God of Fishing Chapter 1551

The news from Han Fei is naturally impossible to hide, and there is no need to hide it.

Demonic beasts are straightforward. When Lao Yang and Han Fei are in harmony, the several demonic beasts unconditionally believe in the old sheep and endorse Han Fei’s statement.

Moreover, Han Fei’s statement has a certain degree of truthfulness.

It does not seem to be fabricated.

Some things are even ancient rumors of the orcs. No matter what, they wondered: Ox Demon King shouldn’t be able to make up these things.

Once these powerhouses believe in Han Fei, there is no need for Han Fei to worry about the rest. There will be these big guys to explain for themselves.

One day later.

Outside the Great Rift Gorge, a hundred people gathered for a barbecue.

Everyone has a tacit understanding. Someone has already informed them about Demonic beast. When they knew that Ox Demon King was going to the Undead City, they were surprised.

However, after another thought, it seems that it should be by rights again.

The birth of Ox Demon King turned out to be slaughtered in the Gorge of Life and Death, which surprised everyone.

With this strength, Han Fei can enter the depths of the holy realm and come to a prediction that everyone does not understand. It seems reasonable.

Of course, because of the old sheep, the prophecy was deliberately linked with Han Fei, and then the Orcs and Human Race were involved.

So almost, when the respected people saw Han Fei, many people cast a “good brother, take care” eyes.

For them, Ox Demon King is a character who suddenly appeared. Its identity and origin are also very legendary! Could it be that such a character is the so-called “come into being”?

Crocodile Tie even patted Han Fei’s shoulder and said, “Brother Niu, absolutely didn’t expect, fate put the burden on you. Don’t worry, brother, I will definitely help you take good care of Niu Dali. “

Han Fei rolled his eyes: “It’s not… between me and Dali, there is nothing to do with it!”

Crocodile Tie despised: “Brother Niu, I am not talking about you. For the sake of the future, you should leave yourself a queen now…or else, what if your buffalo clan is extinct?”

Han Fei angrily said: “Who are you cursing?”

Crocodile Tie shrugged his shoulders and sound transmission said: “The power is coming, you can handle it by yourself!”

Han Fei turned his head, and saw Niu vigorously leading Niu Kexin and Niu Panpan.

Because of the buffalo family, there are only three of them. Because there are no bulls anymore, as long as the bulls do not intermarry with other orcs, the buffalo family might really decline.

However, Han Fei thinks about the Underground City of Broken Stat Island. There are buffaloes in the swamp over there. Although their strength is relatively low, but at least there are buffaloes.

Niu Dali went straight to Han Fei. As a domineering cow, Niu Dali looked at Han Fei directly and said: “When will we leave?”

Han Fei said with a smile: “Today.”

Niu Dali was slightly taken aback: Do you need to go in such a hurry?

She looked towards Ox Demon King and bluntly said: “You… ethnic inheritance major event, don’t you really want to say something?”

Han Fei’s eyes are firm, he doesn’t care what this bull is doing… Lao Tzu, he is not a bull. Even if it’s a cow, let’s talk about love, right? You, for the continuation of the race, you have to sacrifice yourself? Too fuck great.

Han Fei shook his head: “There is nothing to say! My name is Demon King, and I was born to the king. And I already have a beloved, and I can’t tolerate her. The buffalo family will not be cut off. I believe that outside the cage, there is still There are cattle…”

Niu Panpan grunted: “elder sister, let’s ignore him.”

Niu Kexin also stared at Han Fei: “Go and pursue your kingly way! Our buffalo family, without men, will live well. We will eventually grow up.”

Han Fei grinned: “That’s it!”


Zhongzun, when they were drunk, Han Fei and Lao Yang stood for a while by the Great Rift Gorge, turned around and tore through the void, heading for the Human Race Immortal City.

When Han Fei entered the void, many talents were faintly sighed.

Someone said: “Sure enough, he was born at the right moment. How can there be such a coincidence in the world? When he came, he had a stunning record, then entered the Holy Land, and then left…”


Someone sighed: “I think the road of Brother Niu is not easy to follow. I am waiting to fight day by day, and the situation is so big. But Brother Niu is different, he was instructed by War God.”

The old sheep also looked at the direction Han Fei was leaving, and sighed slightly: “Hope, you don’t let me down.”


Going to the Human Race Immortal City and going to the Life and Death Gorge are completely two directions.

Han Fei’s walk has passed 600ten thousand li, hunting a lot of marine creatures, and refilling Tianhuatiandi with food.

During the period, Han Fei encountered the orc Venerable patrolling the sea area three times. Xu Shi Lao Yang said hello, Xu Shi everyone didn’t know each other, but after a few brief conversations, Han Fei set out again.

When Han Fei crossed over 700 ten thousand li, he discovered that there are fewer marine life here.

Even in the orc sea area, there are still many marine creatures. In fact, the orcs also need them to exist, one can train their troops, and the other can provide enough food sources for Ten Thousand Beast Island.

These marine creatures are different from ordinary food, and there are a large number of Explorer Realm Sea Beast among them. The essence of the body is all in the flesh and blood, it is the item of great nourishment.

Orcs have always taken a degree, so many Sea Beasts have at least a living space.

However, at this time, Han Fei felt that there were no more than 3,000 marine creatures in the surrounding area of ​​30,000 li, and he knew that he should be close to the immortal city.

Compared to the territories of the orcs, how can trifling three thousand creatures span 30,000 li?

Han Fei stopped and appeared above the water.

At this time, he saw an island, a small island with a radius of only a few hundred miles.

Compared with the huge sea area, trifling an island several hundred miles in size is naturally a small island.

It’s just that this island does not look like a normal island. Because it was not blocked, it was eroded by the wind, leaving only the bare rock walls and a deadly scene.

Han Fei walked among the cracks in the valley, what made him feel surprised is that there used to be… many people here. The powerhouse on the ground with dry bones almost covered the valley.

“Why are there so many bones?”

Skeleton, which can withstand the erosion of the wind and violent energy, at least shows some strength!

After tens of thousands of years, I can stay here, which shows that these dead bones can be regarded as the powerhouse of one party. Not to mention that everyone has entered Explorer, but law enforcement cannot escape.

Han Fei did not stay long.

The environment is so bad that there is no vitality, indicating that this island is an abandoned dead island. Even undead creatures will not stay here.

After all, every moment, there is a violent energy wash from heaven and earth. No one likes it here.

After more than 30 ten thousand li, Han Fei discovered another island.

This time, when Han Fei climbed into the void, he scanned the space and found that there were dozens of islands next to this island……

“en? There are many islands on the side of the Immortal City?”

There are actually not many islands in the Beastmaster Valley. Ten Thousand Beast Island is big enough, so Laoyang and the others don’t bother to get a new island.

Unlike the previous island, the island where Han Fei is now has a ban.

This means that it is difficult for the energy raging between Heaven and Earth to penetrate this island.

So, from the outside, the island is lush and green. Although there are not many living creatures in the surrounding ocean, Han Fei knows that there must be life in this island.

Knowing that this is the realm of the immortal city, Han Fei has already become a person.

At the moment when Han Fei landed on the island, the corners of Han Fei’s mouth were slightly raised, and he felt a bad breath. There seemed to be a touch of murderous intention in this breath.

Han Fei slightly smiled, without taking care of it, walked directly to the center of the island.

Less than a hundred miles into the forest, Han Fei discovered that the surrounding trees have turned dark green, and a lot of poison mist sprayed out.

Han Fei pretended to be unable to resist, trying to quickly shuttle through the drug barrier here.

However, when Han Fei was about to flee, the surrounding trees, vines, and flowers all moved.

Han Fei saw black sisal and pierced hundreds of sharp thorns; countless thorny rattans began to gather, trying to curl themselves.

Han Fei thoughts move, several Sword Prestige are rolled out and will stay in front of a tree.

Han Fei looked towards there and walked over casually. Just listen to him haha ​​smile: “Okay, stop acting. Girl, come out!”

“Don’t come here? Who are you?”


I only saw Han Fei mouth open.

What kind of drug barrier? What Spiritual Qi? What energy? They were swallowed by Han Fei one after another.

In this scene, the woman hidden in the tree was stunned.

At this time, Han Fei was in front of him, and Sword Prestige swept away.

After the tree was completely torn apart, Han Fei saw a thin woman quickly flash away, not far away from the condense, looking at herself in shock.

Han Fei glanced at this person and frowned slightly: This person’s Manipulator method is not weak, but Explorer Peak was also injured, and it was a heavy one, which had severely damaged her foundation.

Before Han Fei could speak, the woman preemptively said: “My Immortal City and Ten Thousand Beast Island, everyone minds their own business, what do you mean by coming to my Immortal City?”

Han Fei speechless saying: “How do you know…I am from Ten Thousand Beast Island?”

But I saw the girl shouted: “Don’t act, even if you look like a human, you are impossible to be a human. The cage is closed, you come from the direction of Ten Thousand Beast Island, who is it if you are not an orc?”

Han Fei snorted: “Damn it. If the Demonic beast alliance wants to seek an immortal city, it’s probably as easy as blowing off dust. Let’s not say that I am not an orc, even if I am, you think you can help me ?”

The woman gritted her teeth: “If you are not an orc, then you are more suspicious. You explain first, where are you from?”

Han Fei grinned: “Are you going to question me? Immortal City, is it your turn to be the Peak Explorer now?”

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