God of Fishing Chapter 1546

For things like Secret Realm, Han Fei has visited it many times.

However, this time seems to be the strongest. After all, a place that can make the half king get lost, I have never encountered it before.

I saw a lot of Venerable, walking swayingly inside, and the silhouette disappeared into the seal of the rock wall.

Just now, after listening to what Lao Yang said, many people’s hearts were a little agitated! Therefore, when these Demonic beasts walked in, they all had a majestic and proud posture.

It seems that the opening of the Holy Land this time is different from the past.

But he said that when Han Fei walked into the cliff, the scene in front of him suddenly became very vast.

There is a shallow white mist covering here, but the visibility is not very low. At least, from the perspective of the Venerable environment, it can be seen very far.

But, even so, Han Fei found that his perception was blocked. What you can see is limited after all. How can perception come far?

Being in the holy realm, apart from the sense of boundlessness, there is also a more deadly spirit.

There is no need to identify the direction at all. Han Fei knows that there should be a grave in the front left.

Han Fei said: “Lao Yuan, can you see this place clearly based on your soul power?”

Old Tortoise leisurely said: “No! I just Divine Soul Realm is high. However, Realm is high, it does not mean that you can ignore people’s Soul Enduring Domain. Before you come in, you should have guessed that this Secret Realm level is not low Right?”

Han Fei smiled: “Old Yuan, as my strength gets stronger, you don’t seem to be strong enough anymore!”

Old Tortoise: “…”

Han Fei has several dozen li steps in one step, but the speed is not fast. I can perceive that there are other Venerables appearing around. It can be seen that everyone comes in the vicinity of the entrance through the cliff.

Fei Qi happened to see Han Fei, and waved: “Brother Niu, do you want to go together? Let me tell you something?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly: “No. Old sheep said, let me take a look at this place from the perspective of a newcomer.”

Actually, Lao Yang certainly did not say such things. This is just an excuse for Han Fei not to be with other people.

Generally speaking, no one will ask the old sheep because of this. Even if I ask, since Lao Yang knows Han Fei’s identity, he will help Han Fei cover it up.

Sure enough, Fei Qiyi heard it, and immediately said resolutely: “Then you go by yourself.”

By the way, Fat Qiyen yelled: “You guys must not give any guidance to Brother Niu, let Brother Niu take a look at the Holy Land from the perspective of a newcomer.”

At this time, the sound wave broke through some fog and sent out some light blue rays of light.

Immediately after, Han Fei heard the voice of “Oh” immediately, and Ma Qilin was the first to respond.

Following, many people’s voices sounded:

“I got it.”




Han Fei said in his heart that this pig can really do things!

Han Fei is also surprised: there are so many Venerables in the nearby fog! This is the result of invalid perception…

Fat Qidao: “By the way, Brother Niu. If you need help here, remember to shout loudly. Otherwise, if the sound is too small, you will be absorbed by the fog here. Once you are a little farther apart, it may be possible. I can’t hear you anymore.”

Han Fei said with a smile: “Good.”

Staggered from Feiqi, Han Fei quickly moved towards the grave on the left front. Sure enough, after a while, he saw many slopes, one after another.

However, besides the soil slopes, there are still many skeletons, most of which are only white bones.

According to skeleton, Han Fei can judge: As long as those who have not entered the soil, the realm of these creatures will not be very high. The highest strength is the Explorer Realm, and it is not a half…many of them are new to Explorer.


“wu wu ~”

Here, the fog is surging, and there is wind.

In that wind, there will be some animal roars from time to time, not like real roars, just like shallow roars from another world in the wind.

Han Fei slightly frowned: Here, there seems to be some soul bodies. However, these soul bodies are far from the level of immortal souls. It seems, like a thought, pinned in this world, occasionally echoing in the wind.

There is no such thing as immortal souls, so naturally there is no danger.

Han Fei walked all the way forward, at least 2,000-3,000 miles, and found that whether it was walk unhindered or walked vertically, there were graves and corpses everywhere.

Han Fei is very sure: he is not lost. I can clearly remember that the bones were not the same on the way when I came.

Han Fei also deliberately walked back for a while, and found that it is also possible to go back here. Therefore, there is no such thing as getting lost.

Even after hundreds of breaths, Han Fei saw: Thousands of Demonic beasts of Explorer Realm, running wildly in the wilderness of this barren mound.

When these Demonic beasts saw Han Fei, they basically shouted: “Niu Zun.”

Seeing batches of Demonic beasts rushing in from behind, Han Fei realized that he was walking slowly!

Actually, if you look at it for yourself, you can walk 3000 li or so in hundreds of breaths, which is pretty fast.

However, it is clear that it is far from the depths of the so-called Holy Land.

So almost, Han Fei also ran wildly.

One step for a hundred miles, about 30 breaths later, when Han Fei walked about 8000 miles, the surrounding situation began to change.

Suddenly, between Heaven and Earth began to have coercion, and this is still the coercion of the Venerable realm.

At first, this coercion was not very strong.

However, after another 2,000 miles inside, Han Fei knew: Explorer Realm’s Demonic beast, except for a few talents, basically can’t get in.

At this time, Han Fei realized: Why did he see the Demonic beast of Explorer Realm when he was outside? Under Explorer, there is not much. I want to come, because of this coercion…

When Han Fei saw a deserted grave, the grave was not unusual, but there was a wolf shadow sitting on the grave.

When Han Fei came over, the wolf shadow even glanced at Han Fei.

Han Fei frowns: “Lao Yuan, this is also the soul body? Why don’t I feel any Soul Power?”

Old Tortoise said: “strictly speaking, this is not the soul body. You can understand it as the remnants of consciousness born from the fusion of the soul body and the will. Generally speaking, these remnants of consciousness have no memory. Most of the time They will be at a loss. After a certain period of time, they will gradually dissipate between Heaven and Earth. As you see now, it means that this guy may not fall for a long time.”

Han Fei gave a “um”, leisurely said: “I always feel that they fell too casually. Dignified Venerable should leave endless treasures, scattered here between Heaven and Earth.”

Old Tortoise: “Every race has a dying wish for each race. For example, Turtle Clan, many of them died after falling asleep. This method of fall is actually good.”


Han Fei: “…”

In the case of this wolf shadow, Han Fei saw about two or three places.

It’s just that the more you go to the depths of this holy realm, the hotter Han Fei feels.

Obviously, the current environment is similar to the environment when I first entered. But why do you feel hot?

Han Fei looked inside, and found that there was nothing wrong with his body…

Suddenly, Han Fei felt a tomb not far from him, and suddenly shook.

Han Fei walked over and took a look curiously.

As a result, when Han Fei stood in front of the grave, the grave began to vibrate slightly.


If you remember well, Niu Dali, they all said: Venerable powerhouse in the holy realm, there is usually no chance, right?

Han Fei’s heart moved, and Jiugong Qi Luck Ruler appeared in his hand.

With the addition of Han Fei’s mind, the Qi Luck Ruler appeared, and it began to float quickly between various Qi Luck.

When the Jiugong Qiyun Ruler fell on the character “ji”, the corner of Han Fei’s mouth raised slightly: It seems that something good will happen! Is it a good thing, this grave in front of you?

In this case, Han Fei is not happy.

The graves here are everywhere.

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