God of Fishing Chapter 1554


As soon as Han Fei said this, the few Primary Venerables behind him all suck in a cold breath of air.

More than 20 enemies? Still slaughtered half of the kings? How terrifying is this person…?

Longxi and Wenzhu are a little confused: Is this person so strong? It’s no wonder that this person came along all the way without fear.

At the same time, the world outside also makes them infinitely fantasize.

So what kind of supreme commander, what must be a very high position? Such a character came to the cage, is he really here to help humans?

It’s just that there are immortals in the immortal city, and they sneered: “You? A trifling intermediate Venerable, what about killing half kings?”

As soon as this statement came out, Longxi and the others were confused: fuck, after a long time, turned out to be an intermediate Venerable? Although he is better than himself, but the Slaughter Half King? This is nonsense! Do you not draft drafts?

There are other immortal beings who said: “Han Fei, since you are here, I am welcome in the immortal city. However, your strength alone is too thin.”

There are undead creatures faintly sighed: “Living people do not enter the immortal city, here is too dead, you can go to the front line to take a look. Intermediate Venerable, it is impossible to shake the overall situation.”


“It seems that the Human Race in this cage is indeed declining. You don’t believe me, it doesn’t matter. But, come today, I just want to tell you-this handsome is here! This handsome will be back Unify the power of Human Race. What you can’t do, this handsome will do. What you dare not do, this handsome will do… In short, in a word, I will do what you do, and what you can’t do. Still do it.”

“Not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth’s yellow-haired child, Realm is not high, and his tone is not small, let the deity come to explore your depth?”

I only saw a black shadow breaking through the air, the black mist was transpiring, and the ghost shadow was in the air. In the thick mist, there are big bones hands, moved towards Han Fei to grab them.


I only saw Han Fei stepping on the ground, the ground was sunken, and the Body Forsaking Boxing roared out along with the strange red glow.

In terms of pure power, Han Fei has already reached the level of advanced Venerable Peak, which is still when he has not moved his own way.

I saw the big bone hand, but it was ablated in the blink of an eye.

The ghost shadow formed by the person who shot the shot was directly disappeared.

That person is shocked. This Han Fei is obviously only an intermediate Venerable Realm. How can it have such a powerful force?

I only saw him pierced and pierced out seven lances.

However, I only heard the sound of “peng~ peng~ peng~” continuously bursting out, and all the bones lance were broken. However, Body Forsaking Boxing is still brave and invincible.

In the end, seeing Body Forsaking Boxing about to hit the Undead, but saw a big black hand with one clasp, forcibly grabbing Body Forsaking Boxing, and letting the power of terror erupt in the air, rippling a layer red ripples. Despite this, the big black hand didn’t tremble for a moment.

At this moment, in fact, most people are already dumbfounded.

Wenzhu also secretly sound transmission said: “Longxi, what Realm is this?”

Longxi is stunned, how should I answer this? It seems… it doesn’t seem to be the Realm of Zhongji Venerable, right?

After a punch, an Undead on the city wall said with a hoarse voice: “You are really strong. If you want to make a full shot, you should be able to beat Venerable Peak… But there is a gap between the distance and the half king! You know… I What are the gaps…”

Even in the city of Undead, many people were dumbfounded and turned their heads and looked towards the Undead, saying that this intermediate Venerable human, with all his strength, can it be comparable to Venerable Peak?

If this is the case, then this person has to be treated with caution.

An intermediate Venerable may not change much.

However, a Venerable Peak is another completely different deterrent.

Venerable Peak and Half King have differences in the maturity of the road. However, they face the ordinary Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced Venerable, and their deterrence is great.

Just listen to Han Fei grinning: “I think you should forget that the reason why my Human Race can stand in this world depends not only on strength, but also wisdom, unity, and belief… Now, can we talk about it?”

In fact, this immortal city is too short of people.

Living people are also worth cherishing. So, this is why Peak Explorers like Wenzhu have to be arranged to recuperate in the rear after being seriously injured…

It’s really… People don’t even dare to wear such battle strength easily.

Even if they know that the roots of Asparagus are badly damaged and have no hope of making breakthroughs, it is also a battle strength worth saving.

Therefore, Han Fei, such a super powerhouse from Venerable Peak, appeared in the Undead City. This is definitely a surprise for many people.

Now they can’t wait for Han Fei to go to the front line immediately to show Sea Demons Human Race and high-end battle strength……

Therefore, even if Han Fei is irrational and strong at this moment, these people will not fight him.

Among these Venerables, the overwhelming majority do not know Broken Stat Island, let alone where Broken Stat Island is?

Although it is said that the powerhouse from the outside world is almost gone. However, the status of Broken Stat Island’s supreme commander is still very bluff. Killed more than 20 Venerable people, and commanded a million Human Race. There are no ordinary characters at this level.

As the saying goes, “Thousands of soldiers are easy to buy, and a general is hard to find.” They know the weight of Han Fei.

Immediately, the black robe on the immortal city said: “You can come, but it is best to hold up a barrier, otherwise it is not a good thing. Longxi, you temporarily leave the island.”

“Yes! Lord Nether.”

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth curled up slightly, and he raised his foot and stood on the tower in one step. And his body, not at all opens the body barrier.

As early as when Han Fei came to this island, he could already feel the lifelessness.

It’s just that the Desolate Physique art clearly states that everything in the world, any energy, in a certain sense, can be mutually converted. That death energy is also a kind of energy, and it is also a particularly advanced energy. Its particularity is that it is a power of Grand Dao about death, even more advanced than Spiritual Qi and Monster Qi.


Han Fei took a slight breath of death, and within the body the Desolate Physique technique was operating, the large holes in the chest were like a grinding disc, which grinds the death energy out of the body, expelling some dark energy from the body.

The Undead saw that Han Fei swallowed his breath, and the next moment was able to get rid of some impurities, all of them were shocked.

Someone was surprised: “Why… can you absorb lifelessness?”

Han Fei said with a smile: “Heaven, Earth, Profound and Yellow, Universe Great Desolate, everything in the world is energy. Powerhouse, dare to absorb all the power between Heaven and Earth.”

Han Fei came unfathomable, and Old Tortoise couldn’t help rolling his eyes.

It’s just that, this kind of extremely mysterious and abstruse words, to other people’s ears, it naturally seems that Han Fei is very mysterious and very pretending.

Han Fei not at all The uneasy who was among the venerables, but directly turned his gaze to the half king who was talking to him just now.

Netherworld came to Han Fei, paused, and even raised his hand to lift the black robe above his head.

Next moment, Han Fei saw a pale face.

It’s just that, unlike the skull head that Han Fei thinks in his mind, people just look paler, thinner, and have no vitality. If this thick lifeless, pale face is aside, this person is almost no different from Daoist.

Of course, because Han Fei has seen Thug ancestors a long time ago, knowing that these people may look okay on the outside, but the problem in the fight is big.

Just listen to Netherworld: “The Immortal City does lack powerhouse. But, you have to know that even if you have Venerable Peak battle strength, or even if you have half-king battle strength, you are impossible to change the entire Immortal City by one person. The battle.”

But Han Fei looked at You Ming and indifferently said: “Why not form an alliance with the Demonic beast alliance? There are many powerhouses in the Demonic beast alliance. If the two sides form an alliance, they can at least deter Black Blood City.”

The Nether looked at the people around him, did not answer Han Fei’s question, but responded: “Do you know how to change to immortality?”

Han Fei slightly frowned, and then shook his head slightly.

Netherworld said: “Since you don’t know, then don’t ask us, why not alliance with Demonic beast? Naturally, there are reasons for this.”

Han Fei still wants to wait for Netherworld’s response, but someone next to him said: “Accurately speaking, anyone who converts to the immortal soul can no longer be considered a human. There are some things that we don’t want to say, but we can’t say it. .Some things, once touched, I will be annihilated.”

Han Fei even hears browse frowned.

At this time, Old Tortoise also reminded: “Han Fei, don’t pursue this question anymore. Such a secret is indeed not something you can pursue now. Don’t ask, don’t mention it.”

Han Fei doubts: “Lao Yuan, you know?”

Old Tortoise said: “I have said it, let you not ask. Remember what I told you… some names, even if they are far apart, can’t be mentioned! Otherwise, they will get into trouble.”

Han Fei until now, I have never thought about what is behind the immortal creatures?

However, from today, Han Fei knows: This is probably a taboo that he cannot touch for the time being. A taboo that even Old Tortoise and Sovereign are extremely afraid of.

Han Fei slightly nodded: “Okay! I don’t ask about this. Everyone, I come to the wall of death… Well, the time in the cage is limited. What I have said counts. Some things, indeed It’s not just about strength. I need command of a part of the Undead City.”

Han Fei blunt.

Long before he came to the Immortal City, he had heard that the humans here had a miserable life. Therefore, at first, he had the idea of ​​commanding the immortal city.

Although, Han Fei knows that there must be half kings or even pseudo kings in the Immortal City. However, if the price is so high, let’s sit back and pay back!

How much power you can have, you need as much power.

Therefore, Han Fei heard Netherworld say: “impossible!”

Some Undead sneered: “You just came to the Immortal City, not even 5 minutes of time. Want me to wait until the Immortal City is handed over to you? Do you think it’s possible?”

Han Fei grinned and looked back towards Longxi outside the island and the others: “Then I want them…”

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