God of Fishing Chapter 1548

The second Innate Spirit Beast: Emperor Sparrow [Level 39]

Main Cultivation Technique: “Void Angling Technique” 6th floor “Honoured Rank Divine Grade”


When he saw this message, Han Fei himself was dumbfounded. It took a long time for Han Fei to realize that the strength of Divine Soul and the limit of strength had been broken.

“War God?”

Han Fei suddenly wakes up!

When I woke up just now, I felt that I understood a lot of things inexplicably.

At this moment, when Han Fei looked back one after another again, he suddenly found that all his life learning had reached the point of Return to the Natural State.

This is a very strange feeling!

There is no need to think about it at all, Han Fei knows: How to exercise every muscle part of his body? How to arrange every bit of Spiritual Qi? What kind of breath rush…

Han Fei immediately drew out a bit of blood essence of his own. At this time, he stopped decomposing Spiritual Qi, and instead decomposed blood.

Seeing this, Old Tortoise couldn’t help but say: “What are you doing?”

Han Fei: “Lao Yuan, I said that every drop of my blood essence seems to contain something similar to Dao Rhyme, are you believing or not?”

Old Tortoise pondered for a long time: “That’s not Dao Rhyme.”

Han Fei eyes shined: “What is that?”

Old Tortoise: “It is a bloodline innate gift. The thing that can inherit the bloodline is generally a person’s use of a certain power. After using it to the extreme, these powers or spells are reflected and stored in the bloodline .If there are children, then the children can get their inheritance, or it may be inherited from generation to generation… However, the requirements for forming bloodline inheritance are very high, that is, your understanding of a certain great art has reached the extreme. It can be said that this kind of art Dharma, you already have to have become a part of your body.”

Han Fei wondered: “It’s like…Innate Spirit Beast or Contract Spirit Beast’s battle skill inheritance?”

Old Tortoise: “It’s not the same. They are ethnic inheritance, and bloodline has these. Of course, it is also because the first generation of ancestors understood some of the power of Peak, and then the descendants can inherit. If there is no strong one. Ancestors, there is no strong race inheritance.”

Han Fei said in his heart: It’s mysterious, isn’t it the genetic code? It seems that what I have mastered has been compiled into my own gene bank.

Old Tortoise continued: “Humans are different, and the human race is too large. Moreover, after endless years of circulation, the mysterious inheritance contained in the bloodline is too much. However, the true inheritance success, the probability is too small. In fact, positive It is because of this inheritance that some people can be talented, and some people can be spiritually rooted. However, because the human race is too large, inheritance also have nothing common with each other. Some powerful human powerhouses often pursue creation and belong to Your own unique bloodline. In this way, your own bloodline is purified, and the bloodline also has inheritance characteristics.”

Listening to this wave of explanations from Old Tortoise, Han Fei said again: “What are the benefits of bloodline purification?”

Old Tortoise said: “The specific benefits are difficult to clarify. In short, some people who pursue the ultimate will continue to purify their bloodline. In this way, let alone the issue of inheritance, at least what they have learned and thought Everything, Full Mastery. In battle strength, it will also improve. In fact, the main benefit of doing this is to polish your foundation. As for inheritance and so on, it is actually incidental…”

“Grinding the foundation?”

Han Fei heard it, it turns out that the foundation can be polished like this?

Old Tortoise said: “I know you must have been a sudden enlightenment just now, otherwise, you won’t ask this kind of question. Starting from an ordinary person, until now, every stage you have gone through is impossible Breakthrough is in the most perfect state. Even if you think it is perfect, there are still some flaws in it. Therefore, the War God probably reflects everything you experience into your Divine Soul, so You are Full Mastery, repair your previous shortcomings and polish your foundation in this way.”

Han Fei squinted his eyes: “Therefore, there is a problem with my blood essence, and the bloodline has become more pure?”

Old Tortoise un’ed: “It’s not pure enough. When you can completely digest the essence of War God blood, you can be truly pure.”

Listening to Old Tortoise’s explanation, Han Fei immediately understood: Why has the upper limit of strength of Divine Soul soared to 99999 points?

It seems that it was War God who used his method to polish his foundation.

But, why has the strength of Divine Soul improved so much, but my strength has only increased a little?

Han Fei looked at the words “Limit of Dao Xin”, pondered for a while, and continued to ask: “Lao Yuan, does Dao Xin have limits?”

“Of course.”

Old Tortoise said: “Tao Xin usually determines a person’s growth space, which is the growth range of the Dao. A person with insufficient Dao Xin has a limit. As long as he does not understand himself. For the real Tao, his Tao mind will have a limit. In any case, he cannot cross this limit.”

Han Fei was “ge-deng” in his heart at that time.

In theory, if you know the direction of the avenue and have a firm heart, then the strength of Divine Soul should be unlimited.

But, now I have a limit… It seems that unless I can understand the way!

After pondering a little, Han Fei still keenly grasped: Old Tortoise said the growth range of the avenue space? What does this mean?

Han Fei said: “Lao Yuan, Dadao, does it have scope?”

Old Tortoise said: “This problem will naturally be known when you open the sea. If you have to tell you now, I can only say that everyone has their own piece of sea, called the original sea. Original source The sea provides you with power, and the size of the original source sea is the range of your avenue… Such an explanation is useless. Because you have not gotten there, you will not have the experience.”

Han Fei snorted in his nasal cavity: This can’t be done! Now, my Dao Xin seems to have begun to restrict my growth…

It seems that I really should study, the so-called “Daoxin”.

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