God of Fishing Chapter 1556

The Dead Island is about 30 ten thousand li away from the island where the Immortal City is located.

When Han Fei arrived here, he found that there were thousands of human corpses in a certain area.

Wenzhu took a look at Han Fei secretly, and explained: “These should be the people who have fallen this year. Because their bodies are in good condition, they were brought back. They have to wait for a while, and then take them into the immortal city. Accept the erosion of death. Then, take it to Death Valley.”

“Death Valley?”

Of course, Han Fei has heard of this name. He has also seen it with his own eyes. It is also the place where the death bone xun came from—that is, the place guarded by the jade lady.

Han Fei’s eyes rolled: “Now, do you believe that I am a human?”

Wenzhu’s face suddenly blushed, and he whispered: “Before that… indeed, it is indeed incredible!”

Han Fei said with a smile: “Tell me about the golden boys and jade maidens and the island they are on. If I’m right, that island should have disappeared more than five years ago, right? “

Wenzhu looked towards Han Fei in surprise: “Do you know this too?”

Han Fei casually grabbed the death bone xun in his hands and threw it away to play, leisurely said: “Otherwise, where did you think I got this stuff?”

Wenzhu’s expression is complicated: so it seems reasonable.

Han Fei is in the outside world. If he gets the death bone xun, then he doesn’t have to go in the direction of the Black Blood City and Demonic beast alliance.

Wenzhu Road: “I don’t know the Golden Boy and the Lady Jade. But that island, called the Island of Taboo, is an absolute forbidden area for our Human Race. Except for Undead, which can be approached, ordinary people are not allowed to board.”

“Oh? The island of taboo?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but become interested. At the beginning, there were many people who went to the island with him.

Just listen to Han Fei: “How is a taboo?”

Just listen to Wenzhudao: “It is said that there is often blood energy on the island that soars into the sky, and there are big evil things. On that island, there are strange monster plants, hunting indiscriminately. On the island, there is another piece that goes up. A grassland that will inevitably disappear. And, as you know, there is Death Valley in Legend on that island, which is the place to transform the undead. On that island…”

I only listened to Wenzhu, and talked a lot about it.

Finally, Wen Zhu said: “Most of us have never been to that island. You…Han Fei, have you been there?”

Han Fei tilted his head and glanced at Wenzhu: “Call me Han Fei, or Han Shuai.”

Han Fei thought about it a bit and didn’t pursue it anymore. Randomly searched for an open space, sat directly on a rock, put out a cauldron, and picked up a high-level Explorer-level broken crystal Dalongwan, which is the Big Lobster. Breaking the shell, taking the meat, a series of actions, can be described as fluent and flowing.

“Gu du!”

Wen Zhu swallowed. She did not look at the Lobster meat, but at the shrimp shell of the Broken Crystal Dalong Pill. It was a pity to say: “Han Fei Dazun…Uh, Han Shuai, this shrimp shell is just It’s broken like this? Isn’t it a pity?”

Han Fei froze for a moment, and then remembered: Longxi now uses intermediate Divine Artifacts. It seems that stuff is just this big Lobster shrimp shell level.

Han Fei couldn’t help looking towards Wenzhudao: “Are you lacking weapons?”

Wenzhu nodded: “In fact, there is no shortage of weapons, but high-level weapons are relatively lacking. For example, Longxi originally had a high-level Divine Artifact. Later, after she was seriously injured, she disarmed the Recognizing Master and gave the weapon to Other people.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei speechless saying: “So, there is a shortage of weapons?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly, but saw him glance at the Lobster shell, curl one’s lip.


I only saw Han Fei making hot pot while raising his left hand, grabbing the Lobster shell.

“Wow!” Spirit Flame is steaming.

After more than fifty interest, Han Fei threw out a few pieces of materials, and then saw that the hot pot was still burning.

Han Fei vacated the right hand, picked up a sledgehammer, and the whole person appeared in the sky of ten thousand meters in an instant.

“clang clang clang ……clang clang clang ……”

Wenzhu only saw the sky above the sky, the silhouette flickered, and the sledgehammer hit. The void trembles, ripples like knives, smashing through the sky, but none of them will fall on the hot pot.

About 50 more interest, Han Fei “sou” appeared before the hot pot.

Just throw it away and throw away a snake-shaped long whip: “Manipulator, it will be better to use a whip.”

Wenzhu received the long whip subconsciously and felt the gravity like a mountain. The smooth flow, tenacious feel, is better than all the weapons she has touched.

Wenzhu looked at Han Fei in shock: “This is…Superior Grade Divine Artifact?”

Han Fei curl one’s lip: “To be honest, Highest Grade Divine Artifact is indeed rare and requires a lot of materials. A corpse of a Venerable Realm Great Demon, depending on the Realm, can only refine one to five handles. Highest Grade Divine Artifact. Well… after a while, I will find a chance to hunt him back, so I can build a better weapon.”

“Gu du!”

At that time, Wenzhu swallowed: Will you come back from hunting Venerable? Just to make weapons? Are all human beings outside so fierce?

She couldn’t help but remember: Han Fei said that he had already killed more than 20 enemies and beat half of the king’s record.

Wen Zhuxin said: In the eyes of people like Han Fei, Venerable is a weapon that’s all?

“gu gu gu ~”

After a while, the hot pot started.

Han Fei picked up a large piece of Lobster meat and began to eat it until he finished eating the two or three catties of meat in his hands, and then he remembered that there was another person next to him.

He immediately rushed to Wenzhu and said: “You sit down and eat two yuan. There are several million li roads, even if they arrive at full speed, it will take at least half a day.”

Long before, when Han Fei was grilling, Wenzhu had already wanted to eat it.

At this moment, Han Fei has been determined to be a human being, and has become his own leader. It should be fine to eat two bites!

When Wenzhu picked up a piece of shrimp and stuffed it into his mouth, the whole person was fascinated at that time, and even the chewing teeth became stiff.

She looked at Han Fei in shock, and said to her heart: What is the taste of Divine Immortal?

Han Fei did not pay attention to Wenzhu, but lightly looked towards the corner of the void, indifferently said: “A few, don’t you come to have two bites?”

Wenzhu quickly raised his head, looked towards all around, and found nothing at all.

However, in the sky, there was a voice saying: “Undead … has no taste, this is also one of the costs.”

Han Fei shrugged slightly: “It’s a pity… By the way, can you send someone to Ten Thousand Beast Island and send me a message?”


But I saw an Undead who appeared beside Han Fei, indifferently said: “Are you from Ten Thousand Beast Island?”

Han Fei said with a smile: “The problem is not where I come from. Let people go to Ten Thousand Beast Island and say a word to Yang Shenji, let them put some pressure on the Gap of Life and Death in the next few years.”

black robe Undead: “Can you influence the decision of the Demonic beast alliance?”

Han Fei raised his head and smiled slightly at him: “In this cage, Demonic beast is the natural alliance of Human Race. Since I have come, I will not come in vain. As a general, even if my personal strength is strong, In the face of battles with disparity in strength, we will not fight alone.”

Black robe groaned: “Okay!”

However, Han Fei suddenly said: “Forget it. Later, I will use my own person!”

black robe Undead: “…”

Han Fei overestimated Longxi’s speed. It may be the range of the million li, which is indeed relatively large……

Therefore, it took a full day before a large crowd flew in.

“xiū xiū xiū ~”

I only see the sky, like dumplings, a large number of powerhouses are coming. These people are all Explorer Realm, none of them belong to Realm under Explorer.

Han Fei also discovered: There are no children here.

So, logically, Realm and kids and so on under Explorer should all be on the other side of the Immortal City, heading for the battlefield.

Han Fei was eating breakfast, and he gave himself a pot of crab soup.

At this time, the flower suddenly landed.

I only saw this burly bald man and respectfully said: “Master Han Fei, everyone has been notified. Because a lot of manpower is used, the arrival is slower.”

Behind Hua Meng, a group of people landed in the empty place. These people all looked at Han Fei who was sitting in the front and was drinking soup.

“Sucking, ah~”

Han Fei didn’t raise his head, indifferently said: “and the others are together.”

Another hour has passed.

The silhouette of the sky has never stopped.

Then, I saw Chen Yue and Longxi land one after another.

By the time these three people are all together, Han Fei knows: At this moment, they are all together. At this moment, he drank half a pot of soup.

Han Fei raised his head and glanced at him. There are 18 Primary Venerables, 5 Intermediate Venerables, and one Senior Venerable.

Han Fei glanced at the senior Venerable and said to his heart: Since the senior Venerable will be sent to the rear, it must be seriously injured.

Han Fei can’t help but sigh: Thanks to myself, I can use Tianqi Avenue. Moreover, his strength has grown to an intermediate Venerable realm.

Otherwise, want to cure these people? It’s impossible.

Even now, with my own vitality, it is impossible to cure these people.

However, it is okay to spend some time hunting some Sea Demons and devour some vitality to come back.

After all, my current line of nothingness has been upgraded, and my vitality has also increased.

When Han Fei is looking at these people, these people are all looking at Han Fei. In their opinion, since Han Fei can cure Longxi, Hua Meng, and Chen Yue, the others must be nothing difficult.

Only seeing Han Fei stretch out his hand and wave, the soup pot in front of him was put away.

Han Fei did not get up, but only listened to him leisurely said: “I think you should already know it. From today, you will be my Han Fei people. You can call me Han Shuai from now on. You guys. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know me. It doesn’t matter if you think I’m an Outsider. If you don’t trust me, it still doesn’t matter. But…”

I only saw Han Fei complexion changed, his body was full of baleful qi, the pressure fell, and his voice was cold: “However, you need to obey my orders unconditionally, although I will not let you die. But what I want to say, even if This coach tells you to die, and no one is allowed to raise objections. Did you hear clearly?”

Han Fei stood up suddenly, his eyes staring, like a giant, slowly stood up.

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