God of Fishing Chapter 1454

After healed the wounded and harvested a wave of hope, Han Fei returned to the handsome mansion.

Until now, the handsome mansion is very big.

Han Fei not at all immediately went to see the village chief and Wang Jie, but made an appointment with Luo Xiaobai and them, and had a hot pot in Shuaifu.

It’s just that the main characters of hot pot at this time are only four of them, and even Jiuyinling is not counted among them.

“Fatty! I just want to know, what are you doing these years? Are you a chef?”

Han Fei looked at the table with a variety of innovative dishes. Suddenly, I was a little embarrassed. It looks so weird and delicious.

Le Renkuang immediately shook the fat on his face and said: “Speak out, you may not believe it, I was caught by a strange old man, and I only do two things every day, eat and sleep, sleep and eat. . I have to figure it out for myself! I thought about it, and I found out that cooking is actually quite simple.”

Zhang Xuanyu rolled his eyes and said: “It’s only strange if I believe you! I am a miserable person. Unfathomable mystery has a father-in-law and a mother-in-law, as well as a cunning old servant. That day, I was thinking about the destruction of the law. Me.”

While talking, Zhang Xuanyu suddenly looked towards Han Fei: “No! Honestly, where did Yi Xiyan go? Don’t let her come back. Otherwise, within a year, you three I’m sure to come to my wedding.”

Luo Xiaobai picked up a piece of Squid, stuffed it into his mouth, and said: “Isn’t that just what you want? Yan Yan’s appearance is amazing. In the past 7-8 years, she has been a big girl. Up.”

Zhang Xuanyu was taken aback by Luo Xiaobai’s words, and he immediately touched his chin and said: “Hey! What you said is not unreasonable. In my impression, I have always regarded Yi Xiyan as that Pippi. It’s a noisy little girl.”

Listening to Zhang Xuanyu’s presence here, Han Fei stretched out his hand and squeezed Zhang Xuanyu’s shoulder.

Just listen to Zhang Xuanyu yelling: “Hey, hey, it hurts… How strong are you now, don’t you have any points?”

Han Fei wondered: “How did your body become so much stronger? You cultivated “108 Desolate God Body””

Han Fei’s childhood is watching Zhang Xuanyu grow up. Before, I was a bit conservative and didn’t give “108 Dao of Battle Spirit Body” to Zhang Xuanyu. Later, I thought about regretting it, but I missed the best period at that time, and it seemed a bit late.

However, the more you think about it, the later. The later, the less easy it is to cultivation.

Zhang Xuanyu suddenly became weird: “This is the old Yi Family servant. In seven years, he broke my bones seven times, and every time he was extremely cruel, he couldn’t bear to look directly at him. My whole body skeleton is soaked in big medicine. Then every time after the bones are broken, I will cultivation your “108 Desolate God Body”! Up to now, it is almost the eight points to be unified.”

Han Fei remembers: At the beginning, after experiencing the ideal palace, Zhang Xuanyu was bruised and swollen when he came out of the ideal palace. At that time, he handed over “108 Desolate God Body”. Because in Han Fei’s opinion, this Dao of Body Refinement is already Great Accomplishment.

Hearing Zhang Xuanyu’s description, Le Renkuang and even Luo Xiaobai couldn’t help but raised the corners of their mouths, as if their scalp was tingling.

Le Renkuang hurriedly said: “Fortunately, I don’t use body refinement. As long as I can eat, my body will become stronger.”

Luo Xiaobai: “The resilience of Yaozhi has always been strong. I awakened the Luo Family divine technique, and I have the blessing of Taoism, and its physical spirit is not weak.”

Seeing that people are more relaxed than himself, Zhang Xuanyu cried and said: “According to the old servant’s statement, I will be broken twice.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but patted Zhang Xuanyu’s shoulder: “Remember, Desolate God body Great Accomplishment will have a different effect if you cross the catastrophe again.”

Suddenly, Han Fei slapped his head fiercely, and saw him wave his hand and more than 300 energy fruits appeared. Then, quickly classify these energy fruits. In the end, it was passed directly to the three of them.

“Gu du!”

Le Renkuang immediately swallowed and said, “It looks delicious.”

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