God of Fishing Chapter 1545

The location of the so-called Demonic beast is actually on Ten Thousand Beast Island.

Although Han Fei hasn’t fully traveled to Ten Thousand Beast Island yet, he has used Divine Soul to perceive it. Before, Han Fei did not find anything unusual…

But today, Han Fei discovered a very flat and open space in front of a cliff on Ten Thousand Animals Island, where densely packed and various Demonic beasts have gathered.

Among them, Han Fei can’t recognize many of the demonic beasts. There are leopards with blue and white flames, foxes with wings, pythons with fluffy feathers, wild boars with long feathers and big horns?

Let Han Fei one after another identify, many of them are already unclear.

This is very different from the orc creatures that Dharma End Era and Han Fei have seen. Perhaps this is the result of the evolution of the times. New species are being born, while old species are dying out in the long river of history.

When Han Fei and Niu arrived, basically the Venerables on the island were already in place. There are 88 pieces in total.

Han Fei’s heart moved: This is more than a dozen Venerable less than before. Since these Venerables are not going to the Gorge of Life and Death, they should be going to the Forest of Terror.

Han Fei didn’t care about this either. However, when he and the cow showed up vigorously, the sound of mountain cry out and sea howl broke out among the beast tide.

“Look, the one next to Vigorous Venerable must be the Ox Demon King.”

“Hiss! I heard that the bloodline of the Ox Demon King is amazing, and it can perfect Human Transformation. I saw it today, and the name is not in vain.”

“Three battles to kill seven! The Ox Demon King has established the status of the strongest Primary Venerable Peak. Once the breakthrough, the strength is probably greatly increased.”


Han Fei immediately attracted the attention of countless Demonic beasts. Many people’s faces are full of worship.

Unexpectedly, Han Fei felt a hint of aspiration.

At that time, Han Fei was shocked: What is going on? When I was on Broken Stat Island, when the number of people was small, I didn’t feel the supply of willingness.

However, on this Island of Ten Thousand Beasts, only a million Demonic beasts can see themselves. Of these Demonic beasts, most of them certainly do not believe in themselves…So, where do these willing powers come from?

For a while, Han Fei was a little confused.

Niu Dali: “What’s wrong?”

Han Fei landed, leisurely said: “It’s just that I have never seen so many demonic beasts gathering, and I feel a little emotional.”

The old sheep lightly looked at Han Fei, and said to his heart: This skill of opening his eyes and telling lies is really amazing.

Several people who knew Han Fei acquainted with each other immediately.

Ma Qilin: “Brother Niu, it’s your first time to visit the Holy Land. Maybe you can have a chance…”

Crocodile Railway: “Hey! If you have a chance, you don’t need to take seriously. You just enter the Tomb of Ten Thousand Beasts. Unless you feel the summon in your heart, don’t go deep.”

“Ten Thousand Beast Tombs?”

Han Fei Weiwei frowned: This sounds like a graveyard. How do you say it is a holy land?

Looking at Han Fei’s expression, Crocodile Tie immediately explained: “This! When powerhouses of past generations knew they were bound to fall, most of them would walk there, hoping to inherit their skills. Later, many juniors were in it I have got inheritance. However, in the history of my Demonic beast alliance, the Tomb of Ten Thousand Beasts was not used for inheritance at first. It is said that there are secrets inside, waiting for someone who can walk into the depths of the Tomb of Ten Thousand Beasts. p>

Ma Qilin said: “Unfortunately, this person has never appeared. We usually have no chance to enter Venerable. But even so, we have never stopped exploring the depths of the Ten Thousand Beast Tomb. “

Han Fei slightly nodded.

It is precisely because of this mysterious that I am interested. Unlike others, I have the Vientiane Navigation Instrument in hand. There is no way to find a way out by yourself. If it really doesn’t work, you can use the Jiugong Qi Luck Ruler to change the Qi Luck.

At this moment, I only listen to the voice of the old sheep, echoing in the sky: “Everyone, be quiet…”

When the buzzing rumbling voice gradually became smaller and disappeared, Lao Yang said: “All orc compatriots, the five-year worship ceremony will come again. The holy realm will be reopened. Some people will get opportunities from it. It is destined to be nothing. But these are not important… The important thing is that the deity calculates the secret of heaven today, and there is a mysterious hunch in the dark.”

While speaking, the old sheep swept around Han Fei and the Venerable. However, not at all deliberately stay on someone.

However, Han Fei knows that Lao Yang is looking at himself.

Everyone knows that Laoyang is Divine Prediction. He has a foreboding, can this be considered normal?

However, I only listened to Lao Yang said: “My deity, within 100 years, we may find a way to leave the cage.”



“Leave the cage?”

After a while, the audience boiled over. All Venerable, Explorer, are all fried.

Around Han Fei, Crocodile Tie, Ma Qilin, Niu Dali…Everyone exclaimed.

Crazy Lion was shocked: “Lao Yang, don’t you lie to me, do you have such a premonition?”

Like a long scream: “Old sheep, you must be within 100 years.”

Crocodile Tie exclaimed: “Finally, is there a chance to leave?”


The old sheep stopped drinking several times, and when the beasts calmed down, he leisurely said: “The deity is talking about premonition, but it is possible, but not absolute. The deity’s premonition is that here Within 100 years, some changes may happen to the cage. Maybe a demon star turns out to save me the orcs and get out of the Sea of ​​Bitterness, but it doesn’t mean… I can definitely go out.”

“Demon Star?”

Many people began to speculate about the meaning of Laoyang’s words.

However, more people are just happy, as if their hearts have been sealed in dust for a long time, something called hope is burning again.

When he saw these Demonic beasts and was too excited to be himself, Han Fei knew: Why did Lao Yang say this?

After all, these orcs have been locked up for too long, and they need this thing too much.

The environment of the prison is extremely poor, and the living space is also limited. Countless demonic beasts have survived here, just to continue the offspring of the race. Every day, in addition to cultivation, it is war, not at all and other things to do.

Now, Laoyang brings hope to everyone. Regardless of whether this hope is true or not, this time is only a hundred years old, and everyone can wait and see.

It’s just that when Lao Yang said this, Han Fei’s pressure was great. He said that within 100 years, it was Han Fei who felt that he could grow up within 100 years.

But in fact, Han Fei certainly also knows that it is not easy to grow up easily in the Venerable environment. When I stepped into the Venerable realm, I discovered it a long time ago.

Let’s take the example of coming to this Island of Ten Thousand Beasts: continuous fierce battles with hundreds of Venerables, slaughtering Venerable is not a, two, and Life and Death Battle is not one or two times.

Although he seems to have reached the powerful bottleneck, Han Fei firmly believes that this Realm still has room for growth.

In terms of my own growth in just a few years, it is actually comparable to most Venerable’s hundreds of years of growth. After all, how many Venerables have treasures like Monster Refining Pot? How many Venerable can change the Time Flow Speed? How many Venerables are there, can you find hundreds of Venerables as companions anytime and anywhere?

In fact, Han Fei is confident because of refining the world. A hundred years, but after the time of refining the world has changed, I can have a longer time to grow.

After watching countless demonic beasts for a while, the old sheep smiled slightly, with a long voice: “You…just wait. What should come, will come… Now, let us enter the Holy Venerable goes first, Explorer comes second, and the rest comes second… Within an hour, if you don’t find a chance, you will come out immediately. Otherwise, you will be lost…”

When Lao Yang said this, Crocodile Tie also said to Han Fei: “Yes, you have to remember these words. After entering the Holy Realm, if you don’t feel summon or any other chance for an hour, Must leave. Come out at this time, you can find a way back. But once you fail to come back for more than an hour, you may be lost.”

Han Fei wondered: “There will be danger?”

Niu Dali said: “There is no danger, that is, to get lost, to be lost in the unknown knot within the realm. Many Venerables have tried to stay inside and cannot come out, but when the Holy Realm opens next time, they will still be able to Come out.”

Han Fei couldn’t help saying; “Venerable realm strength, can’t find out here?”

Ma Qilin shook his head: “It’s unclear. My father once did this. He is half king and stayed in it for five years. After coming out, he said that he was completely lost in it for the past five years. It seems to have entered a world of nothingness, without even seeing a beast mound.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but eyelids twitched: Even half a king would be lost… Doesn’t it mean that this beast mound level has reached the level of king?

Han Fei couldn’t help saying: “Well, let me ask, how long will this holy realm be open in total?”

Niu Dali: “The passage will only be opened for three days. If it does not come out within three days, the Holy Realm will be closed. But generally, if you don’t come out for an hour, you won’t be able to come out for the next three days. It’s just…you don’t have to be too much Just worry about the danger inside. Although some people have encountered danger, it is usually not fatal. So, even if you fail to come out, don’t panic, just wait five years.”

Han Fei said in his heart: Five years, such a long time, how can I afford to delay?

You can leave Broken Stat Island for one or two years, but you leave Broken Stat Island for five or ten years. Many people on Broken Stat Island, don’t you forget yourself?

Lao Yang finished speaking, but the mountain began to shake. The huge rock wall began to become distorted, and it seemed to reflect a watermark-like diaphragm, which could be pierced by a like a poke.

Just listen to Ma Qilin saying: “Brother Niu, go.”

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