God of Fishing Chapter 1457

Three months into the half-zun, if you use the time in refining Heaven and Earth to calculate it, half a year has passed.

In the past six months, Han Fei has been using a small amount of willingness to nurture himself every day. Because the span from Seeking Peak to Half Zun is actually not very large, but the understanding of Dao is different. Therefore, Han Fei can temporarily push himself to the strongest recently.

Broken Stat Island is already on the right track, what is missing is the running-in of time.

Because Han Fei created a brand new pattern, there are actually a lot of people trying it out.

Among them, in addition to 36 towns, the seven Great Sect’s disciplines began to airdrop Broken Stat Island on a large scale. It is indeed the open environment of the City of Justice, which is perfect for everyone to grow up.

As long as you have the strength and courage to break through the sea area, then there is no reason not to grow.

On the contrary, Qianxing City Aristocratic Family is not so lucky. When the city of justice was receiving people, the whole people spontaneously began to hostile the children of Qianxing City. It can be said that, except for some special families, currently there is simply no child of the Aristocratic Family coming to Broken Stat Island.

Of course, even so, there are countless people in Qianxing City. Unlike before, people from Broken Stat Island who want to go to Qianxing City have to take the Heavenspan ladder. But now, people from Qianxing City want to come to Broken Stat Island and have to accept three questions.

Before the Transmission Array, a large array emerged. Anyone who comes to Qianxing City needs to enter the array for questioning. Just here, a large number of undercover agents sent by the Aristocratic Family have been discovered.

All these people were repatriated.

Faced with the current situation, Han Fei is very satisfied. Because Xue Shenqi is too familiar with Broken Stat Island, Han Fei specially invited Xue Shenqi to be the defense officer of the City of Justice.

Being dragged out for a one-day meeting today, Han Fei realized how similar the current city of justice is to the city of justice in history?

He deeply knows that in the development of such a city, the position of City Lord is actually a symbolic meaning. Since the announcement of the establishment of the City of Justice, although his popularity may have been wider, the collection of willingness has slowed down.

In the past six months of cultivation, the energy consumption of willingness is even slightly greater than the harvest of willingness.

Han Fei knows that the City of Justice needs to return to the natural development of a city. The legal restrictions of the superiors have already played a role. Now it is up to these adventurers themselves.

The handsome mansion.

Han Fei thoughts move, the perception swept across the new hanging sky waterfall, which was built by the star turtle.

At this moment, the star tortoise has circled a piece of land in the Xuantian Waterfall. The tortoise has been suppressed for a long time. If there is nothing to do in the day, it will sneak into the crowd.

“Xinggui Senior, how about a visit to my handsome mansion?”

Star tortoise, who was tasting the fiery wine, heard Han Fei sound transmission, and the expression suddenly became tight: “What are you doing?”

Han Fei: “It’s okay, I just want to arrange a position for you, and help you understand what it means to be a turtle.”

Star Tortoise is puzzled, and he is stupid from time to time. The Supreme Commander asks, there is no good thing. If it hadn’t been for the fact that it had been accustomed to Broken Stat Island, it happened to coincide with the change of Broken Stat Island. I thought it was very interesting. Maybe it has already slipped by now.

Han Fei sneered: “I can eat you but you can’t? Let you come and chant, the strength is broken by a big Realm, what should I worry about?”

Star Turtle wants to roll his eyes and cross a Realm bigger than you? Don’t be funny, the Venerable powerhouse that you killed has as many as a dozen people, can I not worry?

Han Fei ignores it, instead he shouted, “Xiao Jiu, come to the handsome mansion.”

Jiuyinling is in body refinement. She has been preparing for Transcending Tribulation these months. When she heard Han Fei’s call, she immediately smiled and went straight to the handsome mansion.

Seeing that Han Fei is so serious, Jiuyinling and Han Fei looked at each other for a moment, but after all they were sighed: “Okay! I feel like you are always busy and running all the time. Maybe in Fengyu Town for a few years, it was me. The happiest years in my life…”

Without saying much, Jiu Yinling raised her head and said: “What do I need to do?”

Han Fei’s feelings for Jiuyinling have never been beyond the limit. He just regards Jiuyinling as friends like Luo Xiaobai and the others.

Han Fei took advantage of the trend and changed the subject: “Help me go to Bihai Town and call Old Man Jiang. I allocated him a piece of land on Broken Stat Island, which is very valuable…”


Three days later.

Refining Heaven and Earth.

Han Fei sat cross-legged on the ground, covered in a mist of blue and milky white.

In my mind, slices of small squares are uncovered and remembered.

“ka ka ka ……”

“The 1000th…”


I saw Han Fei suddenly open his eyes, opened his mouth and took a deep breath, some kind of bright light glittering, and the clothes pictured before him appeared.

On this screen, there is a person from far to near, from small to large, as if they are beyond a thousand li, someone stabbed himself with a spear glow. This spear glow pierced the eyebrows, and Han Fei was really stunned.

Almost at that instant, Han Fei felt that he was in a realm of illusion, standing proudly above the void. There, a vague and invisible figure stretched out his hand and shot his brow.

With that single shot, thousands of miles were broken into the void, like the tip of a gun, so far I felt like it. At that time, Han Fei’s eyebrows exploded, and he didn’t even have a chance to evade and was stabbed by a shot.

At this moment, “Deity Shocking Diagram” is completed.

The method of Frightening-Soul Sting, in this brief moment was completely forgotten by Han Fei, in his eyes. It was all this horrible blow, the power of a shot, ignoring the distance, directly killing the soul.

At this moment, Han Fei has experienced a super mastery with one blow for a thousand miles-Zhu Shen thorn.

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