God of Fishing Chapter 1452

Han Fei always thought that time, this thing, can only be used by mysterious creatures like Time Dragon Carp. Just like Xiaohei Xiaobai, Uncle Liumen. The birth of these creatures is irregular, yet extremely mysterious.

In this way, they will have some Exotic skills.

Nowadays, Monster Refining Pot is born with a power that can delay time, making the time in the entire refining Heaven and Earth completely independent of the outside time, which is beneficial to your own cultivation. .

And my current refining Heaven and Earth, with a radius of 10 li, Spiritual Qi and sufficient energy, is actually enough to be cultivated. Han Fei doesn’t plan to expand refining Heaven and Earth all the time, just take it. After all, once you become a king in the future and open up your own Chaos Sea, that will truly belong to you.

Just as Han Fei was about to continue experimenting, he suddenly felt his mind and saw that the star tortoise had come back. He moved a seabed mountain and returned, preparing to fill the hollowed-out part of the Xuantian Waterfall .

Han Fei said in his heart that, anyway, he has become a half statue, he has mastered the power of Grand Dao, the Monster Refining Pot mutation has also been discovered, and the dismantling of Spiritual Qi is enough.

In a short period of time, I have almost settled all the prerequisites for becoming respectable, and I am not in a hurry to become respectable at this time.

Simply, Han Fei has left the commander’s office and has to continue to harvest a wave of willingness. It took more than half to solve the mystery of the avenue just now. Although there is a lot of remaining, I thought that in the future there might not be many opportunities to collect aspirations, so I simply harvested it all at once.

Except for the Shuaifu, Han Fei’s perception was swept away, and he found that Star Tortoise had gone to move the mountain again. Xue Shenqi was not in Broken Stat Island, so he should have brought Jiuyinling and the others back.

Mr. Chen, went back to the Star Fragmentation archives room.

Cloud Whale is floating around 6000 miles away in the sea area, with thousands of people on board, all Broken Stat Island soldiers chasing the enemy.

Seeing some people laughing and cursing on Cloud Whale’s back, Han Fei can’t help but want to say, if you know that you are sitting under your butt is a half king, don’t you know what to think?

Anyway, Han Fei glanced away, except for the star tortoise. He deliberately watched the rocks flying back and forth. This attracted the attention of countless people. No Venerable appeared on Broken Stat Island on the surface.

Han Fei mourned the black chaluo king in his heart. If that guy is more courageous, he will come back now…well, it is still useless, Tang Yan is still there.

Inexplicably, Han Fei only felt happy, and he hummed “Shua” at the corner of his mouth and jumped out.

Outside of the West City, Broken Stat Island was in a mess. Meng Liang of the round-the-island inspection team sent 10 Snorkeler Realm powerhouses to the Soul Evocation 36 town light management team.

Meng Liang feels that Broken Stat Island must be witnessed by outsiders.

Moreover, the sentiments are turbulent. Although Broken Stat Island soldiers have fallen innumerably, most people are in a state of mixed sadness and joy.

Someone roar towards the sky: “The war is finally over.”

Someone sits casually in the sand filled with the corpses of Sea Demons, shivering and pulling out a bottle of wine from the seashell.


The man sipped himself a sip of wine, and then sprinkled it on the beach: “Sixth, we won, big brother, I will take you home.”

In some battlefields, some teams have already been in chaos, sitting together indiscriminately, and these people laughed and scolded in a movie.

Someone shouted: “I have never been so happy in this life. I really want to go back and sleep with him for three days and three nights.”

Someone laughed and scolded: “I’m really going back to you, can you still sleep? I’m afraid you won’t dare to sleep for three hours!”

Someone sighed: “I don’t know how Han Shuai and the others are. Broken Stat Island has won, and Han Shuai and the others are still fighting. It is the two fallen again, which shows what has been killed between those powerhouses. degree.”

“Marshal, did we really win?”

“Han Shuai, shall we fight in the future?”

Han Fei shouted: “If you have anything, I will go to the Sea God Square outside the central city tomorrow and tell you. Now, all the non-injured people, back 1000 meters.”

Suddenly, those Spirit Gathering Masters each and everyone retired. I heard that Han Shuai himself is a top Spirit Gathering Master. Does Han Shuai want to do it himself?

I only saw Han Fei stepping on his feet, and the Spirit Amassing Formation is now gathering Spiritual Qi around.

“holy light chain.”


I saw the holy beam of light descending under Han Fei. At the moment of landing, it will turn into the shape of thousands of chains of lightning in the blink of an eye, rushing into thousands of wounded within the body.



I only heard the sound of sucking in a cold breath and the sy sound that was so comfortable to enjoy. The crowd, tens of thousands of onlookers, looked at this magical treatment, and they all exclaimed.

Someone sighed: “Mother, Hanshuai, is this a Healing technique? This is too strong, right?”

“Treat thousands of people at once, is this still a method that Spirit Gathering Master can have?”

“Nonsense, it’s definitely not! You should be a Spirit Gathering Master with the level of handsome? Then the position of the highest commander will let him sit.”

In the eyes of everyone’s astonishment, one after another holy light chains descended, Han Fei’s Spiritual Qi surged all over his body, and he turned his hands and took out a hanging mirror.

Next moment, Han Fei silhouette appeared on the scene.

Han Fei’s expression was indifferent and his voice was shocking: “Everyone, each Adjudicator, Hundred-men Commander, immediately organize all the wounded on Broken Stat Island to gather in the Sea God Square outside the central city and be treated by the coach. Tomorrow morning , The whole army gathers in the Sea God square outside the central city, this commander will have a happy event and congratulate all the monarchs.”

Someone looked back suddenly: “Han Shuai is back?”

Someone happily said: “I said, Han Shuai was impossible, and the two Venerables that fell behind must belong to Oceanic Race.”

Around the world, some wounded yelled: “Quick, quick, brother, send me to the outside of the central city, I can trust Hanshuai’s treatment.”

Someone is still being treated, but he suddenly shouted: “My buddy, don’t heal me, I’m going to the Sea God Square to treat.”

That Spirit Gathering Master speechless saying: “Your special mother just cut a few times. I can’t cure you anymore?”

The person waved his hand: “What do you know, but Han Shuai personally treated me, can it be the same?”

Spirit Gathering Master: “…”

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