God of Fishing Chapter 1455

The three Luo Xiaobai have their own chances.

After seven years of trifling, everyone has reached the crossing point. This speed is actually not slow. However, compared to Han Fei’s rate of metamorphosis, it is naturally far behind.

However, according to Han Fei’s prediction, these three people may need to spend some time to polish their foundation. But when it comes to finding the avenue, I am afraid that it may not be difficult. After all, the path they are taking now has its own characteristics.

Even Le Renkuang knows exactly what road he is taking, and he is very firm. Luo Xiaobai is so smart, let alone understand. As for Zhang Xuanyu, when this guy was in Master Fisher Realm, he might have already vaguely determined his way.

After eating a meal for more than an hour, I heard Han Fei and Zhang Xuanyu talking about Haisai over there.

Zhang Xuanyu said: “No! Say it, you definitely can’t believe it. My current gunfighting technique can be said to be at its peak, knocking at the door of the sky, tearing the void, and bombing the Explorer.”

Han Fei said in his heart: What do you know about knocking on the door of heaven? I have already mastered it. Why do you still show off in front of me?

So Han Fei couldn’t help but sympathize: “Aren’t your spirit strength very strong? Why don’t you use your spirit strength to knock on the gate of heaven?”

Han Fei faintly shared the Frightening-Soul Sting method, only listening to Zhang Xuanyu’s big hand wave: “I tried it, so I got a new technique to stab Divine Soul. Not only that, I will also burst my soul. The method is to point on the tip of the gun to get the magic method of soul stabbing. In that scene, the person has not arrived, the gun has not moved, and the enemy has fallen.”

Han Fei blushed with shame, my heart said: That’s right, Zhang Xuanyu eats with this craft, and people have played such a trick from beginning to end.

Just listen to Zhang Xuanyu laughed, hit Han Fei with his shoulder, and whispered: “No! I heard that you made a Highest Grade Divine Artifact, and settled in the outer sea area Venerable battlefield?”

Han Fei eyelids twitched: “Fuck, Yi Family old man, even tell you about this…? Don’t make any decisions about it. Wait for more than ten years, and then pull it out, it’s best to get another one. The Legendary creature Sealed Spirit has a certain chance of being promoted to Ocean Order Unusual Gem.”

This is the first time that Han Fei has created the Highest Grade Divine Artifact, so he is quite cautious, putting all kinds of Formation around, want to take it away from law enforcement? Extremely difficult.

If the Venerable environment wants to move, you have to see if they have the courage to come near Broken Stat Island.

Zhang Xuanyu heard the words Ocean Order Unusual Gem and exclaimed: “What? You can forge Ocean Order Unusual Gem now?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes: “Fart! I said it is possible, but the probability is very low, not high. After all, there is a lot of Venerable power remaining on the battlefield, and I use Venerable power to nurture it.”

Zhang Xuanyu grinned: “Huh, I don’t dislike it! Then let it be there for a few years.”

After talking to Zhang Xuanyu, Le Renkuang leaned his head and said: “No! You have been there for so long, did you get any special creatures out? How does it taste?”

It is also driven by Han Fei, everyone has the habit of collecting food.

Han Fei twitched his lips: “I am mainly practicing, not looking for food. In terms of the types of marine creatures in the two places, there is actually not at all the difference. I will share with you a little fresh! “

Speaking, Han Fei uses Formation to control a flame maniac, a fish of fire charm. These all are near the Blood Sea God Wood City, the creatures hunted, the worst are the Dao Realm.

Le Renkuang immediately rubbed his hands and laughed: “I know, you will definitely not go home empty-handed…”

During the whole process, Luo Xiaobai didn’t say much.

After the meal, Luo Xiaobai said: “Han Fei, if you want to go to Qianxing City again, be careful. Now, the Aristocratic Family has lost control of 36 towns and Broken Stat Island. Qianxing City is their last Fortress.”

Han Fei said: “You Luo Family are really fine?”

Luo Xiaobai shook his head slightly: “The Luo Family divine technique is extraordinary. The Aristocratic Family family will not take the Luo Family surgery. Moreover, Luo Family is now the same as Seven Great Sects, connected branch, if one prospers, all prospers , If one suffers, all suffers, keep watch and help each other, there is no problem for the time being.”

Suddenly, Luo Xiaobai seemed to think of something, and only listened to her saying: “Han Fei, there is a news. I don’t know if it helps you?”

Han Fei: “What’s the matter?”

Luo Xiaobai: “That was five years ago. Through the parasitic Spiritual Plant, the elders in the tribe have seen Chu Sect have many powerhouses and entered the Thousand Star Trial Ground. When they came out, they were missing three People.”

Han Fei eyelids twitched: “How strong is the powerhouse?”

Luo Xiaobai: “Venerable environment.”


The next morning, Luo Xiaobai and the others had already left, but Han Fei was temporarily unable to leave Broken Stat Island.

This morning, there was already a vast crowd on the Sea God Square. Although the work after the war is still in full swing. However, Han Shuai has said that Sea Demons was defeated, and they naturally did not want to stay on their posts.

After all, on the first day of victory, the mood of everyone on Broken Stat Island began to improve. Although there are many fallen, their sacrifices are ultimately worthwhile.

Yesterday, Han Fei Apocalypse divine technique, although the aura is unlimited, the cost is unknown. Fortunately, Han Fei can call Tianqi Avenue, otherwise he will not be able to heal that many people.

However, the benefits of this healing can be considered generous. Willing to surging, those hundreds of thousands of people have almost become Han Fei’s diehard fans.


When Han Fei stepped away and appeared in front of everyone.

Someone chanted: “Come, here comes Hanshuai.”

Everyone stood still and started shouting: “Handsome cold, handsome cold, handsome cold…”

Han Fei foully took out the hanging mirror, the sky curtain “Shua” was unfolded, and Xue Shenqi in the cross-mountain range was speechless for a while.

“Hanging sky mirrors have always been used for wartime mobilization when they are in my hands. Where did you use them?”

But now, Han Fei is here to wait for him to shine on himself with a hanging mirror every day, so that millions of people can see his appearance.

Xue Shenqi obviously doesn’t understand what is called star effect, or heroic influence. When Han Fei’s head appeared, the shouts were like nine-day waves, ebb and flow, rolling in and out.

If at this time, Han Fei sang a song, he would really become a national idol.

Han Fei, feeling the influx of aspiration, flew out of thin air to greet millions of soldiers: “Soldiers, fellow robes, this handsome Han Fei, fortunately to be on the battlefield with you, hungry for Sea Demons meat, Thirsty for Venerable blood…We have won an unprecedented victory and played a human race future…”

“roar roar roar~”

“I will wait for the good fortune to be on the battlefield with Han Shuai…”

In the midst of the sky, Han Fei grinned: “My fellow men. In this battle, I am a human being, and I have won a great victory. The number of Sea Demons strangulated in a war is as many as one million. Sea Spirit Realm, and Dao Realm. There are countless great monsters, thousands. In the Venerable realm, there are as many as hands…”

In fact, there are still several Sea Demons Venerable, and most of them are the projection of the Black Brake Snail King. But even so, this is a big win. If you don’t get rid of the opponent this time, it will still pop up next time.

Han Fei said with a smile: “Everyone, the battle is set. My Broken Stat Island, starting today, I am liberated…”

“Roar roar…Huh? Liberation? What release?”

Someone looked confused: “What is liberation?”

Someone is at a loss: “How many mean?”

Rather than waiting for speculation, just listen to Han Fei chanting: “Everyone, Heavenly Dao is inhumane, and uses everything as a small fish. Oceanic Race has invaded, and Human Race has fought for tens of thousands of years. How many people have died and their wives are scattered? Keeping the Broken Stat Island in obscurity, protecting all beings? Of course, Human Race is immortal, we have to live until this day of despair, sea dryness, stone rotten… In any era, we should have the heart of unyielding, absolutely Don’t bow your head. Everything in the world, nothing can destroy me, Human Race, Heaven and Earth can’t…”

Han Fei’s voice was agitated, and he modified what he said when he entered the City of Justice and re-said it. heaven knows Is this his wish, or is it from Ximen Linglan?

When this is the case.

There were millions of people on the scene, qi and blood trembling, blood energy rushing into the sky, thunderous voices, and screaming.

Even some people burst into tears, crying and laughing: “This is my Human Race! Everything in the world, nothing can kill me.”

Countless people looked up at the sky and looked at Han Fei with agitated voice.

Jiuyinling is obsessed with her eyes.

He Xiaoyu, standing next to her father in the 36-town tour group, has a complicated expression.

The village chief and Li Gang are trembling, and they are all thinking: There is a great character in our village, and our Sect Leader is a powerful thief…

In the crowd, Lin Wu yelled with a group of people, and she said in her heart: Senio Apperentice Brother is so good, so how can Teacher still be?

“Wait,” Lin Wu thought: “Senio Apperentice Brother seems to come from Thug Academy. Then, is the Teacher from Thug Academy too?”

In the midst of the sky, Han Fei opened his hands: “From today, this commander announced: The city in the center will be connected vertically and horizontally across the four outer cities for extensive construction. Since then, there is only one city on Broken Stat Island. , Named——The City of Justice.”

Rather than waiting for a million soldiers’ questions, and not waiting for Xue Shenqi’s sound transmission, Han Fei immediately added: “In the future, the City of Justice will come from the 36 towns and Qianxing City ordinary people to seek opportunities. The cultivator… At the same time, the City of Justice, built a great hall to reach 36 towns. What this commander wants is that everyone can come if they want to come. If they want to go, everyone can go… From then on, the city of justice The city will become an adventurer’s paradise.”

For a while, many people were confused. It was really Han Fei’s decision that was so bold. In fact, this is also a good way for Han Fei to reap aspiration frequently after thinking hard all night.

“Building a city, which is one day or two days? Haha, I can reap my aspirations for a long time…”

The millions of soldiers on Broken Stat Island are not stupid. Once Star Fragmentation City becomes a place where everyone can come and go, it shows that the current system of Broken Stat Island will change. What’s more, there is no need to limit the strength of the people who come to Broken Stat Island…

And all of this is based on one point: Sea Demons is truly defeated and dare not come back.


“The City of Justice, the City of Justice.”

“Support Han Shuai, the City of Justice is the city of everyone, and it’s not just us.”

Han Fei glanced wide, and suddenly said: “Everyone, new changes have begun, and our Human Race is going to rise. We want to become the powerhouse of this world. This handsome Han Fei, I hope everyone on this island can Become Snorkeler. This coach will do his best.”

At this moment, almost everyone is instigated by Han Fei, attracted by the perfect world depicted by Han Fei, and full of longing for it.

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