God of Fishing Chapter 1540


The Blade of Time caught by Han Fei immediately hit the white feather painting. Only the body painted by Bai Yu was aging at the speed visible by naked eye.

From his fleshy body to the pen, it is directly decayed.

Han Fei also doesn’t know that the Lesser Stage knife scroll is so powerful!

There is only one technique in the whole book, and that is to draw a knife.

Although the battle skill says that with the technique of drawing a knife, everything can be a knife. However, Han Fei never thought that he could take time…

Even with his invincible will, Han Fei just wants to draw a knife and block Bai Yu painting, but Han Fei just wants to draw a space crack. Who knows how to draw the blade of time by mistake?


Above the sky, another red crack appeared, and another one fell.

Han Fei quickly buckled the Divine Soul painted by Bai Yu with the line of nothingness, but found out speechlessly: I don’t know if it’s because of the power of time. I don’t know if the Divine Soul painted by Bai Yu is corrupt Up? This strength of Divine Soul’s absorption is even worse than Primary Venerable!

If nothing happens, Han Fei will only absorb less than 500 strength of Divine Soul……

Even if the strength of Divine Soul acquired is only 500 points, the strength of Divine Soul of Han Fei has also been restored.

At this moment, Han Fei is the real Primary Venerable Peak.

Han Fei only felt refreshed, and immediately felt the signs of breakthrough.

When the strength of Divine Soul and physique have been reached, if you can’t continue to squeeze your potential, you can only have a breakthrough!

However, Han Fei felt that he still had room for growth and that he could continue to grow stronger, so he directly forcibly suppressed this breakthrough.


Lynx tears open the void.

Lynx’s heart is extremely angry: Who could have predicted that the battle will evolve so fast?

Sure enough, did Ox Demon King still fail to hold the three breaths?

When the rift in the sky reappeared, and the Lynx even burned his blood, he knew: Now at most only one has fallen, and there is another, waiting for himself to be rescued…

However, when the Bobcat tore through the void and returned here, he happened to see Ox Demon King, and dropped a decaying skeleton.

Lynx looked dumbfounded: “Are you not dead?”

As soon as the Lynx turned his head, he saw Yumenglong, who had given up chasing the bull and ran away at full speed.

Looking at Han Fei again, the Bobcat found that Han Fei’s Realm, although it is still Primary Venerable Peak, is already comparable to itself.

For a while, Bobcat’s whole cat is not good: Are you dazzled?

Just listen to Han Fei yelling: “Don’t keep one, kill all!”

After finishing speaking, Han Fei has turned into a golden light in the eyes of Bobcat and Niu in shock, rushing towards Yumenglong.

Although the Bobcats are a little unacceptable to this fact, Ox Demon King is not dead, so who is dead?

The lynx immediately looked towards the feather-like creature that has decayed and can no longer decay. Isn’t it a white feather painting?


Lynx said in shock: “Zhang Wandian and Bai Yu painting, he killed them?”

Niu Dali is also confused at this moment.

She knows that Han Fei is amazing, but I wonder if Han Fei is so amazing? To punish the enemy beyond one boundary is that’s all! You have crossed two realms in a row?

The cow swallowed vigorously: “It seems, is it!”

Lynx suddenly expression changed: “I will stop Yukang and Hai Liansheng, and you will chase Ox Demon King.”

At this time, the bobcat’s heart is agitated: in this battle, two high-level Venerable battle strengths have fallen. So, this battle himself is still on the scene, and at least two must be killed.

Since Han Fei can kill the two high-level Venerables, Yumenglong is impossible to escape.

Therefore, as long as you stop Yukang and Hai Liansheng, this battle will be a foregone conclusion.

At this moment, almost all Venerable watching the game, even Explorer, have discovered this problem. As long as the Black Blood City does not save people, none of the three remaining in the Black Blood City will survive in the Life and Death Gorge!

This is the disadvantage of battle strength across the three realms!

The most important thing is that high-level Venerable should be admitted. This proposal is still proposed by Lingyu. Within a day, the seven deities fell, and even the Black Blood City couldn’t stand such a blow!

After a while, Lingyu directly led the crowd and flew to the Gorge of Life and Death, and at the same time shouted: “We admit defeat in this battle, and this battle is over.”

Ma Youhun also led the way: “Fart, does the Black Blood City intend to break the rules of the Gorge of Life and Death? If you want to break the rules, then don’t blame me and lead the world to war.”

Bai Miao shouted: “hmph! Black Blood City, can’t you afford to lose? If you want to fight, my mother will accompany you.”

Aoki sneered: “It’s been a long time since I launched a large-scale group battle. After the loss of 7 of the Black Blood City, is there any confidence to break out?”

Outside, the speed of Half King and Venerable Peak is extremely fast.

Between the smiles, they collided together.

Below Peak, they are still on the way. They are not so fast, it takes time.

And this time is enough for Han Fei.

When the advanced Venerable battle strength erupted, Han Fei knew: Next time, I want to fight with Venerable in Black Blood City? It will not be easy. People can be fooled last time, but not always fooled, right?

Han Fei collected Yumenglong’s bones and the shredded Divine Soul into refining Heaven and Earth, and slowly absorbed the person’s Divine Soul. Now, there are two others waiting for the harvest!

For Han Fei, that is both vitality and Divine Soul.

Where can I find Han Fei’s silhouette when the cattle rush to vigorously? Here, only the traces of the war are left, and there are some remains of broken limbs.

Needless to say, Han Fei has already killed people for a few interest time after tracking.

Niu Dali really feels his scalp is tingling: In this life, I have never felt that the buffalo clan is so mad!

Primary Venerable Peak, kill the intermediate Venerable Peak? Moreover, only the trifling is used. This has completely subverted her view of life.


Ma Qilin and Fat Qi both feel that their scalp is tingling now: they are surprised.

How long has this special war just started? This has been, have fallen three in a row?

If it weren’t for someone’s voice to say that the people in the Black Blood City were falling, Ma Qilin and Fat Qi had already agreed to start running.

Originally, this kind of battle across the three borders is enough to make people trembling in fear.

What Han Fei said before, the plan to draw people to him hasn’t been implemented yet… Did all three of them fall?

Suddenly, I heard the sound of rolling thunder in the sky: “Qilin, Fatty Seven, dragging Yukang and Hai to win the winning streak. The other three in Black Blood City have fallen, and these two people will undoubtedly die.”


Ma Qilin heard his father’s order personally, and his blood was violent, his feet stomped on, and a huge wave hit the sky.


The sound of donkeys…Oh no, Qilin roared, the sea was flowing back.

Fat Seven is even more frenzied, with tens of thousands of big thorns in his body, blocking the void. Even if it burns blood essence, both of them will be left behind.

Yukang and Hai Liansheng are already fighting frantically.

Upon seeing Ma Qilin and Fatty Qi, and dragging them to death, they exchanged glances immediately. However, Yukang suddenly rushed towards the two of them, his body expanded and his strength collapsed.

Ma Qilin cried out in surprise: “Do you want Self-destruction?”

Fei Qi shouted: “Hell…Self-destruction can’t let go.”

The two of them looked at each other, and when they worked together, they just went to kill Yukang.

“hong long long …”

Generally speaking, it’s not difficult to escape if you want to escape under the same circumstances, as long as you don’t want to be entangled with your life.

Under the entanglement of Qilin Ma and Feiqi, Yukang Self-destruction, Hai Liansheng grabbed a piece of fish scales and fleeed directly.

However, as soon as the two of them escaped ten thousand li, they saw the void torn apart and the bobcat had arrived.

The Bobcats were about to take a shot, and they felt the tremors of the void, and there was a silhouette, coming straight here.

Next moment, the void is torn, Han Fei has already appeared here.

The Lynx grinned and said: “It’s so fast…You are in your first battle, and you will be left with the achievements of these two titles. However, you have to keep a whole piece for this cat. This cat really wants to eat fish.”

Han Fei grinned: “Of course.”

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