God of Fishing Chapter 1235

At this moment, Nine Headed Snake grass has completely restored its former ferocity. But when it felt the terrifying vitality coming, it still shivered slightly.

Nine Headed Snake thinks: Fairy is likely to recover. This has been the strongest and most powerful addition to my own persistence for so many years.

During this period, Sea Demons was still attracted to the apocalypse art just now. However, the people of Mizuki are not stupid. With Shu Xiaoman as the head, I think that Han Fei has dealt with thousands of people by himself, and it is already quite remarkable. He can no longer put pressure on Han Fei.

No, on the way, there is a special Mizuki powerhouse hunting. There are very few who can really break through their hunting and come into the mist. This can make Han Fei so depressed.

After more than six hours, when Han Fei sucked in the mist and the last Sea Demons was alive, from the beginning to the end, these Sea Demons were only known when they found them on the void line It turns out that there are enemies in this mist.

At this moment, Han Fei is alive and well, and has returned to what it was more than 1500 years ago.

However, after stealing this time, Han Fei’s proficiency and accuracy have been improved more intuitively. It only takes a while to realize, and the next time, the effect will be better.

At this moment, nine giant snake heads and Han Fei are looking at the lotus seat solemnly. They have been able to see: the water fairy has slight breathing fluctuations.

Moreover, with every breath of the water fairy, the Spirit Qi and energy on the Shenzi Peak will become weaker.

Han Fei grabbed and swallowed seashell in his hand, and all of a sudden, 10 drops of spring water were lost.

Looking at this rich vitality, Han Fei’s heart is bleeding: every drop is 100 years of fresh vitality!

Nine Headed Snake Grass Road: “In the past, some people will come to send life spring water, not so much.”

Han Fei raised his eyebrows: “Someone sent it before? Who sent it?”

Nine-headed color grass shook his head and said, “Small flowers! The flowers will be sent.”

Han Fei wondered: “Who is Xiaohua?”

Han Fei said: This life spring can only be controlled by the Queen of Life? However, the probability of the Queen of Life personally should not be great. Or is it that the Queen of Life specializes in a person to send life spring water?

It’s just that the Queen of Life is also the king. What is the relationship between her and the water fairy?

Since you can come in and send life spring water to the water fairy. Why not give more at once? Let the water fairy recover directly?

Only listening to the old turtle said: “What you think is too complicated. One king, to save another king, do you think it is good to save? You think: This life spring is Large Yellow Croaker, you can just fish a thousand children. Eight hundred?”

Han Fei sighed: “How rare is this spring of life?”

Old Turtle leisurely said: “So say, even if the Queen of Life is quenched day and night, it will at most achieve a drop of two or three years. Do you think that you just got 30 drops of Life Spring? Maybe that is her number A hundred years of accumulation.”


Han Fei held breath cold air at the time.

Therefore, to exchange resources with the Queen of Life is indeed a big advantage.

Isn’t this equivalent to a king who spent several decades of time dedicating himself to extracting this spring of life?

Having such thoughts, Han Fei feels that he has made a lot of money. No wonder they all said that their resources were not enough. Co-authoring a drop of life spring water is so precious!

After the life was swallowed, another 10 drops of life spring water were thrown away.

Han Fei glanced at the remaining 10 drops. Suddenly, the clenched the teeth were all lost.

I don’t know how the water immortals are. What is lack of vitality now? Then give it all! It’s really not possible. After a while, you can go hunting for some people and perform apocalypse again.

If you can’t even do that, you will leave Qianshan Ancient Realm first. Wait for the next time, come in after looting massive resources!


Han Fei and Nine Headed Snake were expecting so much that they heard a soft groan on Lotus Throne.

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