God of Fishing Chapter 1453

In this battle, countless soldiers have fallen on the human side.

Many people linger on the battlefield. On the one hand, they harvest spoils of war and on the other hand, they are also collecting the remains of their comrades in arms. Those who were injured were immediately sent to the Sea God Square.

Some people were still crying in the blood-red water, and they were picked up and thrown into the fishing boat. The crowd is still shouting: “I’m not, I’m the only one left in a team, I won’t go…”

Angler’s search and rescue team, angrily roared: “You’re so fucking crying? Cheer me up! On Broken Stat Island, haven’t you been used to life and death? Look at your fellow, bloody follower Crabs are spitting bubbles… Han Shuai Renyi, I will treat you personally, don’t you go?”

There are members of the pioneer group spreading the sea area, and they all rushed to tell each other at this moment: “Please don’t fight, return to the island, return to the island, Broken Stat Island has changed…”

Even if there is an order to assemble, people are delivered in batches. At first, most of the wounded from Broken Stat Island’s defense lines; some wounded from the remote sea area, it took the boss’s work to return to the island gradually.

The Sea God Square is packed full. Across 10 kilometers, shoulder to shoulder, there are people everywhere.

When people from the round-island inspection team came here with a tour group of fifty thousand and 36 towns, their faces were green.

After all, 36 towns do not have such a large-scale Life and Death Battle. Now, they saw so many miserable appearances of powerhouses. These people are all powerhouses in their eyes…

Some of these powerhouses are still coming one after another, with bald wings and drenched with blood all over their bodies. They have three knives and six holes, all with holes.

Where have the people in these 36 towns seen such a miserable Snorkeler?

There are hundreds of such powerhouses flying in the sky. As long as anyone can fly, they fly by themselves.

Those who can’t fly are all carried over by fishing boats. The Piscator Realm is all but there are almost no Angler Realm people.

Most of the injuries of these people are the same, with holes in their bodies. It’s not to blame them, Sea Demons almost always use harpoons as weapons, aren’t they just holes?

There are still some people who haven’t pulled the harpoon from their bodies yet. That’s because they are not in the right position. Someone’s neck is pierced, and as long as the harpoon is pulled out, they may fall on the spot. Therefore, if these people do not hang their lives, I am afraid they will die long ago.

In front of the sightseeing team, the leader of the team shouted: “Well, I think you have seen them all when you fly by on a fishing boat. This is the soldier of Broken Stat Island. This battle has fallen. It’s not just as simple as a few hundred thousand people. People who are alive, who haven’t got any injuries yet?”

Wang Jie and He Mingtang trembled slightly. The village chief and Li Gang are okay, and they have all seen some things in the world.

Of course, it is the village chief who is the most calm, after all, people are already old. I have been in a village for so long, so I have seen many powerhouses.

Wang Jie: “The village chief, there are too many powerhouses in this world, right?”

The village chief sneered: “What do you think? Just a Bihai Town, why did the powerhouse ever disappear? Where is this? Uncharted Seas in Legend. You have seen the battle just now. Legend Zhonggaoju Nine The Venerable of Heavens and Ten Earths lost more than ten in one shot.”

“Sect Leader killed several by one person.”

Li Gang hurriedly interjected, and the turbulent appearance seemed to him to kill all those Venerables.

The sky has long been closed, and no one knows where Han Fei is. Just when the Sea God square was about to be squeezed down, I only saw “weng” and Han Fei appeared on the sky.


“Handsome cold, handsome cold!”

“Han Shuai is here.”

“Han Shuai, we won…”

Han Fei comes, the whole audience will fry the pot. Those guys who were still lying on the ground and groaning, at this moment, even jumped up.

Just listen to Han Fei shouted: “Lie down for me! I won’t be too excited until the commander heals the injuries.”

Han Fei pondered: This is probably the last time he has reaped his aspirations in recent years… Oh no, tomorrow morning, maybe there will be another one.

However, Han Fei is now reluctant to miss an opportunity. Want to reap willingness? The scene must be grand, and his aura must be sufficient.

I saw Han Fei’s serious expression and solemn voice: “Everyone, after the injury recovers, he will be repaired on the spot and directly enter the cultivation state.”

At this moment, under the turmoil of public sentiment, millions of people from inside and outside are coming. They just want to see the magic scene of Han Fei group therapy.

For many people, this is still a rumor. I finally had the luck to see it today. How can they not come?


Just listening to Han Fei loudly roared, the body suddenly swelled and enlarged. But in the blink of an eye, he became a giant more than 20 meters high. The giant’s body surface, golden light is brilliant.

Han Fei shouted: “I said, there must be light.”

At that moment, I only saw one after another Heavenspan beam of light above the sky, crashing down. The beam of light fell, and in an instant, it shattered into thousands of tentacles.

The holy healing divine splendor rippling among thousands of wounded.

At that moment, the rain of blood in the sky stopped in an instant. Raindrops flew in mid-air, and the clouds and mist in the sky suddenly emptied.

Those beams of light penetrate through the clouds and mist, purify the blood and rain, and shine a bright and sunny sky.

“weng weng weng ~”

Like the pulsation of the sky and the earth, the injuries of tens of millions of people are gradually healed at the speed that naked eye can see between each breath.

“Fuck! I’m healed, and my flesh and blood is growing.”

“I feel light and light, and I have been suffering from a dark illness for many years, but it has been completely recovered!”

“Hanshuai divine might, my eyes can actually see it.”


Someone has a direct breakthrough and can no longer suppress the power of within the body. Under Han Fei’s healing technique, obstacles were easily broken.

Below, with every interest, thousands of people stand up from the ground. These people looked up one after another, they were bathed in this holy rays of light, and their hearts were fanatical. Of course, thinking of Han Shuai, he immediately sat cross-legged and started cultivation.

Among the crowd onlookers, the exclamation was ups and downs. There are a few people, looking at each other in blank dismay, the expression is weird.

Luo Xiaobai twitched at the corner of his mouth: “This is not a king yet, so I started to do all these fancy things?”

Le Renkuang looked envious: “When will I be so domineering like Fei? It’s only a few years… If you don’t tell me, I think he has become a king. And’I want to have light’…, really special What envy!”

Zhang Xuanyu slapped his lips: “How many girls do you have to see the beauty of this guy! No, I won’t be a king, I will be respectable. When the time comes, the gun poke Venerable, but also makes people admire and admire .”

Next to Zhang Xuanyu, a girl was crying out in exclamation. Hearing what Zhang Xuanyu said, she couldn’t help turning her head. She was startled by Zhang Xuanyu’s appearance. After two full breaths, she hummed: “Just your temperament, it can’t be compared with Han Fei.”

Zhang Xuanyu: “???”


The 36 town tour group, even the village chief, couldn’t stand it any longer, and kept saying: “Our Tianshui Village is going to be famous, and it’s going to be famous. In our village, a super powerhouse of the former owner was born, we Tianshui Village ……cough cough ……”

The head of the village flushed with excitement, as if he had returned to the light.

Han Fei picked up his eyelids, thoughts move, a healing divine splendor, and fell on the village chief. Suddenly, the village head became angry, feeling that his body and mind were washed.


It was almost instantaneous. The village chief who had been stuck in Fisher Grandmaster Peak had a direct breakthrough, and the stubborn illness within the body was cleaned up. Realm stepped into Angler Realm in one fell swoop, and felt that the whole person was ten years younger at once, and even his white hair turned black at the speed of naked eye.

Around the village chief, everyone looked at him. Even the members of the round-island inspection team who took them to stroll around couldn’t help but envy: I heard that Han Shuai came out of this small village. The village chief must have treated him very well, right?



While Han Fei was treating everyone, the void suddenly tore apart. Many people were taken aback, thinking that things had changed.


When I saw Xue Shen getting up, a big cat rushed out first. The moment he saw Han Fei, he immediately shouted: “Han Fei, the cat hurts.”

The rhubarb at this moment is really bruised.

The whole body, except for the ears, are all colored. Even above the eyelids, something was slashed, and two claws were split apart.

Behind Rhubarb, one person after another came out. Everyone is drenched with blood. Many people use Spiritual Qi and Spiritual Fruit to hang themselves, so that they will not fall in the middle.

Ning Jingyao, both arms were broken; Du Jiangliu, the twisted realm failed to help him avoid the blow, there was a big hole in his body, and his body penetrated back and forth.

Without Xue Shenqi sound transmission, I saw an Explorer among the crowd shouting: “Handsome Han, I’m waiting to be ordered to sniper Ten Thousand Demon Valley. 3,068 people went back, 2,502 people fell, 566 people fell, and the whole army was wounded. . Faced with the 800,000 army of Ten Thousand Demon Valley, slaughtered hundreds of thousands. Fortunately, I came back alive.”

I don’t know this, did Xue Shenqi teach this person?

Han Fei was very moved after hearing this.

Ordinary people have listened, and they have sucked in a cold breath: more than 3000 people? Sniping 800,000 troops? With more than 3,000 people, how strong is it?

Many people showed admiration.

This must be the strongest group of Broken Stat Island! When fighting, many people think that they have been extremely difficult to fight. However, they couldn’t imagine what happened to these 3,000 people?

Someone sighed and said: “It’s not that I brag, 3000 vs. 800,000. If I were there at the time, I would be frustrated and ashamed.”

Someone sighed: “This is the real Heaven’s Pride powerhouse! Punish the enemy hundreds thousand, this is especially your mother, I admire it.”

Suddenly, Wang Jie suddenly exclaimed: “Xiaoyu, He Teacher, your home He Xiaoyu.”

He Mingtang’s eyes widened.

When he saw He Xiaoyu whose hair was sticky with blood, when he saw that He Xiaoyu was still dripping blood, his eyes were dizzy.


With another call from the rhubarb, the divine technique of apocalypse fell, and only 2500 people were seen, and their injuries quickly improved.

He Xiaoyu himself is a little confused, not sure how he came back? Of the five people in the team, three fell. A few days ago, they had just eaten together, and now they are gone.

If it hadn’t been for Jiuyinling who kept taking care of her, at this moment, she might be in a different place. I was still a long way from the real Heaven’s Pride.

Jiuyinling’s face was indifferent: after all, she came back alive! Seeing the scene of Han Fei performing magic skills, a smile appeared on her face.

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