God of Fishing Chapter 1234

In the mist of Shenzi Peak, between Han Fei and Shu Xiaoman, more than 20 people were hunted. According to the old tortoise, he probably recharged his life essence for less than 30 years.

This makes Han Fei speechless: Sure enough, the apocalypse divine art is refreshing for a while, and the vitality makes up for the slaughterhouse. With one apocalyptic divine spell, it is necessary to suck the vitality of thousands of children to make up for it. Sure enough, I still couldn’t get home by my own cultivation!

At this moment, Han Fei stood on the head of the Nine Headed Snake grass, swept through the perception, and brewed for a long time, watching the crowd like headless flies rushing.

He is thinking about a problem: stealing the sky and apocalypse are the perfect match, one consumes life, the other steals life. In this way, a perfect complementarity is formed.

In a sense, if you have entered the Apocalypse Avenue, you may be able to live forever. Even if you can’t do longevity, life essence is several times more than others, it should not be a problem.

At present, Tianqi Avenue is still very attractive to itself.

This is not just a healing technique. It is like a Spirit Gathering Master. Not only does it gather spirits, he also controls water, refining, painting, etc.


Han Fei woke up suddenly, he couldn’t help but hook the head. At that moment, when he looked at so many people here, he was almost confused.

Han Fei was a little appalled, and he lost his mind at this critical moment. This is something that has never happened! In the current war, have you lost your mind?

Han Fei shouted quickly to calm down, Han Fei shouted: “The tree is full, ready…”

Beside the Shenzi Peak, the three parties, each occupying one direction, are separated by only a hundred miles.

The first group of people agreed to enter, mainly to try this place. Because there are many records in Qianshan Ancient Realm, there are too many mountains here. On every mountain, there are basically special guardian monsters. Therefore, although the anomaly of Shenzi Peak is recorded, it is not exhaustive.

Suddenly, the fog oscillated, and the sound of “hong” exploded a gorgeous spark. The mist was opened, and some people saw the five colors of phoenix, shrouded in mist, fuzzy, and a light melody that sounded in the mist.

Beside Shenzi Peak, someone exclaimed; “What is that?”

Someone is very disappointed: “It seems that someone is fighting.”

Although this confused thing can cause crowds to shake, it may not really be able to hook people in.

As soon as I saw the mist, Shu Xiaoman was holding a long bow and was shooting at a Sea Demons. On the other side, two blood demon are grabbing at that phoenix.

I saw the Sea Demons, the harpoon struck, angrily roared: “Bold blood demon, let go…”

At this time, the tree is full and tenderly shouted: “Let go.”

After finishing the speech, the tree was filled with an arrow, and the arrow was like a bird. It rolled up a long wind and lifted a mist.

At this moment, many good people in the outside world suddenly startled: “What is that? Is a Divine Artifact?”

What is that not an embroidery needle? At this moment, surrounded by Han Fei’s invincible will, the golden light was shining.

Human Race powerhouse has a low drink: “No, there is a sharp edge covered with frost.”

The blood demon overjoyed. Although the phoenix was not dispelled, it was impossible to see exactly what it was. However, people on their own side got it.

Suddenly, I only listened to the Sea Demons loudly shouted in the battle: “All come in, did you hear them outside? All come in for me. There are Ocean Order Unusual Gem here, there are five…”



In the Sea Demons, Yuhong looked around. I don’t know why, but King Yulong was not there. Water red inflammation is not there? Here, only you are the strongest!

Even if you divide by Peak battle strength, you can at least grab an Ocean Order Unusual Gem.

At that moment, Yu Hong’s eyes were cold, and he had regarded Ocean Order Unusual Gem as his own bag. Who dares to take his baby? Who is his enemy.

As for what explores the ancient realm of Qianshan? Looking for the opportunity to become a king, Yu Hong felt that this was the opportunity to become a king. He knows it: Ocean Order Unusual Gem, that is the king’s weapon, which is not available to ordinary people.

Everyone directly fryers.

Before they waited to rush into the mist, they listened to Shu Xiaoman’s shouted: “Mizuki Sky belongs, come in quickly, and they must not be allowed to succeed.”

“weng weng weng ……”

Insect shouted: “Small full, you hold on, my worm bow is here.”

A big bird chirped and directly plunged into the mist.

On the human side, you have already seen Shu Xiaoman asking for help, why would you not go in?

On the blood demon side, countless people greatly changed their complexion: On their own side, someone grabbed two Ocean Order Unusual Gem? This is too scary?

Although some people doubt: Is this too easy? Ocean Order Unusual Gem, is it floating here in midair? However, the phoenix, the battle scene, the two weapons of flash of rays of light that I saw with my own eyes. At first glance, it is not ordinary, it should be done without fake!

Moreover, the fighting is about to happen. On my own side, it is easy to take advantage of it, but I can’t give it away in vain.

So, in the absence of time to think, a group of blood demon rushed into the mist.

In that scene, a Shenzi Peak, nearly 2,000 people rushed into it.

How big is a hill? More than 2,000 people, stop here, isn’t it a picture of people crowding?

However, at the moment these people rushed in, only the insect race, the sky clan, the tree demon, and humans of Mizuki had broad horizons. Because their sprinting direction was changed by Nine Headed Snake grass, they all came together.

Let them go to Shenzi Peak? That’s impossible.

Unless, they can also provide massive, uncountable vitality like Han Fei.

Otherwise, there is no real material, Nine Headed Snake grass is silly, will not agree.

I saw a group of people all secret technique opened, carrying a long bow, Innate Spirit Beast Body Possession, and stepping on various Contract Spirit Beasts.

Some people are puzzled: “Hey! What about Ocean Order Unusual Gem? Where did it go?”

There is an insect race, and it’s confusingly strewn around: “Isn’t there any colored light? Little full?”

There is a family of sky, one end plunged into the mist, and then jumped out from the other side. Suddenly, I heard it exclaimed: “Something wrong, there is a problem with this space.”

At one time, there was a commotion, and someone exclaimed: “Don’t panic, defend.”

However, I saw a huge shadow emerging in the mist.

Following the attention of hundreds of people, we saw Han Fei and Shu Xiaoman standing on the Nine Headed Snake grass, making them silly.

Suddenly, an insect buzzes: “Han Fei, it’s Han Fei.”

A big bird flew away: “Xiaoman, Han Fei?”

Someone was surprised: “How did Han Fei come in? Shouldn’t he be consolidating the cultivation base?”

Someone was shocked: “So, is there really no Ocean Order Unusual Gem?”

Suddenly, I saw a passage appear, leading straight out of the fog.

Han Fei snorted: “All Sea Demons and blood demon here are handed over to me, there should be nearly a thousand Sea Demons and blood demon scattered all around, need you to go hunting.”

“xiu xiu… “

I saw the embroidery needle and the sorrow of snow drifting beside Han Fei.

Han Fei grinned; “Remember, don’t kill dead monsters that are still alive. For those who still have a glimmer of survival, give them Spirit Coin and Spiritual Fruit.”

Dwarf Treant is also standing in the void: “Is it our lineage?”

Han Fei nodded: “Yes, the demon plants in the ancient realm of Qianshan are our lineage.”

“hua! “

Suddenly, a big bird exclaimed: “No wonder. No wonder that as soon as we get close to certain areas, those undead creatures of our race will be blocked.”

There are human sighs: “Han Fei, are you alone…”

This person speaks, and the more he talks, the more he loses his confidence, because he sees two incomparable gigantic snake head demon plants appear.

Suddenly heard someone say, “This is, Nine Headed Snake grass in Legend?”

Han Fei stepped on the Nine Headed Snake grass, but he didn’t have time to chatter with this group of people, only to hear him say: “Leave away quickly to hunt the remaining Sea Demons and blood demon. Here’s , It’s all to me.”

Having finished speaking, Han Fei was lost in the mist.

Shu Xiaoman looked back at Han Fei, although he didn’t know how Han Fei got mixed up with the legendary demon in Legend? However, Han Fei is clearly at ease.

Han Fei even tacitly asked him if he had a spring of life. Obviously, he was a peaceful messenger, and even the female Sir Wang had a tacit understanding. What must they be plotting…

Although I am only a small character who sends things in the middle, if I want this to happen, does it mean that I have made a lot of credit?


Unlike Mizuki Sky, Yuhong’s group of Sea Demons and the group of blood demon who are all women are now stunned: what the hell place? Where is the road?

“Lamp and other lamps…”

Nine-tone melody is coming.

With a “chatter”, a Sea Demons hadn’t responded to a crack in the void, and he was cut off half of his body with a knife.


A blood demon is still lost. Suddenly, it is found that the crisis is coming.

Unfortunately, she was not given a chance to respond at all, and she was hooked by a loop of silk thread, with a fish hook deeply plunged into the body.

Han Fei said: “The stab knife, don’t hit the killer, the best wound.”

“Yes, master.”

He saw Han Fei frantically devouring the vitality of these Sea Demons.

Basically, within 30 interest hours, he can completely drain a person. Most of those who can avoid the line of nothingness cannot avoid life stealing.

Those who are not directly controlled by Han Fei generally use fish hooks to hook directly. Pull it back and tuck it into Nine Headed Snake’s mouth.

Just one hour.

Nine Headed Snake grass has become more vibrant, and the nine snake heads have all recovered their dark green colors. Although some places are still decaying. However, it was much better than when Han Fei first saw it. At that time, to put it bluntly, it had only one head left to use.

In the mist, panic is spreading.

Someone exclaimed: “No, this place simply has no chance, we are fooled.”

However, his exclamation, simply nobody can hear it.

In Han Fei’s perception, the space here has undergone a weird change. The space here is stretched by Nine Headed Snake grass, it’s more than a thousand miles?

What is the specific principle? Han Fei not quite clear.

However, he can probably confirm that this is a closed Space Array from the location where these people appear.

Put people in it, and if they have enough energy, they can easily be killed. Of course, for the current Nine Headed Snake grass, every point of energy must be used cautiously. Where dare to spend it randomly?

At this moment, Han Fei is relaxed and freehand. He is using it repeatedly, trying to steal the sky.

He discovered: If you steal directly at the Spiritual Root, it seems that stealing the sky can also reduce the other party’s Spiritual Root? If you only steal blood, then it is vitality.

Han Fei even discovered that stealing the sky technique can actually tear a little bit of the unowned soul from the other person’s mind. This was an unexpected surprise.

Looking at the crazy roar, the spear glow swept through, summon came out of a giant whale’s fish flood, Han Fei’s mouth slightly raised: This is a rich man! There should be a lot of good things on his body…to meet him.

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