God of Fishing Chapter 1233

After using the Apocalypse Divine Art once, Han Fei discovered that this art method is extremely demanding. Use it in your current state, you can clearly feel the disappearance of vitality at the moment of launch.

However, as the old turtle said, it is much easier to enter the Daoist to use this technique. Therefore, what avenue to take seems to be crucial.

Spirit Gathering Master’s way, is it difficult to get in? Han Fei feels not difficult. At least, since he started learning Gathering Spirit Technique, he always felt that he used Gathering Spirit Technique quite smoothly.

But now the question is coming.

The old turtle said: One way, in fact, only one person can go, and the rest are enemies. The path of the five major occupations of mankind existed a long time ago and almost spread throughout human society.

Are the five major professions strong or not? That must be strong. Just like your own array, Artifact Refining, and Spirit Qi control, which one does not need the support of the Spirit Gathering Master profession?

But behind these professions, there will be Reaper? Think about it, Han Fei feels have one’s hair stand on end!

At this time, Nine Headed Snake sound transmission: “There are many people.”

Han Fei has just recovered and saw the nine heads of the Nine Headed Snake grass, waiting for himself. Because of the two Holy Light Technique shots I just made, Nine Headed Snake has already had three available heads.

Of course, if you want to recover all of them, obviously not enough!

It’s just that at this moment, Han Fei can use everything, basically run out. Nearly half of his life essence is used. It really didn’t have to be given.

No, I heard Nine Headed Snake saying there were a lot of people, Han Fei immediately eyes shined: “Okay.”

Only Han Fei suddenly got up and said immediately: “Since you are guarding here, you should know the Space Array of Shenzifeng very well. How do I perceive the outside world on Shenzifeng? Or, how do I look at this Formation? “

Only seeing Nine Headed Snake grass, he stretched out his huge head and said, “Stand on me, it’s all right.”

Han Fei eyes shined, stepped on Nine Headed Snake’s head in one step. Immediately, Divine Consciousness swept away, covering the surrounding 500li or so. Outside, he no longer has to care.

No, just after his perception was swept away, he discovered that a total of nearly a thousand people were rushing into battle. They entered Shenzi Peak and were trying their best to find it in the mist.

Nine Headed Snake Grass Road: “I can touch the Shenzi Peak prohibition, and start the power of thunder and gang wind.”

Han Fei quickly said: “Don’t. These all are alive, don’t waste.”

Han Fei’s eyes turned and he pulled out his burial dragon rod.

Han Fei hasn’t fished for a long time. At this time, now that the outside world, wind and rain are like sea, is Half Siren not a fish? Isn’t the blood demon a fish?

“xiū xiū xiū …”

As soon as Han Fei’s void line was seen, he first pulled it out and stretched in the mist.

“puff puff puff ……”

In this heavy fog, Han Fei has a clear vision because of the convenience of Nine Headed Snake grass. I saw the thread of nothingness, one deduction.

Half Siren was shocked by the danger, and Jellyfish Innate Spirit Beast, who was surrounded by him, immediately protected his Divine Soul.

However, in this man’s fear, when he was about to flee, “xiu”, a fishing line passed through the shatter void, and the tangled silk was launched instantly, only listening to “sou”, this person was tied up .

Following this, there is a line of nothingness, which follows the fish hook and hangs on his body, stealing his life directly. Originally, the Fishing Rod of Median Grade Divine Artifact used by Han Fei, also unusual Hailing Peak said that you can get rid of it.

With this hook, Han Fei directly controlled 11 people at a time. Two others, because of their special ability, could actually block the void line.

Han Fei pointed his finger, and the endless water turned into a dragon of thousands of swords, and immediately killed him.

Han Fei felt a little sway in his body, and he immediately realized that he was still overdrawn.

However, fortunately, at this moment, a little vitality has been added. The vitality of 11 people is instilling themselves in the body. Even if there is little life stolen by everyone, it is a very rich life.

Only listening to the old turtle said: “Waste, it’s too wasteful. Your kid is empty, but he doesn’t concentrate on cultivation. These sea spirit peaks are more than a thousand years of vitality and less than 800 years. Although they don’t have you This physique aptitude, but you brat this vitality transformation is also too little. Millennium life essence, forcibly turned into one or two years of vitality, it is too wasteful.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes and said, “How can this be counted? How can I not feel it?”

The old turtle hummed and said: “Enter the Tao, the Tao can understand his own way, know the life and death, and get the road. By then, you will naturally understand the vitality of life essence.”

Han Fei whispered, “Oh! That’s too early! What happened in a year or two? I sucked him a thousand and eight hundred, can’t I still make up for me?”

The old turtle disdainfully said: “As long as you are more proficient and more proficient in this technique, you don’t have to cause such a huge waste. Otherwise, this emperor will transform you a little?”

“Don’t even think about it.”

Han Fei guessed the idea of ​​the old turtle early in the morning, it just meant to devour life.

At this time, thousands of Sea Demons are available here. As a result, he couldn’t eat any of it, was it greedy?

Only listen to Han Fei: “You first ask the fish and the turtle outside. Do you say a body is not better than this vitality? These all are the vitality I use to save lives.”

Only listen to the old turtle: “Not necessarily enough.”

Han Fei smiled and said: “Enough is enough, and these people have been drained first. Then, old man, since you know the apocalypse divine art, then I will wait a while, continue to use the apocalypse divine art, or direct Is it fair to devour these people to Fairy?”

The old turtle leisurely said: “Then you should use Apocalypse Divine Art! Apocalypse Divine Art is to help her wake up and feed her vitality directly. The quality of these ordinary sea spirit Peak’s vitality is far worse than Apocalypse Divine Art.”

Han Fei heard it immediately. These 11 people were directly pulled over. Han Fei directly threw the man who was not controlled by the void line into Nine Headed Snake’s mouth.

Han Fei: “This is for you. You will be full before you come to help me.”

Han Fei only needs one hand to control the fishing rod, and the void line does not need a hand, so at this time, there is still time to catch those people who swallow the seashell.

Because the Qianshan Ancient Realm itself lacks Spirit Qi and energy. Therefore, people who come in generally bring a lot of Spirit Coin and Spirit Fruit to assist in the battle.

No, just over 10 people, Han Fei got more than 5,000 pounds of Spirit Coin. Although it is less than ten thousand pounds, but the accumulation is small, there are thousands of people in this mist.

Han Fei glanced at Shu Xiaoman, the girl didn’t know which nerve was wrong? It was actually able to run into the mist. You know, this is that the large array outside the Shenzi Peak is not open, otherwise the thunder flashes, there are void cracks everywhere, simply not they can bear it!

Han Fei thought about it: Shu Xiaoman should come with a mission? Don’t know how much resources she has?

Han Fei thoughts move, direct sound transmission said: “The tree is full, I am Han Fei, do you have any spring of life?”

Through the cooperation with Shu Xiaoman at first, the Queen of Life has determined that they will be in the Sea Demons. Therefore, people they know have appeared one after another. Why is this happening? In addition to letting yourself protect Mizuki Sky, there should be other things…

Shu Xiaoman just rushed into the fog, and was immediately ignorant. There is nothing in the Quartet, there is no way back, there is no way forward, and I flew for a long time, I don’t know where I flew? I didn’t see anything, I didn’t touch anything.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s voice rang around Shu Xiaoman, which gave her a strong spirit: “Han Fei, where are you?”

Han Fei said: “Don’t care where I am. Queen or Jinger, have you told me what to say?”

Shu Xiaoman was stunned for a moment: “Yes, Jing Shi let us bring you 30 drops of life spring. Jing Jing said, no more, the rest, you have to find a way yourself.”

Han Fei immediately took a breath: “Hurry up to me. When you first came in, why didn’t you give me?”

Shu Xiaoman said: “Jing Shi said that if you don’t ask, you won’t give it to you. Where are you?”

Han Fei thoughts move: “Snakegrass, send me over.”

Shu Xiaoman is still looking around. He is watching the surroundings vigilantly.

Suddenly, I saw a huge shadow and stretched out.

Shu Xiao was full of time and was tight all over: this is what the hell?

Just when Shu Xiaoman was almost froze, I only saw an incomparable gigantic snake head…Oh no, it was just a spooky monster plant like a snake head that appeared in front of my eyes.

And standing above the demon plant, it is not Han Fei, who can it be?


Shu Xiaoman swallowed immediately: Han Fei What did he do? Why did he come here? It’s also good to be such a big one.

Only listen to Han Fei: “Give me the spring of life. Also, you go out and cheat the Sea Demons of King Bai’s City and the blood demon of Blood Sea God…”

Han Fei quickly told Shu Xiaoman about the plan.

Shu Xiaoman just quickly took out the seashell and threw it to Han Fei: “It’s all inside. In order to prevent me from falling and losing, I have been following many people around me.”

Han Fei reached out and swallowed the seashell. He didn’t even see it. He looked at Shu Xiaoman and said, “Remember, the acting must be realistic. As long as they can be cheated in, those guys can’t run away.”

In Han Fei’s words, the tree was completely filled with trees.

Be aware that there are only a few people coming in. There are more than a thousand people when the two families outside add up.

And Han Fei is face revealed a trace of cruelty: If Shen Zifeng is so good, when he just went outside, he won’t play Nine Headed Snake.

As long as the Nine Headed Snake grass is willing to pay the price, the hundreds of people in this mist can be said that none of them can run away. In an instant, he will be hacked to death.

Han Fei stomped and saw, “Snakegrass, cooperate with me, act in a scene…”

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