God of Fishing Chapter 1547

Han Fei doesn’t even know that War God blood essence is not at all completely refining and dissolving by himself.

In my blood essence, there is still a trace of War God blood essence.

If it weren’t for entering this holy realm, Han Fei would not have discovered this problem. heaven knows, is it a hidden danger?

Han Fei said: “Lao Yuan, is there any problem with my blood essence?”

Old Tortoise said: “There should be no problem. The reason why you have not been able to completely refining is because of your Realm and strength. Your strength is not enough to digest the power of this blood essence. After all, this It’s imperial blood. You can only absorb imperial blood completely by continuously becoming stronger and continuously changing your bloodline strength.

The corners of Han Fei’s lips evoke: “Now, there is a problem with the emperor’s blood.”

Although there is something wrong with this War God blood essence, Han Fei is not at all too worried. After all, what is written on the Jiugong Qi Luck Ruler is good luck. This is his current Qi Luck.

Since I couldn’t find the way or see the formation, there are only two ways.

Han Fei lifted the integration, allowing Xiaohei and Xiaobai to appear.

Han Fei said to Xiaobai: “Girl, take a look at this place, are there any great benefits? Help me find a way out for my father.”

Xiaobai blinked his big eyes and turned several times in a row and said: “Dad, I can’t feel it.”

Han Fei is slightly frowned.

You don’t at all immediately use the Vientiane Navigator. After all, the Vientiane Navigator can do a lot of things. And own time, there is only one hour. If you can go to the depths of this holy realm, maybe the Vientiane Navigation Device is still useful…

But now, Han Fei has to use it.

Putting away Xiaohei and Xiaobai, Han Fei stretched out his hand and grabbed it, and the Vientiane Navigation Instrument appeared in his hand. Quickly, the Vientiane Navigation Device pointed a direction. Moreover, this direction is constantly changing.

“Oh! Invisible Formation?”

Han Fei was surprised.

Since this way of walking is rhythmic and regular, then this Formation still cannot escape the concept of Formation.

It’s just that this Formation Realm is already so high that I can’t see, touch, or even guess.

Han Fei secretly noted: In this Demonic beast holy realm, this Formation itself is also a treasure. If you have enough strength in the future, you can watch it again. See if you can get out of Formation with your own strength?

So far, Han Fei’s speed has become very fast.

The Marine Vientiane is constantly changing, so it is not considered to be used many times. After turning more than 300 points, Han Fei walked out of the rain curtain with a “pop” within a hundred miles.

At this moment, in Han Fei’s eyes, there is no fog or rain, and it turns out to be a grassland.

It’s just that, on this grassland, an altar attracted Han Fei’s attention.

Han Fei was taken aback when he saw this altar: “This is… the War God altar?”

Han Fei feels the heat of his own bloodline and already understands what it is.

The altar of War Giant Race? Could it be said that this Secret Realm is the territory that used to war against Giant Race?

Han Fei stepped up into the air and looked around, but not at all saw the existence of the giant King’s City. This makes Han Fei a little uncertain. Perhaps this is just an altar built by later generations.

After all, Hundred Thousand Great Mountains has fought too many battles. Maybe the giant King’s City was destroyed in the flames of war long ago…

Outside the four corners of the War God altar, there are a few piles of bonfire wood, but they are not at all burning.

Han Fei scratched his head: Do you want to sacrifice yourself?

It is obvious that the purpose of this altar is to make sacrifices.

Above the altar, there are two square Bronze Cauldrons with nothing inside.

Han Fei still remembers: there is a flame to burn. When the flames become a curtain, Oracle will appear.

Old Tortoise couldn’t help saying: “Yi! Altar?”

Han Fei suddenly chuckled: “Lao Yuan, do you believe that Spiritual God is still alive?”

From the bottom of Han Fei’s heart, Old Tortoise’s body trembled: “Impossible. The age of the gods has ended, and the Spiritual God has fallen.”

“Oh? Really?”


Han Fei snapped his fingers, four bonfires lit, and two Bronze Cauldrons on the altar also burned.

Since the bonfire wood exists, it can’t be burned at all, right? Do you have to behave, right?

So, Han Fei was right next to the fire, and he set up a grill. There were grilled fish, old Lobster, empty clam meat, relying on Sea Cucumber…Anyway, it was just grilling a bunch.

Immediately afterwards, Han Fei stood on the altar by himself and recalled a little. Then, put a finger on the center of the eyebrows, lean forward, raise your neck, mutter incantations in your mouth:

The great War God

Hundred Thousand Great Mountains

The eyes of the earth

The sound of ancient waves

In the eyes of the distant Blackstone City

Looking down on the sacred city of giants

Pray for the triumph of war

Two pray for the peace of my king

Three praying soldiers return to their homeland

The four praying mountains will never die

May you listen to the pious blessings of the people

I wish your brilliance forever

Please give birth to Oracle


Although Hundred Thousand Great Mountains, Blackstone City, Giant City, everything are gone, even this kind of wish doesn’t even exist.

However, Han Fei feels: In this way, it is possible to let War God know that there are still people calling him.

As a result, Han Fei waited for a long time.

From time to time, Han Fei looked back and found that simply no pillar of fire was rising.

“Is it wrong? The word is wrong, or the way of offering sacrifices is wrong?”

Taking a second look, Han Fei waved his hand, and placed a few half-dead puppet corpses on the four bonfires, helping them make the gesture of putting their fingers on their eyebrows, leaning forward, and raising their necks.

Then, Han Fei lost thousands of Explorer Realm corpses, one after another sitting crouched under the altar.

Then, Han Fei was brewing for a long time before he shouted again:

The great War God

Belief in Giant Race of War

The eyes of the earth

The sound of ancient waves

In a cage forever sealed

Under the sincere expectation of the endless orc races on Wan Beast Island

A prayer that the giant will never die

Erqi Beasts find a safe place

Three prayers for Sea Demons to give all their blame

Four prayers for my Han Fei to become a king

May you listen to the pious blessings of the people

Han Fei thinks again: I am dignified, so why is there no benefit?

Han Fei said again: “War God Senior! Well, if you don’t improve my strength, it’s okay… However, if you show up once in 100,000 years, you can save some benefits! I’m Han Fei alone. Rescue the Orcs, Human Race, Tianqing Clan, insect race, demon planting lineage… I am very tired! The pressure is coming…”

Han Fei Barabala, finally, I can chat with the War God in Legend. Isn’t this much chatter? How to say, I have to get some benefits myself, right?

Probably it is War God who thinks what Han Fei said may really make a little bit of truth. I only saw the curtain of flames, suddenly surging up, and crazily wrapped towards Han Fei.

At that moment, Han Fei’s body became stiff, and he saw thousands of images like a in his mind.

But the truth is that what I have learned, studied, and realized…all the power is quickly absorbed by myself.

When these disappear completely, Han Fei stands on the altar like an old monk, motionless.

Under the altar, Thousand Corpse keeps a finger against his eyebrows, leaning forward, and raising his neck, seeming to pay homage to Han Fei.

In Han Fei’s heart, there seems to be a sentence: “Darkness is coming, and the ominousness is shrouded, the emperor’s road will not return, all the people will be silent, go find the way…”

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