God of Fishing Chapter 1541

The battle strengths of two senior Venerables are hunting down two Primary Venerable Peaks. What if they can’t be killed quickly? Unless this Primary Venerable Peak, there must be Han Fei’s background and opportunities.

There is no suspense. Yukang and Hai Liansheng are two of them. Among them, Yukang was just reborn and was hammered by Han Fei.

Waiting for Ma Qilin and Fat Qi to catch up, when they saw this scene, they couldn’t help swallowing saliva.

Just now, when Han Fei first came to the Gorge of Life and Death, they were only surprised by the arrival of a bull from the buffalo family. And now, they have forgotten Han Fei’s race and Realm.

As the saying goes, seeing is believing!

Han Fei personally squeezed a Venerable in front of them with his own hands. Isn’t this shocking enough?

At the time of Yukang’s fall, Hai Liansheng was immediate, so he chose Self-destruction.

It’s a pity that Han Fei and Bobcat are there. How can you give him a chance to take a self-destruction?

But seeing Hai Liansheng’s feet are covered by shadows, his body is directly stiff over there.

And Han Fei was also unceremonious, slashing and killing Hai Lian directly.

Above the sky.

“hong long long …”

“hong long long …”

In less than an hour, the fall of the seven deities directly shook the life and death gorge inside and outside.

Outside the Life and Death Gorge, the Demonic beasts of Explorer Realm who watched the battle all the way, have already mountain cry out and sea howl. The roar of the beast is like Hong Zhongzheng. Rolling ripples, rippling ten thousand li ……

Someone is excited: “Too strong! Ox Demon King is too strong! Three battles and seven kills, in the cage, the Number One Person ever!”

Someone’s complexion is red, and their eyes are full of admiration: “Ox Demon King tells us that it is also possible to fight across the border. My Demonic beast is already strong, so how can I not fight across the border?”



Some people were so excited that their blood rushed to the top, Spiritual Qi broke out all over, and they broke the border directly.

For a while, the Demonic beast alliance has gone crazy.

There is no need for an order at all. The Demonic beast, as the courier, and the swift White Wolf, have rushed to the rear Transmission Array and took the initiative to return to announce the good news.


Actually, Wan Beast Island has long been fried.

Lei Xiao, Ma Youhun was the first to send him back to Ten Thousand Beast Island to report.

Good fellow, the one that is fast has arrived in less than half an hour.

Lei Xiao, a Transmission Array and a Transmission Array are running wild. When there were still 20ten thousand li near the Wan Beast Island, Lei Xiao had already burst out loudly, because he knew that someone would hear it.

“The Great Victory of Life and Death Gorge, Ox Demon King has 30 breaths, and the battle of shrimps is given, and I play the domineering of my Demonic beast alliance.”

When Lei Xiao is about to rush into Ten Thousand Beast Island, she once again shouted: “Good news, good news… Ox Demon King Tu Zun, the 30-stroke slashing shrimp Wen gifted.”


As soon as Lei Xiao’s voice came out, spontaneously, the entire Ten Thousand Beast Island began to roar. These days, they also know who the Ox Demon King is…the new bull Venerable!

There is a giant wolf, roar towards the sky: “Good news, Ox Demon King 30 breaths, smashed shrimps.”

“dong dong dong ……”

There is a fat and drumming creature, within the body that vibrates: “Good news…”

In the valley, when everyone was shouting wildly, there were already dozens of Venerable gatherings on the Great Rift Gorge.

These people have already seen the astronomical mutation.

In fact, although the red marks in the sky are slight, the celestial phenomenon has changed. There are many Demonic beasts, none of which are Venerable. They are all looking up to the sky, wanting to prove whether this is a sign of Venerable’s fall?

Someone sighed: “No…Ox Demon King only went to the Life and Death Gorge in total. It’s not two hours yet? This is Tu Zun?”

Someone was surprised and said: “As far as I know, the strength of the shrimp is quite out of the ordinary, Primary Venerable Peak. There are some who can beat him, but can kill him…”

Just listen to Crocodile Tie shouted: “Nonsense, is Niu brother’s strength an ordinary Primary Venerable Peak? Niu Dali has been beaten down. A shrimp gift, isn’t it easy?”

Xiong Chaoshuai, carrying a piece of dried fish, came over: “What the old crocodile said is reasonable. Let Ox Demon King go to the Primary Venerable realm and sweep it. This is a foregone conclusion! Killing one is enough to make black Blood City vomits blood once.”

The Ape Demon also came over leisurely with Lao Yang: “Hey! Do you want to gather for a barbecue? I have made a lot of Ox Demon King seasonings, and I have grown a lot of them. That stuff is simply too long. Up.”


Just listen to a lion roar: “Barbecue must wait for me, I will bring wine.”

Laoyang leisurely said: “Ox Demon King Tu Zun, I had expected it, it’s weird not to Tu Zun.”

These people have a good understanding of Han Fei’s strength.

After all, those hundreds of battles were not in vain.

Basically, Han Fei has performed everything except for some major tricks that require confidentiality.

So, this group of people slowly began to barbecue.

For them, eating is not very anxious. The soaring aroma is not enough to smell. Barbecue, then grill it slowly.

However, people like Yuanma have just sprinkled all kinds of garlic spices.

The old sheep suddenly moved his heart, revealing a shallow smile, another one?

Jiao Mengyue suddenly said: “Yi! Look, there is a slight crack in the sky, and the sky has changed. This should be the second sign of Venerable’s fall in the Gorge of Life and Death, right?”

The fall of the first shrimp Wenci is because the Realm is not high and the distance is relatively far. Although the sky has changed slightly, it is not at all so obvious.

However, this time, without anyone reporting, everyone knew that another one had fallen.

At that time, the faces of everyone became serious. I know, I know, but is the fallen Venerable Sea Demons or Demonic beast? They don’t know, how can they not worry in their hearts?

Immediately, everyone’s eyes looked towards Laoyang. And the old sheep smiled slightly: “Continue to barbecue.”

Xiong Chaoshuai laughed: “Almost bluffed the bear. It seems that Ox Demon King has slaughtered another one. Two of them have fallen in a row, enough for the Black Blood City to drink a pot. This has to cultivate how many years. Huh?”

The Golden Tiger came with a tiger step, “I! It’s not a tiger blowing, Ox Demon King is not easy to fall. Inextinguishable Golden Body…Everyone, how easy is it to fight Inextinguishable Golden Body?”

Yin Cang nodded: “Indeed. However, these two statues are a slaughter, I am afraid that he will have to be exposed.”

Everyone just chatted for a while, only to hear another voice, set off in the sky over Ten Thousand Beast Island.

“Ox Demon King Tu Zun, the intermediate Venerable Crab Thousand Dragons.”

“Ox Demon King Tu Zun, the intermediate Venerable Crab Thousand Dragons.”

“Ox Demon King Tu Zun, the intermediate Venerable Crab Thousand Dragons.”


In the valley, many Demonic beasts were stunned: Are there still two consecutive massacres? This Tu Zun is too fast, right?

However, there is no such thing as Tu Liang Zun, but not many.

This can only prove that Ox Demon King is very powerful.

The beasts of course cheered and encouraged. Don’t care if you know this Ox Demon King? Anyway, it’s a Demonic beast.

However, when a more obvious crack appeared in the sky dome again, the blood rain began to fall.

This time, even Lao Yang’s expression became serious. The Ape Demon and the people who were grilling were all wondering, and slaughtered again?

Everyone looked towards Laoyang, and Laoyang pinched on the spot: “The life and death gorge is turbulent, but it seems that everything is happening in an instant. I can’t allow me to calculate it right away. It is very likely that they are still in a life and death predicament. In.”

“hong long long ~”

Again, the red crack in the sky reappears.

The front and back are separated, but only three to five interest.

In such a short period of time, two more fells in a row, and the celestial phenomenon is so obvious. This time, even the sheep god machine couldn’t be sure.

At this moment, including Lao Yang, all Venerables looked towards the sky.

They expected that Han Fei would go to the Life and Death Gorge to slaughter the statue, but most people only thought that Han Fei could slaughter one statue.

Even if someone laughs and talks about Han Fei, he might kill two statues… But that’s not at all taking seriously, just a joke that’s all!

But now, how many are these already? This is the fourth one.

“Gu du!”

Crocodile Tie swallowed and said, “Is this, is the life and death gorge, a war broke out?”

The sheep god machine quickly counted, and frowns saying: “No. Even if there is a war over there, you are not afraid! Three and a half kings sit in town, and 67 Venerables are in the battle, unless the Black Blood City is going to launch a world war. But, you and me As you all know, this is impossible.”


Only more than 20 breaths have passed, the sky has cracked a red mark again, and the blood has poured down.

The entire Ten Thousand Beast Island is quiet. They were waiting. Obviously, there was a major event on the Life and Death Gap.

The sheep god machine pinched the calculation, but soon he wrinkled frowned: “It is really strange, why did my calculation of the heavenly secret technique detect a chaos? Jiao Mengyue, Xiong Chaoshuai, Jinhu, Yincang… fate You wait for four people, and immediately go to the Life and Death Gorge to press the formation. I will wait for an incense stick of time. If I can’t calculate it again, someone will continue to go.”


At this moment, they don’t dare to neglect such a big matter as the life and death gorge.

Four people stepped on shatter void. However, they have not waited for the four people to reach the first Transmission Array.

“hong long long …”

“hong long long …”

Jiaomengyue complexion greatly changed: “Hurry up, over there, something may have happened.”

Jiao Mengyue these people, although they have not communicated with Han Fei about the specific strength of Realm, Han Fei already knows about it.

Jiao Mengyue and Jinhu are Venerable Peak, Xiong Chaoshuai and hidden senior Venerable Peak. The strength of these people is enough to shake a half king.

The speed of several people was extremely fast. After eight Transmission Arrays in a row, they saw a White Wolf sprinting over.

Yin Cang saw that he was of the same family, and immediately shouted: “Little wolf, what happened to the Gorge of Life and Death?”

The Xiaobai wolf, at first glance, was actually the four Venerables, and one of them was actually the Great Silver Venerable. He immediately said excitedly: “The Great Silver Venerable, Ox Demon King, in a group battle. Tu a senior Venerable, two intermediate Venerable, and two Primary Venerables, and strengthen my Demonic beast alliance!”


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