God of Fishing Chapter 1549

The Daoxin matter is still very long-term. Han Fei must have been confused for a while.

However, Han Fei is gratified that his strength of Divine Soul, unprecedented to the highest in history.

It’s only one step away from 100,000 points.

However, Han Fei also knows that this is to excavate the limits of his Dao Heart in advance. In the future, it will not be easy to continue to grow!

Even so, Han Fei did not panic at all.

After all, there are limits, better than no improvement, right? The only problem I face now is the limit of breakthrough.

In this way, my goal becomes clearer!

Han Fei took another look at his perception range, which is definitely not small!

Jing’er once told herself before: When she reached Peak, her perception range was only 2ten thousand li and her premonition range was 5ten thousand li.

This can at least explain one thing: your own strength of Divine Soul is definitely not low.

Of course, the 2ten thousand li that Jinger said was the situation when she first entered Peak. After day and night cultivation and visualization, this number should continue to increase.

At this time, can you say that your perception range has exceeded most Venerable Peak? After all, not everyone is as talented as Jing’er.

It took a day for Han Fei to collect the masterless soul here.

Han Fei is still wondering: Do you want to go out now?

The soul of no master is easy to absorb, but the absorption of Chaos Qi is by no means an overnight thing.

“That’s all! The meat that reaches your mouth can’t fly. Master War God, I finally gave some benefits and can’t be wasted. Anyway, I have a marine universal instrument, and I should be able to go out.”

Han Fei made the decision immediately.

I saw him with a mouth, swallowing, directly filtering out a large amount of void impurities, and inhaling a large amount of essence energy within the body.

At the same time, Han Fei’s beckoned and Spiritual Qi of all directions came together.

Han Fei stepped on his foot, just listened to “peng~ peng~ peng~”, one after another small Spirit Amassing Formation appeared.

Following up, this Spirit Amassing Formation is becoming more and more exotic, and Han Fei uses Dao Mark, who has just learned.

In an instant, Han Fei was wrapped into a Spiritual Qi cocoon.

This is Han Fei’s first attempt to absorb the strength of Primal Chaos.

Han Fei directly sent a large amount of power with Chaos Qi to the world of refining.

With only a half-day view, the surrounding area of ​​the altar where Han Fei was located was carved into a super Spirit Amassing Formation with the Dao Mark by him. The Spiritual Qi from all directions rolled over, forming multiple Spiritual Qi vortices.

It took only three days of trifling, and Han Fei sucked the Spiritual Qi from the burial mound.

The amount of Spiritual Qi here is limited. Because of the limited Spiritual Qi, the power of Grand Dao has been integrated, so the Spiritual Qi here makes Han Fei obviously feel that there is a problem.

Three days later, Han Fei withdrew the Spirit Amassing Formation and directly entered the world of refining.

In the refining world at this moment, all spiritual plants are about to grow into monsters. Take the garlic as an example. People who don’t know think what kind of watermelon it is.

Since the Time Flow Speed ​​in the refining world has changed, Xiaohei and Xiaobai have basically never been to Soul Sea. They all live in the refining world.

In order to provide for them to live, Han Fei deliberately dug a big river here, wherever they can wave in it.

At this moment, it is not just Han Fei who is absorbing these Spiritual Qi energy.

Xiaohei Xiaobai, Sunday Shrimp, Tufeiyuan, Xiaojin, Heavenly Dog are all here.

Of course, this also includes Emperor Sparrow.

However, the emperor is too arrogant. Whether it’s Sunday Shrimp, Tufeiyuan, or Heavenly Dog, none of them want to soak up with the emperor.

And Emperor Sparrow habitually stays in three places.

One is the Enlightened Spirit Liquid pool specially created by Han Fei; the other is the place where Han Fei stores food. However, these foods have now been eaten by 20%. It can be seen that the appetite of Emperor Sparrow is not an exaggeration compared to Xiaohei’s bottomless pit. There is another place, which is on Xiaohei’s head. Emperor Finch and Xiaohei are quite close, Xiaohei often swims in the water, and Emperor Finch stands on Xiaohei’s head.

At this moment, the emperor is already Level 39, which is forcibly eaten.

The problem is that at this time, this guy hasn’t shown a special battle skill, or only has an eye of disaster.

At this moment, Han Fei came in and found that all including the emperor were devouring the energy of refining between Heaven and Earth.

Han Fei sighed for a while.

It seems that this kind of Secret Realm is good to have more. If you sit at home cultivation all day, how can you get these benefits?

Han Fei directly said to Xiaobai: “Girls, in the coming year, we will make every effort to make Chaos Qi.”


Han Fei saw Xiaobai turned his belly directly towards the water, and then just listened to Xiaobai’s words: “Dad, can you not vomit? It’s too tired to vomit.”

Old Tortoise also said: “Han Fei, your Innate Spirit Beast, really shouldn’t have been creating Chaos Qi at this time. This is meaningless for its growth! Since it can spit out Chaos Qi, why? Don’t let it vomit first and then vomit? The effect at that time may be much better than it is now. If you vomit like this, it will completely deprive it of room for growth.”

Han Fei eyelids twitched: “ao ao ao! Xiaobai, be good, then let’s not vomit.”

Han Fei’s heart, faintly sighed: Even the well-behaved Xiaobai is starting to refute himself.

It seems that until now, the continuous operation of Chaos Qi is indeed not too humane.

Han Fei is only fancy that Xiaobai is too efficient, and can spit out 12 strands a year. Outside one year, equivalent to refining the world for eight years, you can spit out 96 strands…

At this rate, it only takes one year to complete the refining world and accelerate the plan.

However, now it seems that I can only rely on myself.

Han Fei stepped on Spirit Amassing Formation again.

When the body was wrapped in Spiritual Qi cocoon again, Han Fei began to disassemble Spiritual Qi in a wide range.

Because of his dismantling level, it has reached 70%. Seven. When the amount of Spiritual Qi increases, there will be more power of Grand Dao.

It took only three hours for Han Fei to feel the breath of Chaos Qi in Spiritual Qi. Just want to separate it from Spiritual Qi? It takes time.


Three hours later, Han Fei only felt his head swelled. Attentively dismantling Spiritual Qi and absorbing Chaos Qi is not a simple task.

Three hours is the limit of Han Fei’s daily work.

At this time, Han Fei feels a little bit weak and needs to rest and recover.

Han Fei is also impatient, and the importance of time to him is self-evident. However, in any case, the effect is still the first.

Day after day, Han Fei has not been learning Chaos Qi for a long time, up to three hours a day.

Han Fei pondered: In the rest of the time, you can’t just do nothing, right?

So, in the rest of the time, Han Fei began to integrate the extra 10,000 Soul Power into the golden body.

Originally, Han Fei wanted to put them on the puppet. However, I don’t need to use those puppets now. Putting them on them is really a waste.

The process of melting the golden body is still painful!

Every day.

Including the emperor bird, they all looked at Han Fei curiously, yelled, and watched the goods rolling on the ground.

These guys, listening to Han Fei’s cries, were a little bit horrified, and said to their hearts: What the hell is this second-hand owner doing? He has to torture himself?

Six months later.

When Han Fei’s power reached the 4401 wave, those Soul Powers were completely wiped out. And Han Fei is about 10% away from getting the first ray of Chaos Qi.

Without the extra Soul Power, Han Fei can only cultivation “Big Desolate Physique”.

Coincidentally, the Desolate Physique technique can swallow the spirit of the demon, the wild baleful qi, and the poisonous barrier, including the energy contained in the current refining sky that contains Chaos Qi…turn it into the power of physique .

So almost, after 20 days, Han Fei got the first ray of Chaos Qi from Spiritual Qi through his own efforts.

When Han Fei saw this strand of Chaos Qi, he was overwhelmed with surprise at the time: “It’s too difficult! This thing is too difficult to pull out. Old Yuan, how fast is my speed? Can it?”

But I heard Old Tortoise leisurely said: “Do you know how rich the Spiritual Qi is here? The Chaos Qi contained in it? A person who is really proficient in learning Chaos Qi can take up to three months or even two Within a month, you will be able to draw a thread.”

Han Fei grinned: “Heh! This is my first time after all. Take your time and you will always get up soon.”

One year later, Han Fei’s power reached 4486 waves. It took more than 5 months to absorb the second strand of Chaos Qi.

Two years later, Han Fei’s power reached 4564 waves. This year, he absorbed 3 wisps of soul Chaos Qi.

Eight years later.


Da Ri Gorge still barbecues every day, as if not enough to eat. The old sheep habitually stood on the top of the cliff on the other side of the Great Rift Gorge.

It’s just that it’s different from before…

In the past, old sheep didn’t eat much barbecue or other food. Now, the old sheep has actually eaten Yaozhi. This is all hunted from the Forest of Terror, which is very suitable for the appetite of the old sheep.

On this day, Lao Yang was chewing the demon plant while waiting.

He muttered to himself in words that no one could hear: “Sure enough, I knew that he would get the things there eventually.”



But seeing Han Fei at this moment, the golden light on the body is shining.

Han Fei touched the ground with a finger and stood upside down for how long?

Just listening to Han Fei within the body, it is making a “hong long” sound, like thunder.


Listening to the crisp shattered body, Sunday Shrimp they all looked at it. However, Han Fei’s Qi machine surged, Spiritual Qi and energy around him surged, moving towards Han Fei surged away.

Two hours later.


When a cloud of turbid air was spit out, the corners of Han Fei’s mouth evoked.

I am really right! Before, when I arrived at the Primary Venerable Peak, Han Fei felt weird, thinking that the Primary Venerable came too easy.

Now, when all aspects have passed through and reached the limit again, Han Fei has a foreboding the real opportunity for breakthrough.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Level 84 (Intermediate Venerable)

Chaos Qi: 36 strands

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