God of Fishing Chapter 1451

Not too concerned about the changes in information, Han Fei was thinking: In the semi-realm, what he really needs to think about is his use of the power of Grand Dao.

This time, after crossing the bijade stone bridge, Han Fei felt that he already had some clear comprehension on the road.

Han Fei is very sure: If you use the Divine technique by yourself now, the effect will definitely be twice the results for half the effort, which is completely different from the previous decades of life that was consumed at every turn.

In the same way, the current invincible road has made clear progress in my mind.

Of course, these power of Grand Dao and Han Fei have not had the opportunity to use them yet, so I need to find a place to try them.


Next moment, Han Fei stepped directly into refining Heaven and Earth. I haven’t entered refining Heaven and Earth for a long time, mainly because I have been practicing in the past few years, there is no need to come in, and I don’t need to hide at all.

Originally, Han Fei hoped that he could enter the refining Heaven and Earth by himself and test his three avenues. After all, to go from a semi-respect to a true reverence, you must first be familiar with your own path.

Han Fei, who has walked through the stone bridge, also understands very well: this familiar process is actually very simple. You are different from others, and you don’t need to ponder over and over again to find your own way… I hit my own way by accident. heaven knows, how did this kind of seed come out? It was born anyway.

Dao kind, hidden in the way of cultivator.

It is certainly not for no reason that Han Fei can give birth to such a wonderful Taoism. This kind of Dao is like a gluttonous food, and it’s all about paying a small price for big rewards in return.

How to copy other people’s avenues, what to steal power from the future, and to have three avenues in hand at the same time… This is not gluttony, what is it?

Just when Han Fei was about to study his own avenue, he suddenly discovered that at the boundary of refining Heaven and Earth, it seemed that a slight change had also been discovered.

When he didn’t come in, Han Fei used to fish from refining Heaven and Earth. How could he pay attention to the boundary?

But now, as soon as he entered, Han Fei discovered something was wrong. At the outer boundary of refining Heaven and Earth, there seems to be some blue rays of light reversing.

Han Fei is very familiar with refining Heaven and Earth, and has never discovered this before.

After a moment of stunned, Han Fei glanced at Monster Refining Pot again.

This time, it’s not as simple as looking at the information. In the darkness of nothingness, Han Fei saw in this nothingness. I don’t know when, there were three small characters-“time chain”.

These three small characters are lit, but when did they light up? Han Fei is still confused now.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s heart is tense: As for the time when the Monster Refining Pot changed, I’m afraid it was when he swallowed the dragon’s vitality in the battle of Shuimutiandaodao?

Until now, the Monster Refining Pot hasn’t moved, or the Monster Refining Pot has too many abilities.

Han Fei feels: This is the limit of Monster Refining Pot. The rest should be looking for the remaining small rattan of Monster Refining Pot.

But looking at it now, it seems that this is not the case at all. It is very likely that Monster Refining Pot was not full before, so certain abilities have not been shown.

As one’s strength becomes stronger and stronger, there are more and more opportunities, and the special energy that can be obtained also increases. The Monster Refining Pot is actually growing all the time.

Immediately, Han Fei branded it with his heart, and wanted to uncover the so-called “chain of time”, and wanted to see what new function this is?

However, looking at the remaining 3 billion monster qi, the whole piece of refining Heaven and Earth is still flooded.

Han Fei immediately thoughts move, filling these monster qi on the edge of refining Heaven and Earth, and let them slowly expand the size of the circle of refining Heaven and Earth.

Compared to monster qi, Han Fei naturally prefers Spiritual Qi.

However, Han Fei knows very well that whether it is monster qi or Spiritual Qi, it will gradually be abandoned by itself in the near future. And Primal Chaos Qi, which he has not seen yet, will become the mainstream.

Old Tortoise was stunned by Han Fei’s series of operations. He knew: Han Fei must have exchanged something with the Monster Refining Pot again?

It seems that this small bottle gourd has the ability to Seizing Heaven and Earth Good Fortune. Ten billion monster qi, just swallow it? There is no ambiguity at all.

At the moment when this “time chain” was untied, Han Fei immediately discovered: In this piece of refining Heaven and Earth, there seems to be some faint blue halo circulating. I seem to have seen this kind of halo.

I haven’t waited for Han Fei to think about it. Where did I see this… Suddenly I heard Old Tortoise exclaimed: “What, Time Avenue? Your Heaven and Earth, can you modify Time Avenue independently?”


Han Fei looked confused: what time road?

However, Han Fei is not a fool. Hearing what Old Tortoise said, he couldn’t help saying: “Old Tortoise, make it clear. Does this Time Acceleration mean that the time in my space has changed?”


Old Tortoise was silent for a long time before saying: “Yes! This is the Taboo Technique. There are often kings who secretly create this type of Small Secret Realm. Now, let’s see how fast you are in Heaven and Earth. Just understood.”

Han Fei nodded said: “This is easy to handle!”

With Han Fei thoughts move, the twin divine technique opens, one inside and the other outside. Within a few minutes, Han Fei confirmed with excitement: “Twice. One day outside, two days here.”


Just listen to Old Tortoise and suddenly relaxed: “It’s only twice as scared to death! That’s nothing. Ten times the acceleration of time can be accepted.”

After listening to Old Tortoise’s words, Han Fei expression gave Monster Refining Pot a perverse look. At this moment, Han Fei saw the words 2/128 in nothingness, under the time chain.

Han Fei couldn’t help but said: “What about the acceleration of more than 10 times?”

Old Tortoise: “That is taboo, and it will be hunted down.”

Han Fei immediately eyelids twitched and asked: “Who is chasing?”

Old Tortoise subconsciously opened the mouth and said: “The Temple of Time, there can be…pei pei pei…The emperor didn’t say anything.”

Han Fei suddenly looked thoughtful, as if he had one more enemy. This one sounds like a little bit amazing!

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