God of Fishing Chapter 1553

The strength of Han Fei has brought down these two people, Longxi and Wenzhu.

Especially Longxi, with his full strength attack, Han Fei unexpectedly blocked it.

The most important thing is that Han Fei Spirit Gathering Master innate gift is so strong that it is also a part of Battle Spirit Master? Moreover, it is also very tough.

However, Longxi immediately believes that Han Fei is a human being. Only humans have the profession of Spirit Gathering Master. Only the human Spirit Gathering Master can study complex arrays.

Longxi immediately bowed his hands and said: “Listen to you, do you come from outside the cage?”

Han Fei grinned: “If I say yes, do you believe it?”

Longxi nodded: “Wenzhu may not quite clear, but it is true that Human Race Venerable occasionally comes in from the outside. It’s just that it’s easy to come in, but it’s extremely difficult to get out. The cage barrier is not permanent, it Have the ability to repair independently. Moreover, the difficulty of entering and the difficulty of exiting are completely at two levels. So far, Immortal City has not successfully gone out alone.”

Han Fei said in his heart: I naturally know the difficulty.

When I came in, I also paid for Strength of Nine Bulls and Two Tigers. At that time, I used the Gemini divine technique and came in with the ultra-short-range Dao Mark Transmission Array.

Han Fei said: “It doesn’t matter whether it is difficult or not! This marshal needs to know how much human strength is left in this cage now?”

However, Longxi said: “I will not tell you anything about the Immortal City. If you can really prove that you are from the human side and came to help us, then you can go to the Immortal City. If You have the courage, we can accompany you.”

Han Fei lightly said with a smile: “I didn’t count on you at all. However, I am curious, why did you show up here and are all seriously injured?”

Longxi did not conceal: “Naturally, he will appear here to heal when he is injured. Although the relationship between the Immortal City and the Demonic beast alliance is not very friendly now, it will not be hostile. Therefore, here is our immortality. The rear of the city is also the safest place.”

Han Fei didn’t ask much, but just smiled: “There are quite a few islands nearby… If I didn’t count it wrong, there should be 24 large and small islands in these five ten thousand li. There are living on them. There are not even 50 people…there are only so few people in the Immortal City?”

Longxi was shocked and shocked: Is this person in front of him so scary? Is the range of perception so broad?

Han Fei added another sentence: “Or…the immortal city is just that there are fewer living people and more Undead?”

Longxi made an inviting gesture: “If you want to ask a question, please go to the Undead City first.”

Han Fei grinned: “Heh…”

Han Fei had such a barbecue here and just took a break. Feel free to use perception, one after another sweeps through here and finds that although there are many islands here, there are very few living things.

In addition, Han Fei is also thinking about a question: Was it the only island that emerged from the wall of death on the other side of Shuimutian?

Just now, Han Fei looked at these nearby islands. There were not even a few birds. It was a bit out of silence…

Therefore, Han Fei was puzzled: Is it the characteristic of the immortal city that there are few people?

Han Fei left for the Immortal City by himself, and Longxi followed with Wenzhu.

Originally, Longxi didn’t want to bring Wenzhu. However, she had other thoughts, if Han Fei was not the enemy, maybe she could ask him for help and heal Wenzhu.

Because of Longxi following, Han Fei’s speed is naturally not fast, it can be regarded as stop-and-go.

As a result, the farther you go, the more islands Han Fei finds. However, the volume of these islands is several times smaller than before. The smallest island is only ten li or so.

And on these islands, usually 3 or 5 people live.

Han Fei discovered: All the people who live on these islands are injured. Basically, the foundation is damaged, and it is impossible to continue to grow in this life!

Although there are few people on the islands, they add up one after another, but there are many.

However, Han Fei is still very surprised: Although these people are not in an alliance with Demonic beast, the rear is so empty. It seems that I still believe in Demonic beast!

Han Fei crossed a few hundred thousand li, turned another direction, and walked nearly 400 ten thousand li, the road was full of islands. There are centralized and decentralized large islands.

The total number of wounded on each island is tens of thousands of people who can see them all the way. Counting the places I haven’t traveled, all add up, I’m afraid there are hundreds of thousands of people.

During the period, Han Fei also met several Venerable powerhouses. However, they were all seriously injured as in Longxi’s situation and damaged their foundation.

Therefore, Han Fei walked around, and there were 3 more Venerables beside him.

Calculated according to this ratio, I just walked a path, and I added Longxi, and I encountered 4 severely injured Venerable. So, adding up all of them, the number of Venerable seriously injured, must not be 20-30 people?

Suddenly, Han Fei discovered that the islands where the wounded lived were gone.

The creatures in the ocean have also become scarce. Within ten thousand li, Explorer-level marine creatures, but only a hundred, are ordinary Sea Demons creatures with very poor strength.

Even such ordinary marine creatures are rapidly decreasing in number.

Han Fei saw: seabed, there are bones everywhere.

Coming along this road, Han Fei was quite puzzled. He couldn’t think of it: this continuous leap over hundreds of thousands li, there are dry bones everywhere, and lifeless energy rushes into the sky…

Before entering this sea area, and after entering this sea area, even the temperature has changed. Han Fei can often see the cry of the immortal soul.

Han Fei’s face became serious.

Han Fei didn’t see a vast land until after hundreds of thousands of li. The coverage of that piece of land is completely beyond my own perception.

However, Han Fei can clearly see the dead silence on the giant island.

Although this big island is also banned and protected, there are no fresh green plants inside.

Some of the remaining plants are basically dark green, deep purple, black…There are scattered bones on the coast here. The banned color here is also black and gray.

The entire island seems to be hidden in a thin film in the black mist.


Han Fei landed randomly on the shore, with four Primary Venerable Peaks behind him, plus a asparagus.

Only listen to one of them: “Longxi, what did you bring her to do? The death here is too heavy. Wenzhu is seriously injured, and staying for a long time is useless.”

Longxi did not answer, but looked towards Han Fei: “This is the immortal city you want to come to. Now it’s here, please…”

Longxi and the others have always been alert, but they are not worried.

Even if Han Fei has reached the half-king state, want to shake the immortal city alone? I am afraid there is only one dead word.

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth evoked, and several dozen li steps directly into the island.

You don’t need a Vientiane Navigation Device at all. Just based on the degree of lifelessness, Han Fei can guess, where is the immortal city?

When Han Fei entered the island, a black robe half was already waiting. Just listen to the half-zun hidden under the black robe: “Guests have requested, and the deities are already waiting.”

Han Fei grinned: “I heard the news of me so soon. It seems that you have a method of communication!”

After all, after spending enough time on Broken Stat Island, Han Fei naturally knows that some special objects can communicate information to each other. That’s the role of the star title waist token.

The black robed man didn’t answer either. Instead, he led the crowd on this gloomy and silent island.

It didn’t take long for Han Fei to see a plain of bone pots, and those bone pots were densely black.

Han Fei is puzzled: These should be people who have just died? I can even look in from some bone pot openings and find that someone’s body is intact.

I only heard Old Tortoise said: “These are indeed people who have just died. However, before they die, they are not incurable. They just cut off their vitality and chose to cultivate immortality.”

Han Fei brows frowned: “So many bone pots are all converted to the immortal souls?”

Old Tortoise: “No, only the bone pots partially covered by the black qi breath can be converted to immortality. The advantage of a living person is that they can not die and retain their memory. But the bad is… even more outrageous, then Once he is killed again, his existence will be completely wiped out, and his soul cannot be reincarnated. He will completely the soul flew away and scattered. This is the price for the conversion of the undead.”

After listening to Old Tortoise’s explanation, Han Fei naturally felt depressed in his heart. If it is not necessary, who wants to change to the immortal soul?

The undead city has a hundred thousand li radius, and the bones are covered with ocean and islands. heaven knows How many people have died since the existence of the wall of death?

After 5 minutes.

When everyone crossed the gloomy wasteland, Han Fei saw a huge city built of black rocks.

At that moment, there were more than 30 perceptions that swept through Han Fei.

Based on these perceptions and the pressure on him, Han Fei discovered: Among them, there should be a half king.

If Han Fei had never been to the Demonic beast alliance, he would have seen more than 30 statues with more than a hundred and a half statues, and more than a thousand Explorer-level undead…maybe shocked.

But now… Han Fei has more than a thousand puppets on himself.

Regarding the number of Venerables, these more than 30, even a party on Ten Thousand Beasts Island, does not raise.

Ten li or so from the giant city, Han Fei stopped and faintly sighed: “Human Race in the cage, has it withered to this point?”

On the top of the city, someone indifferently said with a hoarse voice: “That should be better than the outside world, right?”

Han Fei said with a smile: “There is no opponent like Black Blood City in the outside world.”

Han Fei is talking with a black robe on the city wall, not at all, not at all.

Behind Han Fei, people like Longxi looked towards Han Fei with complicated eyes. An outsider, alone in the city of immortality, does not require the guts of a minute and a half.

The black robed man did not answer Han Fei’s words, but looked towards Han Fei and said: “Who are you? Where are you, and why?”

I only saw Han Fei casually taking out his 13-star rank token, loudly said: “I am the current top commander of Broken Stat Island, and Han Fei is also. So it came… originally to become stronger. However, Seeing the immortal city right now, this coach decided to help you temporarily solve the trouble of the black blood city.”

Only a black robed man sneered: “Heh, what a big tone. The highest commander of Broken Stat Island in the past, not one or two came, and the one who is still alive, can fight, there is only one… What?”

The people in Longxi were stunned: Actually there is Broken Stat Island? Han Fei actually came from outside?

And Han Fei disdainfully said: “My name is Han Fei, I liberated Broken Stat Island, slaughtered Sea Demons, punished more than 20 enemies, slaughtered more than half of the king… Is this record enough?”

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