God of Fishing Chapter 1538

Venerable group battles, no matter where they are placed, are a major event.

Even in the wall of death, it has not been beaten in several decades.

Han Fei just heard the word “good several decades”, the whole person is not good: if you know, you may not have fought a large-scale group battle for hundreds of years outside, I don’t know it will be what idea?

Lynx stepping beside Han Fei, he likes others to describe himself as lynx. Among all the cat tribes in Ten Thousand Animals Island, only the Lynx has grown to a high-level Venerable Realm.

Of course, creatures such as Old Hu and Leibao belong to the cat family, but after all, the species are very different.

It’s just that, maybe it’s been a long time with these creatures. The Bobcats don’t feel that their imposing manner is worse than any of them.

At this moment, Lynx looked towards Han Fei and said: “The white feather painting on the opposite side is a high-level Venerable, hand it to me. But you have to know his way. His body is a sea pen, and with his power, once Sex can draw a Venerable level of battle strength. Or it can bind a space and draw you into the picture.”

This is the first time Han Fei has heard of this kind of avenue, drawing people into the painting?

Han Fei: “Same as Formation or ban, can people be trapped?”

Lynx nodded: “You shouldn’t call Ma Qilin and Fatty Qi together, so we are three to three, the problem is not too big. However, the Primary Venerable is not everyone has your strength. They are trapped. , Once someone bypasses you, their safety is difficult to guarantee.”

Niu Dali looked towards Ma Qilin and Fei Qidao: “you two, after the war, find a way to lead the opponent to both sides and leave the battlefield on our side.”

“Wait a minute…”

Han Fei faintly smiled and said: “no! No matter how strong the other party is, it is only a high-level Venerable. If the top power can’t rise… the other party’s Primary Venerable, you can take it from me…”


Han Fei smiled mysteriously: “If you believe me, let’s try it… Eat five of them in one bite.”


A moment later, Han Fei learned from the Bobcats: In addition to the painting called Bai Yu, there is also that Yumenglong is an intermediate Venerable, good at fantasy and dreaming.

As for Na Yukang and Hai Liansheng, both are Primary Venerable, and they are clearly prepared for Ma Qilin and Feiqi.

It’s the last one. The guy named Zhang Wandian, although he sounds like an octopus, is a guy who is not even familiar with bobcats.

In the words of Bobcat, this person may have been on the side of the Immortal City. I didn’t know why, so I came to the Life and Death Gap.

The reason why he is so sure is because Zhang Wandian has never played in the life and death gorge. However, a guy who can cultivation to intermediate Venerable Peak has no record at all.

If this record is not in the Gorge of Life and Death, then it is in the City of Immortality.

Lynx said that Black Blood City and the Forest of Terror should be allies.

The Black Blood City and the Demonic beast alliance have similar patterns.

The Demonic beast alliance has two enemies, one is the Black Blood City and the other is the Forest of Terror. The Black Blood City also has two enemies, one is the Demonic beast alliance, and the other is the immortal city of the human race.

Humans and the Forest of Terror, generally speaking, they rarely come into contact with each other. This made Han Fei even more sure: this so-called cage should be a “day” font layout.

Since this chapter Wandian often fights human races, Han Fei wonders: Maybe, he will be more familiar with human race methods.

No matter what, the opponent’s lineup is exactly the same as his own, with a senior Venerable, two intermediate Venerables, and two Primary Venerables.

It’s just that this lineup, Han Fei not at all so-called. After all, in my own eyes, these people are resources. Han Fei’s goal is to kill at least three.


The so-called group battles are usually carried out with equal strength. Because the strength is equal, several people can cooperate with each other to fight.

However, compared with the five major professions of human beings, this kind of team battle obviously does not have much cooperation.

Now there are three Realms, Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced. It is obviously more difficult to play together. After all, the weak need the care of powerhouse. If the weak are eliminated, the weak of the opponent vacates and encloses the powerhouse of one’s own side, which is extremely detrimental to one’s own side.

Therefore, the current approach is: Primary Venerable pulls Primary Venerable away, and Advanced Venerable pulls away Advanced Venerable.

At that time, Han Fei made up his mind: “Or, first cooperate with Niu Dali to kill these two intermediate Venerables?”

However, if you do this, once you and Niu vigorously kill two intermediate Venerables. The other three Venerable should have to run desperately. After all, five to three, Realm is still high, they are basically impossible to survive.

Immediately, Han Fei winked at Ma Qilin.


Ma Qilin yelled twice when facing the other side, which was clearly the sound of a donkey.

Fei Qi even gave him a white look: “Don’t call, look at my old pig.”

Only listen to Feiqi shouted: “Yukang and Hailiansheng, you two salted fish, come and fight.”

Originally, this battle level has risen to the intermediate Venerable battle. heaven knows Han Fei, why did you call Ma Qilin and Feiqi? Moreover, Ma Youhun even agreed.

At this moment, Yukang and Hai Liansheng are wondering: How to take Ma Qilin and Feiqi away? As a result, the opponent called out first, which of course is a good thing!

“Shua Brush~”

The four people fled one after another and killed them on the left side of the battlefield.

Others didn’t even look at them at all. After all, Primary Venerable is still far from them.

But when I heard a “meow”, the lynx drew at Bai Yu and hooked his finger: “If you paint, come and fight with this cat.”

Just listen to the Lynx vigorously saying to Han Fei and cattle: “Wait for this cat an incense stick of time.”

Bai Yuhua said with a smile: “Miying, do you think you can escape from my writing if you are like a shadow? Still an incense stick of time? What are you doing, it’s only a ten-year-old?”


Bai Yuhua seems to be very familiar with the Bobcats, calling it by his real name, and sneers.

Lynx took a graceful catwalk, stretched its paws, and pulled open the void on the right side: “You’ll know after hitting it.”

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