God of Fishing Chapter 1552

Han Fei doesn’t need to detain the girl either, just put a little coercion, and the girl can’t run away.

Han Fei’s record is no joke.

As of today, Tu Zun has more than 20 people. This coercion blooms a little, even if it is an ordinary Venerable, it may not be able to stop it.

At this moment, the woman was trembling with fright, her face pale.

However, the woman still gritted her teeth and insisted: “If you are an enemy, kill me! I will not tell you any information anyway.”

Han Fei grinned: “Woman, don’t you know that powerhouse has a means to spy on Divine Soul? Some people may become fools by spying on Divine Soul.”

The woman visibly shivered a few times, pursing her lips, and insisted not to speak.

Seeing this, Han Fei couldn’t help laughing, and arbitrarily withdrew his pressure and said: “That’s all! Don’t care about you. But girl, your persistence is not at all meaning. If I’m really a bad person, you say no Say, what is the difference?”

Seeing that the girl still didn’t speak, she just looked at herself vigilantly, Han Fei faintly smiled and said: “Running a few million li, I’m tired too, I can borrow it from you.”

After finishing speaking, Han Fei waved his hand, and chairs and grills appeared on the clearing, with various spices on the side. I saw a high-level Explorer Realm overlord Cuttlefish, randomly thrown on the ground by Han Fei.

In that girl’s stunned look: This is…Cuttlefish, the overlord of Advanced Explorer Realm?

Without waiting for her to think about it, she only saw the Sword Prestige passing by in an instant.

Han Fei was beckoned, and water clusters appeared, like a spray gun, washing the entrails of the Cuttlefish.

It was only a moment, and there were already slices of Cuttlefish on the huge barbecue grill.

“hmph hmph hmph…”


Han Fei was humming a little song and smearing the Cuttlefish with fish oil, Spirit Flame rose up, and the girl frowned, and said to her heart: Is this guy going to eat here?

Han Fei brushed the fish oil while saying: “Girl, I don’t know, what else is worthy of me to lie to you? As far as I know, Human Race Immortal City, it should be very difficult now?”

The woman didn’t speak, but she didn’t try to escape either.

She knows: With the strength of Han Fei, she is impossible to escape.

The Spirit Flame grills very evenly.

For a moment, Han Fei smelled a scent. Afterwards, when Han Fei applied a layer of garlic juice, he clearly felt the sound of the woman swallowing saliva.

However, this woman still does not speak.

Han Fei didn’t panic, as if he said to himself: “In the cage, Four Great Influences. They are Black Blood City, Demonic beast Alliance, Terror Forest, Human Race Immortal City. In my opinion, No matter what, Human Race cannot give up the friendly relationship with the Orcs. Otherwise, how can you survive in the cracks with you people like the Immortal City?”

As soon as Han Fei said this, she heard the woman shouted: “You don’t know anything, you have never been to the Immortal City, who are you?”

Han Fei casually brushed Cuttlefish with a layer of chili noodles, so that the fish oil can infiltrate the chili noodles and make the flavor more integrated.

I saw Han Fei grinning: “Who am I? You don’t even know… I, do you recognize this?”

While speaking, Han Fei grabbed the dead bone xun in his hand.

“Hiss…you…how do you have a death bone xun? Do you know Lord Jade Girl?”

Han Fei was taken aback for a moment: “Yu Nu? Ha…Please call me Golden Boy, thank you.”

“Bold, how dare you insult Master Golden Boy so much?”


Han Fei was dumbfounded for a while: really fuck are golden boys and jade maidens? No… the one who gave him the death bone xun doesn’t look like… the image of a jade girl?

Han Fei said ill-humoredly: “What do you call? Call it again, cut your tongue and roast it.”

The girl shook her body and shut up quickly.

Han Fei turned the barbecue over, and then leisurely said: “Hey, what do you want to say… You know this death bone xun, should you know that I am not a bad person? Is it possible that, the lady will give this thing casually People?”

The woman was also more puzzled, and she was silent for a while and said, “That’s not true. However, the Senior Girl is on the other side of the Immortal City. If you come to the Immortal City, you are also walking the other side. And the way you came is Demonic beast. The location of the alliance. If you have actually seen the Jade Girl Senior, and you have not passed through the Immortal City, then there is only one way to go to the Demonic beast alliance, and that is the Black Blood City…So, I already know your identity.”

Han Fei sneered: fuck, I forgot that this cage is in the shape of “Japanese”.

Could it be that I have to explain to this woman that I got this death bone xun from the outside world?

Han Fei shook his head slightly: “Idiot.”


After finishing talking, Han Fei grabbed a large piece of Cuttlefish meat and got himself gorgeously.

Han Fei swallowed one bite at a time. After eating for an hour, forcibly ate a large Cuttlefish in half, and then said: “What is your name?”

This woman thought for a while, because Han Fei was extremely arrogant, but she didn’t seem to have killing intent, so she said: “Wenzhu.”

Han Fei slightly nodded: “Let’s go! Immortal City, I will go there later, I think your speed should be much slower than mine.”

Wenzhu was surprised: “You are going to go to the Immortal City just and honourable by yourself?”

Han Fei shrugged: “What’s wrong?”

Wenzhu was stunned for a long time: “Are you going to change to the immortal soul?”

This time, it was Han Fei’s turn to froze for a while, and he couldn’t help but say: “Do you have to specialize in immortal beings to go to the immortal city?”

Wenzhu: “Generally, you will go to the Immortal City only if you change to the immortal life. The living cannot live there.”

Han Fei couldn’t help scratching his head: “Where do the living people live?”

Seeing that Wenzhu didn’t answer, Han Fei’s heart suddenly moved. He had a hunch that someone would come after 5ten thousand li beyond.

Han Fei can’t help saying with a smile: “My! Living people live on such a vibrant island…I’m surprised, why are you alone on such a big island? With the strength of your Peak Explorer, How can I block those Sea Demons? It turns out that there is a powerhouse for protection!”

Wenzhu complexion slightly changed, I couldn’t help but looked towards Void.

Han Fei said: “Don’t watch it, it’s not here yet!”

Five ten thousand li, not very far.

Han Fei continues to eat barbecue.

Suddenly, the void splits, a silver spear shatter void, and spear glow shines.

This sudden stabbing scene made Wenzhu shocked, only to hear her hurriedly shout: “Longxi, no.”

However, when Wenzhu was talking, the spear glow was already stabbed.

Han Fei just raised his hand, his body did not move, and his body was all around, a big turtle formation appeared.

The ripples shook, Longxi was blown away by a blow, blood spurted wildly, and Han Fei’s barbecue grill was not messy yet, and the barbecue in his hand was still dripping oil.

The person who came was not a man, but a woman, a woman with a gun, full of heroism.

This woman wears a silver mask on half of her face, and she wears a silver armor. The cold light captures people.

At this moment, a single blow failed, his eyes turned white, and a punch strikes the tail of the gun, seeming to want to blast the Han Fei array.


One punch and another shock, several dozen li around were directly crushed to the ground. Except for a gentle force that protected the asparagus, the other vegetation became fly ash.


Han Fei turned his head to look and saw a small finger-length crack in the big turtle formation. He couldn’t help but be surprised: “It seems that your law enforcement power is related to armor piercing!”


The woman called Longxi was shocked: What kind of strength is the other party? Although he did not use his full strength in 1st Strike, 2nd Strike should not be underestimated. My strength is fully developed, but even a Formation can’t be blown away?

At that time, Longxi wanted to retreat, but Han Fei bent and shoots a finger, and a water blade burst out.

Longxi made a decisive decision, and directly gave up his gun. He pulled out two silver blades and fought back while retreating, with the intention of breaking Han Fei’s knife.

However, Longxi has cut more than 60 knives in a row, and his silver blade has been curled up, and he has not been able to smash that water knife.


While Longxi was thinking about what to do, the water jet suddenly burst.

“Pu chi!”

Longxi a mouthful of blood spurted, the next second, flash moved to Wen Zhu’s body, grabbed Wen Zhu, stretched out the beckoned, long spear broke through the air, Tearing the Void, it seemed that he wanted to escape.

However, the two of them just ran out of 1000 meters and haven’t reached it… As a result, the distance between their feet was shortened and they appeared directly in front of Han Fei.

“Space Avenue?”

Longxi criticized out in surprise, with eyebrows lit up, as if to summon his own Innate Spirit Beast.

However, suddenly under a fierce pressure, she has reached the Primary Venerable Peak, and she staggered subconsciously and was interrupted by summon.

“The strength is good, but the weapon is too bad. Even a water jet can’t stop it. Primary Venerable Peak uses two Median Grade Divine Artifacts? You immortal city, don’t even have an Artifact Refining? /p>

Long Xi’s breath was broken by Han Fei, knowing that even if he summoned out Innate Spirit Beast, he would be summoned to die. At this moment, she can only gritted her teeth and said: “Who are you?”

Han Fei said impatiently: “You two are true, too. Continuously ask who I am? I am the highest commander of Broken Stat Island. Han Fei is also… Tell you two, can you two know each other?”


Longxi and Wenzhu glanced at each other, they looked confused, they had never heard of this place.

Longxi immediately said: “The entire cage, there is no island like Broken Stat Island.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes: “So, I said I was a person in a cage? You two didn’t look at me for murderous intention. Just do it when you come up. What kind of virtue?”

Han Fei foul-mouthed while throwing it away, and the Holy Light Technique came.

“Spirit Gathering Master? Ah~”

Longxi only had time to call Spirit Gathering Master, and then he was wrapped in holy light, unconsciously making an indescribable sound.

But I saw that the internal injuries of the two men recovered quickly, but after a few ten breaths, they recovered.

But Han Fei is slightly frowned: “You two have lost your foundation and your strength is greatly reduced.”

Han Fei looked towards Longxi: “If your foundation is not damaged, your strength in a complete state should not be weak. Why, there are only two of you on this island?”

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