God of Fishing Chapter 1458

Old Tortoise rolled his eyes and said to his heart that you can let me go? You dare to say, I dare not believe it!

Just listen to Old Tortoise leisurely said: “The strength of this turtle is too weak, not much stronger than you are now. Even if you use Primal Chaos Qi to shoot, it will not be much stronger than you.”

Han Fei sneered: “What I need is not your strength, but your insight…”


Qianxing City.

Recently, Qianxing City has seen soaring prices, mainly because there are no more items shipped back from Broken Stat Island and Third Rank fishing grounds.

The two resource giants are all gone, and Qianxing City has no supply of a lot of resources. When the major distributors were out of stock, the market changed from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. As long as there are suitable things, the price can be high. Anyway, I am not afraid that no one will buy it. In Qianxing City, rich people abound.

I don’t know who it is, and spread the affairs of the City of Justice to Qianxing City. Suddenly, all kinds of gossip flew all over the sky, and soon swept through the entire Qianxing City with a tsunami.

For a time, countless people want to go to the lower realm, go to the city of justice, go to Broken Stat Island.

It’s just that Broken Stat Island Transmission Array has opened an extremely strict audit mechanism, resulting in the number of people inspected every day, at most a thousand people pass, which makes the huge army feel slowly malicious.

Especially when some big ethnic children pretending to be an ordinary person in the lower realm, they were discovered by others and sent back, and countless people were furious.

Zhang Tao.

At this moment, I am standing in this ** Three Questions Formation. There are thousands of natural phenomena in the formation, and there are voices like rolling thunder shadows, leaning over his head: “Zhang Tao, Qianxing City dual immortal island person, Loose Cultivator, Primary Angler ……”

When a string of information is exploded, in the voice, there seems to be a kind of power concussing in the mind.

“Where are you from?”

Zhang Tao’s eyebrows were struggling. When the power of the **** attacked, the white glow of his eyebrows flashed. Through the illusion, Zhang Tao suddenly opened his eyes, showing ecstasy. Immediately, his eyes rolled: “I’m from Qianxing City double immortal island.”

“Which family are you from?”

When the second question was asked, Zhang Tao laughed disdainfully, and said proudly: “I am an ordinary resident on dual immortal islands. I rely on Li Family, a large dual immortal island family. I often spend money to buy Li Family Proving Grounds. The right to trial, recently, there is really no money, these big clans are too ruthless…”

Sure enough, Zhang Tao listened carefully, and after a while, the third question came.

“What is the true purpose of your coming to Qianxing City?”

Zhang Taoxin said that the normal answer is of course to become stronger and for resources!

Just as Zhang Tao was about to say this, a voice suddenly said: “**The Three Questions Array was invented by this handsome himself. You have a way to avoid this handsome Strength of Array. It seems that you have a mysterious secret treasure. Help!”

“Who…cold, handsome?”

Zhang Tao just showed contempt. At this moment, the whole person is horrified, and his heart is like a 10,000 Iron Head Fish being rushed. He said to his heart that this fuck Broken Stat Island Venerable personally sits in the Transmission Array, does each and everyone question the visitors? This Supreme Commander is too boring, right?

While sighing, Zhang Tao feels bad, this time it’s over, how can I go back?


Zhang Tao saw a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. When he looked up, he saw a young man sneer.

Next moment, Zhang Tao felt that Divine Soul no longer belonged to him, and the indefinite prohibition within the body was broken instantly.

Han Fei has been waiting here for a day, and a Zhang Family person has been specially sent over. Can this be forbidden?

At this moment, as soon as the Soul Searching Technique was exhibited, there was a Divine Soul artifact that wanted Self-destruction. As a result, the Divine Soul artifact was buckled by the Thread of Nothingness and was directly forcibly torn apart. It was useless at all. on.

“Zhang Tao, a foreigner of Zhang Family. Oh, he is an excellent foreigner, it’s a pity…”

At the foot of Han Fei, an illusory shadow of mountains and rivers emerged, and Zhang Tao was thrown into it.

Han Fei: “Tree spirit, tie it up for me, and not allow him to Self-destruction.”

“Yes, master.”

After explaining the tree spirit, Han Fei thoughts move, his body began to become shorter, Realm dropped a thousand zhang in one fall, and he came directly to Primary Snorkeler, his skin became whiter, and his body became a bit fatter…

The technique of fraud, vividly and thoroughly used by Han Fei.

“pu pass~”

There are only 8 entrances to Broken Stat Island in Qianxing City. Excluding those islands that are not inhabited by who, there is only one Transmission Array for 3 islands on average.

It’s just that no matter the Transmission Array, it’s already a vast crowd.

Suddenly, I saw two immortal islands leading to the Transmission Array of Broken Stat Island. One person swooped out, blood spout from mouth.

After a while, many people staggered their bodies and watched “Zhang Tao” roll dozens of times on the ground.

“The Aristocratic Family is really unwilling to give up! There are already so many of them, and we have to send people to it. Now that the Broken Stat Island and Aristocratic Family have torn apart, naturally there is a way to know who is your Aristocratic People of Family! Want to be fooled, what does this person think?”

Someone shouted: “What kind of stuff, knowing that I can’t make it, I have to occupy a position, believing or not grandfather, I will kill you?”

Someone shot directly and cut out the blade, some took out long sword. For a while, the sword danced wildly, and many people really wanted to chop “Zhang Tao”. But the Aristocratic Family family, it would be daring to ask them to bluff, but if they are killed directly, I am afraid that no one here can dare.

Seeing that “Zhang Tao”, he hurriedly jumped out with an ugly face. While looking back, he said to himself: “It shouldn’t be! Then Formation can crush the mysterious treasure?”

Soon after “Zhang Tao” escaped, a person suddenly appeared around him. The man dressed in azure clothes stood beside “Zhang Tao”, looking at the crowd with his head, and said indifferently: “You are the 1078th failure example of Zhang Family. I thought your Divine Soul rare treasure was not bad, but was killed directly. Okay. Okay, Hui. It seems that Broken Stat Island has already been prepared.”

“Hey! Yes, Sir Qing, it is really that the array is too terrifying, it does not seem to be a normal array, even my Divine Soul rare treasure is torn apart, and Sir Qing is the master.”

The steward gave him a small token with an annoying face and said: “Go back to the storeroom and find something to make up for it. It’s almost enough.”

Han Fei results in a token, and he smiles immediately: “Zhang Mingkun, whoever promised you and led me, will come sooner or later. Now, I am here…”

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