbit meat together with the pasta, and she platters it beautifully and puts it in front of Cho Min-joon.

"This is my dish. Minjun. "

It simply did not mean he cooked. In this dish from Anderson, he was able to feel and read both Anderson's life and his future life.

Cho Min-joon heard the fork instead of the answer. The first thing I tasted was rabbit meat. I can not feel anything about it, but the meat, which is unique to the rabbit meat and yet has the best quality, devastated his mouth with the smell of mustard that pops whenever it chews.

There was not simply a taste of mustard. The cream, wine, and double cream flavors of mustard are surprisingly heavy and exciting. Fetuchini's chewy flavor, which shows a perfect altenette so that you can see what is over cook and what is under cook in pasta, proved that Anderson did not take the pasta section for the past year.

One mouth was happy, and it was admiration. Cho Min-joon had no choice but to feel it again. Anderson is a great chef too. He's a friend he thinks his rival is, he's an opponent.
That's why I want to fight with you forever.

"Now you are the perfect chef. Andersson

It was a remark that seemed to be nothing special, but it was the greatest tribute Mr. Fortunately Anderson got it. He smiled as he matured and said.

"I'm going to stay in my life forever."
"… Gluto?"
"It's not just about keeping Gluto. Maybe he's in another restaurant. But in this city, where we have memories, I will continue to cook. I increase the patrons, and the chefs I know grow. Maybe someday my place might be in Gluto, and now we're in a restaurant where we do not even know the name. "

Is the fuss about Rose Island now completely erased? I was curious, but Cho did not ask. Anderson said.

"I heard that you are coveting the place that was the headquarters of Rose Island. And what kind of conversation I had with Mr. Rachel for him. "
"······." "Thank you. I became my friend. "

Anderson said.

"Thanks to you, I knew what a real dish was. What I love most about.
How to live. So honestly I am glad. I do not know why you had to make that decision, or what purpose it was. But somehow you want to come back here. "
"Yes, I'll be back."
"I want to live with you for the rest of my life. They taste each other, point out, recognize. like that."

At that moment, Anderson laughed momentarily. There was a hovering in my mouth. It seemed to me that Janet would be able to speak out to Jon min.

So I spit.

"I love you, friend."

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