God of Fishing Chapter 1537

Under all eyes, Han Fei created a miracle. Being hit by the horrible attack of Qianlong Crab, even if it were not dead in theory, it would have to be Rebirth from a drop of Blood.

As a result, Han Fei’s backhand was a punch.

Then, I didn’t know any method, and I exploded the Crab Qianlong. The problem is that Han Fei actually prevented Xie Qianlong from Rebirth from a drop of Blood, which is the most amazing.

Seeing this, Ma Youhun said indifferently to a person next to him: “Go back and announce the good news.”

“cough cough …”

Waiting for Han Fei to freeze, everyone found that one of the guy’s arms was drooping, and his whole body was cracked. The Battle Suit on his body was mostly broken, exposing explosive muscles.

Moreover, Han Fei’s body is very unstable at this moment.

After two or three breaths, this kind of energy stabilized a bit.

The first reaction of many people is: Either Han Fei has been scrapped, or it has reached the critical point of breakthrough.

The blow just now looked like a perfect counterattack in…desperate situation. what does this mean? It is often a sign of breakthrough!

There are not many powerhouses on the side of the Life and Death Gorge. Among them, the half-king realm powerhouse has several people.

In the Demonic beast alliance, in addition to Ma Youhun, there are two and a half King Rank powerhouses near the walls of the cage on both sides of the Gorge of Life and Death.

It seems that Han Fei has tried his best to control the fluctuation of his qi, but he can still be detected. Obviously, Han Fei’s every move cannot escape the vision of these semi-king realm.

Immediately, someone’s complexion changed: “Not good, brother Niu failed to break through, it should be because of insufficient pressure. At this time, should he leave the field?”

Someone looked solemnly: “Now is the best time for a breakthrough. If the Crab Qianlong can last a little longer, Brother Niu will definitely break through. Now this is not too high. Once you leave, you may have to wait The year of the year.”

Ma Youhun shouted: “Ox Demon King, come back.”

Ma Youhun’s voice did not evade.

Han Fei’s current breath state, even he feels wrong. That Crab Thousand Dragon is not the strongest existence in the Intermediate Venerable Realm. If Han Fei challenges again, the opponent will be the strongest intermediate Venerable.

Han Fei clenched the teeth, the white gas in his nose is gushing, which seems to be very unwilling.

On the other side, on the Sea Demons side, countless people were stunned. Can Han Fei cross the border to kill the enemy?

The strength of this person’s innate gift is really terrifying.

If he is allowed to break through the intermediate Venerable realm, then in a few hundred years, this person may become the strongest intermediate Venerable in the cage, not one of them.

At the moment when Ma Youhun was shouting, the opponent’s powerhouse glanced at the powerhouse, and immediately someone shouted: “Ox Demon King, right? Is this ready to end? The breakthrough moment, the more it will not pass, it will be uncomfortable, right? If you have the courage, how about another fight?”

Someone clamored: “Ox Demon King, as long as you admit it today, I will watch you return. But you are a bully. True powerhouse, dare to face all the challenges in front of you.”

Someone yelled: “Ox Demon King, there is a kind, stay on the court and don’t leave. If you see it, you will accept it. Is this what you call madness? If it is like this, how do you deserve to be a powerhouse?”

For a while, the clamor from the Black Blood City kept on, and they all made Han Fei stay away.

Behind Han Fei, there was also someone shouting.

“Brother Niu, don’t be fooled. Today, we have made enough to kill two people.”

“Brother Niu, don’t listen to these Sea Demons nonsense, they just intend to bully the less.”

“Ox Demon King, you can come back, today is enough.”


Han Fei sucked the last strand of strength of Divine Soul, and the information in his eyes was swept away, and the strength of Divine Soul has been restored to 78,673 points…It is only more than 1,000 points away from the current limit of Divine Soul. As long as I hunt an intermediate Venerable Peak, the strength of Divine Soul may be restored.

At this time, let him retire? How could he retire? If you die, you can’t retire.


Han Fei took a breath, and the violent energy and Spiritual Qi around him flooded into his body.

In the eyes of outsiders, the crack on Han Fei’s body is recovering at a speed visible to naked eye. But for a moment, Han Fei seemed to have recovered well.

However, no one thinks that Han Fei has really recovered. The injury caused by the Venerable battle is not just as simple as recovering completely from the trauma!

However, Han Fei’s behavior has brightened the eyes of many Sea Demons.

Someone said: “The brains of the buffalo clan are always not good. Give him another stimulation, and he will definitely stay.”

Someone yelled: “Ox Demon King, stupid bull, don’t run if there is a kind of thing, I can chop you under your feet with three swords.”

Someone sneered: “Ox Demon King, there is a way for us to single out and watch me easily turn you into a cow…”


Han Fei looked at those Sea Demons who were swearing, and only felt that their language was very poor. After all, nothing has grown.

Although Han Fei’s heart is not turbulent, on the surface, he is already flushed. Both nostrils were spraying white air.

Seeing Han Fei suddenly turned his head: “I want to fight in groups.”


Ma Youhun was slightly taken aback.

Bai Sable, Lynx, Aoki, Fatty Seven, Ma Qilin, Niu Dali, these people are all confused: fight in groups? Group battles are much harder than singles.

If you say singled out? That’s all by means.

However, if you want to fight team battles, it is easy to plot against others if many roads overlap.

In addition to Ma Youhun, the other two half-king realm powerhouses said one after another: “Ox Demon King, don’t mess around. Group battles are not casual, a little carelessness, or the gain is not worth the loss.”

However, Han Fei looked towards Niu Dali.

Niu Vigorously saw Han Fei’s awe-inspiring expression. At that time, his heart moved: Did he deliberately? He wants to convince Ma Youhun?

Han Fei: “I want to fight in groups.”

Han Fei said this sentence vigorously at the cow.

Niu Dali immediately understood, and quickly transmitted a voice to Ma Youhun: “Master Ma, I think you can fight.”

Ma Youhun glanced at the cow vigorously: “Ox Demon King has shown the power of the intermediate Venerable realm. The opponent will definitely use this as a reason to directly send the intermediate Venerable battle strength. If the opponent comes, all are intermediate Venerable. battle strength, only hunting Ox Demon King, it is extremely unfavorable to him…”

Niu Dali couldn’t help but think of: What Han Fei said when he came here today… He said… Who said that his battle strength stopped at the intermediate Venerable Peak?

Now, Ox Demon King seems to be confident in letting himself convince Ma Youhun.

So, Niu Dali immediately took a breath, his eyes firmly conveyed: “I believe him.”

Ma Youhun looked towards Niu Dali: “Are you sure?”

Niu Dali nodded: “OK.”

Although I don’t know why, Ma Youhun felt that this Ox Demon King might not be simple, so he responded: “Yes.”

After finishing speaking, Ma Youhun looked towards Sea Demons and shouted loudly, “Spirit shark, did you hear? Team battle, Sea Demons, do you dare to fight or not? If you dare not fight, then today’s battle, That’s it.”

Lingyu, also known as the commander-level powerhouse on the Sea Demons side. When Han Fei said he was going to fight team battles, he was thinking about Han Fei’s purpose.

Although he knows that Ox Demon King is out of the ordinary, he may still be able to fight. But is it required to fight in groups? impossible has no purpose.

The first thought in Lingyu’s mind is that Han Fei wants to use the power of the team to help him break through the battle.

All those who can fight through the breakthrough are fierce persons.

In-war breakthrough, the required control is extremely strong. While under the pressure of breakthrough, you have to fight at the same time, distracted and used, and if you are not careful, you may be interrupted.

However, there are benefits.

In-war breakthrough, once successful, it can change the pattern of a battle. Especially Heaven’s Pride at this level of Han Fei, once it enters the intermediate Venerable realm, its strength will definitely be comparable to that of the intermediate Venerable Peak. Coupled with his spatial avenue, ordinary people are not opponents at all.

But, as a powerhouse of a half-king realm, would Lingyu be afraid of this? His heart moved and he had an idea.

Just listen to Lingyu shouted: “Why don’t you dare? However, this battle needs to join a high-level Venerable.”

Ma Youhun heard it and immediately shouted: “Fart, this is the battle of the intermediate Venerable, what does the advanced Venerable join?”

Lingyu: “You made the proposal for group warfare. Moreover, this General did not say that your Demonic beast alliance does not allow high-level Venerable to enter the battlefield… It just so happens that there has not been a big battle between you and me in the past few years. Let’s examine the Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced levels to see if your Demonic beast alliance has really expanded in the past two years?”

Lingyu deliberately said that it would cross the three realms to test its strength. In fact, it was nothing more than a plan in his mind.

Ma Youhun just wanted to respond, but Bai Miao said with a smile: “I’m coming!”

Bai Diao just finished speaking, but saw the lynx step forward: “It’s still me. They might just want to spy on you by the way to see if you have entered Peak? I’ll come…”

Bai Miao shrugged: “Okay! Then you come.”

The lynx stepped out and heard a “meow”, and the scream spread all over the gorge of life and death.

Lynx said: “I want to eat fish, you better send a fish up.”

When Niu Vigorously saw the Lynx stepping out, she knew that she would definitely need an intermediate Venerable place. He has reached the Intermediate Peak, has more than 30 battles, and is also experienced.

I saw Niu vigorously step out: “I will come.”

Han Fei was originally thinking: if the opponent comes to a high-level Venerable, should he break out his true strength? At this moment, Niu Dali suddenly joined in, which meant that the opponent could expel two intermediate Venerable realms at once.

Han Fei hurriedly shouted: “Intermediate Venerable, don’t come again. Brother Qilin, Fat Seven, dare you come up for a fight?”

Han Fei’s original plan: In addition to the Bobcats, it is best to come up with three Primary Venerable. In this way, he broke out strongly, at least one or two people could be taken away instantly.

However, it doesn’t matter if Niu came vigorously. Anyway, as long as the other party has a Primary Venerable coming up, it’s dead.

Ma Qilin and Fei Qiyi listened to Han Fei summon, and they were stunned at the time: fuck, let’s meet for the first time! Moreover, there are only advanced Venerable environments in the field. If we play, will we really be killed by minutes?

However, as Venerable, whether it is Qilin Ma or Fat Seven, it is impossible to fight.

Moreover, there are bobcats, and they both have a bottom in their hearts.

On the side of Sea Demons, Lingyu indifferently said: “Yu Menglong, Yukang, Hai Liansheng, Bai Yuhua… You four will play. There is one more… Zhang Wandian, you come.”

With the voice of Lingyu, several people who were pointed out came out one after another.

At the end, after the name Zhang Wandian was named, he saw that a mountain was split 3000 li away, and a long beard was pulled away from the belly of the mountain.

A weird big black octopus crossed over!

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