God of Fishing Chapter 1550

Two years later.

Han Fei spent two years in the Tomb of Ten Thousand Beasts. In fact, he spent 16 years in the refining world.

The cliff of the Holy Land, so the land is the place of worship of the beasts, and there has never been who came.

At this moment, I only saw the rock wall shaking, and there was a vague watermark.

When the holy realm was shaking in an instant, there were at least seven or eight statues on the side of the Great Rift Gorge, looking towards the direction where the cliff of the holy realm was.


Han Fei stepped out of the holy realm one step, took a breath of outside air, and grinned: “It’s really not a human thing to retreat.”

Han Fei did not come up with it by himself.

Before he came out, he also laid the Spirit Amassing Formation on the Ten Thousand Beast Tomb and inhaled for three days and three nights. I don’t know how much energy and Spiritual Qi have been swallowed and stuffed into the refining world.

However, at this moment, Han Fei has to come out because the food in the refining world has long been eaten.

During this period, in order to train them on Sunday Shrimp, I also divided a few Divine Souls out, controlled a few half-sovereign puppets, and practiced them daily to grind their foundation.

And Han Fei himself, during the past eight years, basically consumed the energy resources in the refining world.

Now, I am in a Venerable environment.

After the cultivation, the consumption of resources can be called terrifying.

From entering Fairy Palace to now, Han Fei has basically spent resources outside.

After fully digging out seventeen-eighteen years, you still have to raise the Sunday Shrimp group of animals, and you have to supply the Ocean Order Diagram and Spiritual Qi and energy in the ancient realm of the mountains. Han Fei really can’t hold on…

Especially those ingredients are basically eaten by Emperor Sparrow, and Enlightened Spirit Liquid is also consumed by it.

In the end, there was really nothing to eat, the Emperor Sparrow stuffed the Highest Grade demon stone in his mouth. From an average of one per month to digestion, to now one in three days.

The little crow from before has now grown into a superb black giant eagle.

Those eyes glared, the Sunday Shrimp, which was much stronger than it, trembled all over.

In the past few years, because all of them have been grinding their foundations and fighting day by day, the strength of Sunday Shrimp has been squeezed to the limit by Han Fei.

Despite this, for a full eight years, their growth rate still cannot satisfy Han Fei.

Sunday Shrimp reached Level 64.

Xiaojin has reached Level 62.

Level 62 of Tufeiyuan.

Licking the dog 6Level 3.

Han Fei muttered to himself, but tone barely fell, and saw the old sheep standing on the top of the mountain for some time.

Next moment, people like Ton Ton, Mad Lion, Yin Cang, Golden Tiger, and Jiao Mengyue have all come from the sky.

Jin Hu was shocked: “How is this possible? There are still three years before the five-year period, how did you come out?”

Yin Cang took a breath and said, “Ox Demon King, have you discovered the secret of the holy realm?”

As soon as Yin Cang said this, everyone stared at Han Fei.

It is true that everyone is too curious. No one has ever fallen into a sacred place and came out in less than five years.

Jiao Mengyue was surprised: “Yi! Did you break through?”

Han Fei deliberately disguised his strength as if he had just passed through. In fact, as long as he wants to, he can continue to improve. In the past two years, I have accumulated some willingness, but it has been useless.

Han Fei said with a slight smile: “Han Fei said with a slight smile: “Fortunately, breakthrough…you guys, I know you want to know the secrets of the holy realm. I did go there. But…the secrets of the depths are not what you think. ……”


Even the old sheep is very surprised.

Han Fei even admitted that he had been to the depths of the holy realm, which means: Han Fei has seen and so on there…

Mad Lion said: “You said, don’t we know it?”

Jin Hu also wailed: “Yeah! Really anxious to death. Now that you have been there, just say it!”

For a time, the tone of several people began to be very good. Even Jiao Mengyue’s look at Han Fei’s eyes is not quite right.

Han Fei didn’t panic at all, just smiled slightly: “In the deepest part, there is a prophecy hidden.”

Han Fei looked towards Lao Yang said: “Darkness is approaching, ominous is shrouded, the emperor’s road has no return, and all races will be silent. Go find the way…”

Jin Hu scratched his head: “What do you mean?”

Yin Cang squinted his eyes: “It doesn’t sound like a good thing.”

Jiao Mengyue: “There is no other revelation? You only saw this prophecy?”

The old sheep coughed: “Okay, you are all quiet.”

Sweeping a glance at everyone, so that a few people stopped asking questions, Lao Yang looked towards Han Fei.

He knows: Since Han Fei said this, it must have a purpose. Otherwise, Han Fei can find reasons at random, and he will definitely be able to prevaricate.

Laoyang looked towards Han Fei and said: “It doesn’t sound like a good prophecy. Then you have seen the secret in the depths, do you know how to solve this dilemma?”

Han Fei shook his head: “To break the game, there are too many problems. The only thing I know is to find a way to break the game, and this way, or in Human Race.”


Jiao Mengyue several people, looked at each other in blank dismay.

The mad lion does not believe: “Human Race? Human Race is almost gone, right? The Immortal City is not decent anymore. How can my orcs be so strong?”

Lao Yang: “Why is it determined to be Human Race?”

Han Fei suddenly said with a smile: “My! Old sheep, War God, do you know who it is?”


The mad lion and the others were shocked, and the golden tiger was crying out in surprise: “Who? War God… Biography… War God in Legend?”

Xiang Tonton: “Isn’t that a character in the ancestral story?”

Jiao Mengyue: “Is there really a War God?”

Laoyang slightly nodded: “Yes! But, War God is not the god of my orcs? Shouldn’t the god of my orcs be the beast king?”

Han Fei said: “100,000 years ago, the Orcs, Sky Clan, Demon Plant Lineage, Giant Race, and Human Race coexisted in the world. Among them, Giant Race believed in War God, while the other races had no faith in them. Therefore, War God is the only hope of all races. In the depths of this burial mound is the War God altar. And what I got from there is only the word’human’.”

The old sheep immediately discovered Han Fei’s purpose: Han Fei wanted the entire orc race to stand on the side of the Human Race, because Han Fei is a human being.

However, he is not going to expose it.

Because Han Fei wants the orcs to stand on the Human Race side, first of all, they need to help them get out of their cages.

Of course, Laoyang’s vision will not be placed on the immortal city. He put his gaze outside the cage. What if Han Fei can help the orcs get out of the cage and the orcs stand on the side of the Human Race?

After all, 100,000 years ago, the ancestors seemed to have stood by this person.

Han Fei looked towards Lao Yang, and Lao Yang was doing something, and I saw that Jin Hu didn’t dare to breathe, for fear of disturbing the old sheep’s calculation.

After a while, Lao Yang Weiwei eyes opened and looked towards Han Fei and said: “You have to go to Human Race.”

Han Fei nodded: “Yes, I have to go to Human Race.”

The two of them performed like this.

The reason why Han Fei said that many is to let the old sheep know that he is going to Human Race.

This is not just as simple as going to Human Race. Laoyang’s answer represents the Demonic beast alliance. In the future, it may resume cooperation with Human Race Undead City…

So, the two of them just mentioned going to the Human Race, and they didn’t say anything else.

If Han Fei can promise definite good news in the future, it will be possible for the Orcs and Human Race to reconcile.

Yin Cang said: “To the immortal city?”

Jiao Mengyue said: “Brother Niu happens to have Human Race bloodline, which can perfect Human Transformation… My orc holy realm, we can’t go to it. But brother Niu has entered, can it be said that… the holy realm needs Human? Race bloodline can go deep?”

These conjectures of Jiao Mengyue made Yincang and the others fall into thinking.

Jin Hu said: “Brother Niu, is it dangerous to go here? Going into the Immortal City alone? I’m afraid it’s wrong. Do you want me to wait? This is more confident.”

Crazy lion speechless saying: “Are you going to fight?”

Han Fei said: “Everyone! Everyone has a fate. I feel that it may take some time to go here. If there is news, I will definitely come back to let you know.”

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