God of Fishing Chapter 1555


Contrary to the expectations of the people like Nether, if Han Fei’s purpose is to decentralize power? They will not give anyway.

After all, the sudden appearance of Han Fei made them completely unprepared.

A complete stranger, even if he is Human Race is confirmed, but he will ask for someone when he reaches out? Want rights?

These people like Netherworld are not fools, and of course they will not agree.

Not waiting for Nether to speak, I have heard someone say: “That is also impossible! You should have discovered that their foundation is damaged and their strength is greatly weakened. Even 70% of their strength can’t be used. You want to use it. They are more impossible, they are my human seeds.”

Han Fei immediately interrupted: “Don’t veto in such a hurry. I said I want them, what I said is, I want to restore the strength of Peak to them.”


A group of Undead have doubts.

Someone said solemnly: “Are you a Spirit Gathering Master? But even if you are an excellent Spirit Gathering Master, you should also know that foundation damage can not be recovered by ordinary treatment. Even if it is Spirit Gathering Master, I The Immortal City is not lacking Spirit Gathering Master.”

Han Fei grinned: “I’ll just ask, if their strength recovers Peak, will you give it? To put it bluntly, this handsome has commanded thousands of people, and he has his own style. But, a handsome You cannot be without soldiers…”

Han Fei can feel: The eyes of these people are all staring at him.

However, Han Fei’s conditions are indeed too attractive.

If Han Fei is truly capable and heal them all, it means that the battle strength of Immortal City can be increased at least partially.

Of course, since Han Fei has mentioned this problem, Netherworld believes that he will definitely heal some people. It may be dozens, or hundreds, but no matter how many… As long as Han Fei’s actions are within the monitorable range, why not?

I saw dim-blue fire from Nether’s robe, and a hoarse voice came out: “Yes, but even if you cure them, don’t abuse them. The Human Race in the cage does not have that many, No sacrifice.”

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth slightly aroused; “Naturally, my person, I will use it well. Please also call all the wounded in the rear battlefield!”


Suddenly, blue green fireworks burst out in the immortal city.

These Undead think that Han Fei is crazy. Do you know how many people are?

Netherworld said at the time: “Han Fei, do you know what you are talking about? Call them all? Even if you are a True King, can you heal hundreds of thousands of people in one go?”

Han Fei grinned said with a smile: “Who said I want to heal a few hundred thousand people at once? If my guess is right, there should be many islands on the front line of the Immortal City? On the front line, pick an island to let Give it to me.”

“No! Are you really in charge of the Immortal City?”

“Han Fei, don’t get too far in your work.”

Han Fei’s tone barely fell, two of them roared.

However, Han Fei is fierce and vigorous, and his voice trembles: “Why not? Four Great Influences in the cage, you are the weakest. Is the Human Race incompetent or you are incompetent? If you can’t, then you are handsome Come, where can’t it be?”

Han Fei is fierce and powerful.

Face what kind of ethnic group, what kind of method.

Han Fei has been in the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains and knows what kind of personality the Demonic beast is like.

However, Han Fei is more familiar with humans, because humans are too smart. There are too many things in my mind for a moment. However, the more comprehensive you want, the more restrained you are.

When he came, Han Fei didn’t plan to spend much time struggling with important issues.

If you have to wait to become a part of them and integrate into them, then you can ask to lead a group of people. That is cheating! How can I have that many time to play with them?

Therefore, Han Fei is strong, strong, and strong at this moment.

Han Fei shouted: “Give me an island, and I will heal one, and this person will belong to me. Lao Tzu came to the cage to seek opportunities and grow fast. Tu Zun is inevitable. I don’t have that many time. , Wasted to blend in with you!”

Someone scolded: “Arrogant, it’s like an immortal city, it’s a place you can come if you want…Do you think that you have Venerable Peak battle strength yourself, you are invincible?”

Someone sneered: “Not to mention that you are only showing the battle strength of the advanced Venerable Peak. Even if you really reach Venerable Peak, do you think you can shake a city with one person?”

Han Fei licked the corners of his mouth and said: “What’s the matter? Immortal City is like this, and I’m afraid that I will decentralize power? You think, Han Fei cares about your trifling Immortal City’s rights? What I want is the whole. The world…I am the present, generation, man and king.”

When Han Fei said the last few words, his voice resounded like thunder in a clear sky, echoing for nine days.



Several people in Longxi retreated outside the city of Immortal and waited.

Han Fei just set foot in the immortal city, but they can’t.

Even if they are already respected, their foundation is damaged. If they are with Undead, once they are contaminated by death, it is difficult to get rid of.

Someone said: “Longxi, what is the origin of this Han Fei and that Broken Stat Island? The tone is very big.”

Another person also said: “Yes, Longxi…This person is so perverse and domineering, and dare to challenge the Great Venerable Nether under the immortal city? He even shot? Is he fierce or stupid?”

Longxi has always frowns: “Do you think that fools dare to break through the immortal city alone?”

The other two Primary Venerable shook their heads: This place of Immortal City is an individual who dare not come. In the hundreds of thousands near the Immortal City, there are not even a fish…


Suddenly, the four of them quarreled when they saw Immortal City.

Wenzhu was also surprised; “Longxi, that person won’t fight with You Ming, right?”


Suddenly, above the sky, the sky is shrouded in darkness all the year round, and four large holes are illuminated by the holy white beam of light. The four rays of light fell instantly, wrapping Longxi and the other four people in them.


At that moment, Longxi, Wenzhu, and the other two Primary Venerable unconsciously stretched out and made a comfortable sound.

At that moment, they felt that their foundation was being restored. And it is recovering at an incredible speed. They rested for several years, but only recovered 1%. As a result, under this beam of light, it was repaired in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, in addition to being comfortable, the four people including Longxi could only hear a few words echoing in the sky-“I am the king of the contemporary.”

Heh, what an overbearing sentence!

From the mouth of Han Fei, not to mention the few people in Longxi, even Netherworld was shocked.

Just now, when Han Fei said that sentence, an astonishing imposing manner broke out on this person, making his heart start to frighten.

The divine technique of the day of enlightenment descends, Nether and the others, immediately, step out and leave Han Fei. At that moment, Han Fei’s body exudes a holy glow, making them all feel the burning pain unconsciously.

However, next moment, no one cares about Han Fei’s unreasonableness. Because they saw the beams of light, and saw the aura of Longxi four people getting stronger and stronger.

Just a few ten breaths, Wenzhu exclaimed: “Longxi, my foundation, my foundation is damaged, has it recovered?”

Long Xi and the other two Primary Venerables were also surprised, their eyes staring out.

Longxi looked towards the tower of the Immortal City, swallowed and said: “I…my foundation has also been restored.”

The other two people looked up one after another, looking at the fading glory, muttered: “Who is he?”

On the immortal city.

Someone muttered: “Apocalypse… the divine technique in Legend?”

In the eyes of Netherworld, the green flame burned.

Han Fei knows that he is looking at himself.

After a while, Netherworld opened the mouth and said: “Okay! I promise you.”

Just listen to Netherworld shouted: “Longxi, Hua Meng, Chen Yue…From today, you will be under Han Fei’s account. Immediately summon all the wounded in the rear and rush to the nearest Death Island outside the Immortal City.”

The people in Longxi froze for a moment, their expression looked towards the man on the immortal city in a complicated manner, took a deep breath, and cup one fist in the other hand said: “Take Ling.”

Longxi looked towards Wenzhu: “You stay here, let’s call someone.”

Wenzhu looked confused: What happened to heaven knows?

I am unfathomable mystery and intercepted a suspicious person from the Demonic beast alliance… Then, when I found that I couldn’t beat him, I asked Longxi for help.

As a result, Longxi couldn’t beat it either!

In the end, this man broke into the immortal city. Now, he has become his own leader?

On the Immortal City, Han Fei slightly arched his hands: “Thank you all. I, Han Fei, may not stay in the Immortal City forever. However, within 100 years, I will try my best to take you out of the cage. You are out of the cage. That day was when the Black Blood City was destroyed.”

This time, no one refuted what Han Fei said. Because there is no way to refute this. A hundred years later, who knows? If when the time comes, it’s not bad.

At this time, Nether still said with a hoarse voice: “The divine technique of the apocalypse is indeed rumored to be a great skill of the king, and it has never appeared in history. However, the black blood city is not so easy to fight. A hundred years…too short .”

Han Fei grinned: “Let’s wait and see.”

It’s over, Han Fei took a deep look at Immortal City. This is simply…an old castle full of decay and darkness. The lifelessness inside is too strong!

If you believe Old Tortoise, Han Fei will not explore the secret of Undead.

Han Fei appeared next to Wenzhu in a step.

When it’s over, Han Fei looked back and said, “If you don’t rest assured, you can come to my island in the future. My people will not die easily.”

After finishing speaking, Han Fei looked towards Wenzhu and smiled softly: “Okay, now, take me to the island of death and wait!”

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