God of Fishing Chapter 1543

After all, the war on the Life and Death Gorge stopped.

Although the Black Blood City has lost seven Venerables in one day, it shakes the entire wall of death. However, Black Blood City did swallow this breath, and did not dare to say anything.

Demonic beasts only feel that the loss of the Black Blood City is too great, and they dare not make a big move in the short term.

However, Han Fei knows: There is definitely more than one reason why Black Blood City does not make a move.

Han Fei still has a certain understanding of the characteristics of Sea Demons. At the beginning, I was mixed up with it, and there were not many smart people there.

Just like the half-king of the spirit shark, the group battle method he requires, if not for his own variables, if he is really just an intermediate Venerable battle strength……

Then, the scales of victory may fall directly to the Black Blood City.

However, when Han Fei heard what Demonic beast Holy Land visited, his first reaction was: “What about the Gorge of Life and Death? Don’t be afraid of the Black Blood City, and come back again?”

Niu Dali said: “Don’t worry about this. Holy Land visits this kind of thing once every five years, and many people have visited countless times. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether they go or not. This time, you even After slaughtering seven, even the old sheep is not sure whether the Black Blood City will take the opportunity to kill back? So, another half-king powerhouse came from Ten Thousand Beast Island. Plus Jiao Mengyue and Golden Tiger, here is equivalent to there Five half kings sit in town, and 52 are accompanied by guards. Moreover, the Demonic beasts in the Explorer realm have basically returned to the island, and nothing will happen.”

At this hearing, Han Fei can’t help but slap his tongue: Five and half kings sit down? A son of, this is the strength of a bitch, go Qianxing City pendulum, every minute will be able to sweep the Aristocratic Family Han.

Han Fei couldn’t help but yearn for it, and leisurely said: “Half king! I don’t know how long it will take before I can achieve the half-king state?”

At the time, Old Tortoise spit out: “Why do you still feel slow? Even the ancient Heaven’s Pride, Divine Beast alien, within 100 years, not many can complete the Venerable realm… You, the speed is already It’s almost like this, how do you want to drop it?”

Niu Dali listened to Han Fei’s words and couldn’t help but imagine: If Han Fei reaches the half-king realm, how strong would it be? I heard that the black brake pseudo-king of the Black Blood City is much stronger than the half king, almost ascending the throne.

But the black brake pseudo-king, can he kill opponents in the advanced Venerable realm when he is in Primary Venerable Peak? Niu Dali is a hundred do not believe.

Niu Dali said: “If you can walk into the depths of the holy realm, maybe this is possible.”


Han Fei couldn’t help but froze: “In the Holy Land, is there such a great opportunity?”

Niu vigorously smiled with arms akimbo: “It is said that there is Spiritual God inheritance there. However, for several ten or so thousands of years, no one can enter the depths of the holy realm.”

While speaking, Niu looked towards Han Fei with staring eyes.

Regarding the Holy Land, their veteran Venerable basically have no hope.

However, the Holy Land is not limited to the Venerable Realm. The Explorer Realm can be entered just like the Law Enforcement Realm.

Therefore, it is opened every five years to see if anyone among the younger generations can walk into the depths of the holy realm and get the inheritance in the Legend?

And Han Fei, as a new Venerable that has suddenly appeared in the past few years, has given Niu a little hope.

At least, in her opinion: Han Fei is different. He is a unique and unmatched bull in this world, as if he fell from the sky.

When Han Fei heard it, his heart was agitated: it sounds like very difficult to deal with.

It was in the Venerable realm that Han Fei realized: Why can there still be that many Secret Realm in the world?

Because the general Secret Realm is not enough to arouse Venerable’s interest. Most Secret Realm, in fact, you only need to look at the past to know what grade it is…

Basically, the top-level Secret Realm has been dug and explored.

For Han Fei, the reason why he can get the embroidery needles and Snow Sorrow, is heaven knows a coincidence or some other reason?

Therefore, when Niu vigorously proposed the Demonic beast, Han Fei knew the opportunity was coming.


Wan Beast Island.

When Han Fei came back, he found that the number of Demonic beasts on Ten Thousand Beast Island had increased dramatically. Among them, most of them are Demonic beasts of Explorer Realm.

Han Fei and Niu Dali came directly to Da Ri Gorge.

This is where Venerable lives. The Demonic beast of the usual Explorer Realm was also missed here.

At this moment, a barbecue party is taking place on the Big Split Gorge.

Since Han Fei gave these Demonic beasts a taste of the beauty of barbecue…Basically, there are barbecues here every day. It is nothing more than the size of the barbecue area.

When Han Fei and Niu came back vigorously, someone suddenly shouted: “Hey! Brother Niu is back?”


Ma Qilin jumped over and enthusiastically invited: “Brother Niu, has the injury ever recovered?”

Fat Seven: “The bullshit you are asking. If you look at the imposing manner of Brother Niu, where does it seem to be a problem?”

Han Fei slightly bowed his hands: “Thank you everyone for remembering that some repercussions have already recovered and have no effect on me.”

Someone seems to have returned from the Forest of Terror, and they can’t help saying with a smile: “This…is Demon Ox Brother Wang? Three battles to slaughter Qi Zun, your story has been spread throughout the Forest of Terror, and many people want to come back with you When I met, I was surprised that I was in time for the Holy Land worship. So, basically I stayed behind.”

Han Fei: “You guys have worked hard day and night, fighting against the enemies, it is really hard work.”

Crazy Lion laughed: “No matter how hard you work, no one has ever won your record!”

Lightning: “Brother Niu, hurry up to eat, it’s all roasting hot.”

It’s over, Lightning shouted: “Where is the wine? Get some cylinders of wine for Brother Niu!”

“Come on…”

Han Fei smiled heartily: “Since you are kindly invited, Niu should be drunk with you.”

Han Fei, Ma Qilin, Fatty Seven, Crocodile Iron, and a burly woman like a ton, all five of them were full of oil.

Actually, Han Fei didn’t know until just now: This is like a ton, but it is also a half king.

But people were punching with themselves just now.

I can only say: On Ten Thousand Beast Island, the level of Realm does not particularly affect the development of our relationship.

Of course, the premise is that you have a Venerable environment. If it’s just Explorer Realm, then it must be impossible to participate in this kind of gathering.

In the Venerable environment, there is generally no so-called age issue, which is blocked by everyone. Unless it is the kind of respectable people, such as Lao Yang, which is hard to play with anyone.

After half a day of noisy, Han Fei suddenly felt: a perception fell on him.

Turning his head, he found that 3000 li away, the old sheep was standing on the cliff on the other side of the Great Rift Gorge, looking at this place.

Han Fei’s heart moved, and Qilin’s shoulder was patched and said: “You all drink first.”

Following Han Fei’s gaze, several people knew: Lao Yang must have something to say to Han Fei, and no one stopped him.

A moment later.

When Han Fei came to the edge of the cliff, Han Fei couldn’t help but say: “Old sheep, why don’t you eat some food?”

The old sheep said with a slight smile: “generally speaking, sheep like to eat grass. Those goods, big fish and meat every day, really don’t suit my appetite.”

It’s over, Lao Yang glanced at Han Fei: “Ox Demon King, how long do you think we can go out?”


Han Fei was taken aback for a moment, and couldn’t help looking towards Lao Yang and said: “Go out? Where to go?”

Laoyang said with a smile: “Go to a world where humans live in the sky and travel in a flying boat every day… Or, what do you think?”

Han Fei’s eyelids flicked at the time: What does Laoyang mean? fuck, is this a secret calculation?

Seeing Han Fei’s expression, the old sheep slightly smiled: “There’s nothing to be surprised. We were born in a cage, but it doesn’t mean that we can only be in this cage forever. It’s like, after 100,000 years, you still follow My orcs are even closer…”

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth twitched slightly: “What do you mean?”

The old sheep chuckled: “100,000 years! The ancestors of the previous generation have long since fallen. However, some deeds will always be handed down. After all, this place is small, don’t you think? Wang Han.”


Han Fei narrowed his eyes at the time, put away the expression on his face, and looked at the old sheep with a serious face: “Who are you?”

The old sheep’s head is still facing the Great Rift Gorge, with a long voice: “speaking of which, I don’t know if I am your Senior or your descendant. However, my ancestor was born in the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains .”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched: “Eternal sheep?”

Laoyang looked towards Han Fei for several breaths, and then faintly sighed: “It turns out that the ancestor of that generation is called Yang Qiangu!”

At the beginning, Han Fei did meet a goat when he was in the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. That was the first goat that he and Simon Linglan met!

It’s just that I didn’t know its strength and name at the time.

Later, when I studied in Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, I also knew this goat. It’s just that he is relatively lonely, living in the caves on the rock walls of the mountain, and not going out all year round. It seems that he is studying portraying techniques and recording things…

Han Fei couldn’t help but said: “How did you…recognize me?”

Sheep God Machine said with a smile: “You finally admit it. In fact, as early as when you used the Hundred War God hammer, I faintly discovered that…I have seen every battle of yours. You will be the body of war, you will be the Heavenly Void, and you will be the Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move…”

Sheep Shenji looked towards Han Fei: “You will know the secret techniques of the Giant Race and the Tianqing clan… Then you should also do the Beast King Art of my Orcs? I…and, Although you haven’t used it, you should still have the Monkey King Three Thousand Sticks and Hundred Beasts Soul Roar… right?”

The corner of Han Fei’s mouth showed a wry smile: “I have a battle skill, I have to use it! Doesn’t everyone recognize me?”

Sheep Shenji shook his head: “Of course not. If you use the Monkey King’s Three Thousand Sticks, Ape Demon should be able to recognize you.”

Speaking, Yang Shenji said again: “After you have fought those hundred battles, I will understand in my heart. You are the Wang Han in Legend, but I did not expect that you were born 100,000 years later. This era…”

Han Fei shrugged: “What era I was born in, it’s not for me, I can’t help it!”

Sheep Shenji said: “So, you are not from the Witch Subduing Pagoda, and you are not from the buffalo clan. You are the Human Race, and you are from the outside world. You can come in, want to come… or you can do it. Get out!”

After finishing talking, Yang Shenji’s eyes fixed on Han Fei, waiting for his answer.

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