God of Fishing Chapter 1642

In Heavenly Sword Sect, Han Fei gave almost everything he knew to Luo Xiaobai.

These, in the eyes of others, are all shocking and secretive secrets… After knowing them, they are actually like that. The same is true of things in the world.

Now, even if Luo Xiaobai knows these secrets, they only understand the outside world better. Cultivation, you have to rely on your own cultivation, no one else can help them.

But, on the other hand, they know that Explorers are everywhere in that so-called cage… Millions of troops are everywhere, which adds to the sense of urgency.

How many people can you stop if you are still the Realm you are now?

If you want to stand on the heights of this sea area, you and the others need to be respected! Only Venerable can be considered to have a certain life-saving ability.

Of course, that’s only relative to ordinary creatures in this sea. If it is facing the King, Sovereign or even stronger existence, Venerable is not trivial ant.

However, there is no doubt that being respected is a basic condition.

The higher the Realm, the fewer people at that level. Don’t watch Han Fei kill dozens of them at every turn, but when there is no Han Fei, it is not easy to fall a Venerable…

In the Venerable environment, it is usually an evenly matched battle.

If you are adventurous in the vast ocean, the Venerable powerhouse will be easier to grow. When the time comes, what you are facing is not the crisis that exists everywhere, but the danger of Danger Land.

Satiated with alcohol and food.

Han Fei got up: “Xiaobai, I still have something to do. In the meantime, I need your three to help me integrate the Aristocratic Family of Qianxing City, and plan the use of Qianxing Proving Ground… and host it again. The problem with the construction of the Transmission Array from the town to Qianxing City.”

Luo Xiaobai slightly nodded, extend the hand.

Han Fei: “???”

Luo Xiaobai: “I have to order your tokens to do it.”

Han Fei slapped his thigh immediately and swept away his perception. Outside the two islands, I saw Wang Lin assembling a small family…

Han Fei immediately shouted: “Wang Lin, come to Heavenly Sword Sect.”

When Wang Lin heard Han Fei summon, he immediately said “Oh”, no matter what, Sa Yazi, he ran towards Heavenly Sword Sect.

When Wang arrived, he saw Han Fei’s side, there was a big hot pot that was delicious.

Wang Lin bowed, and the first thing was to offer Han Fei’s star token with both hands. On consciousness, Wang Lin has always been very conscious.

“Han Shuai, I have come down, what orders does Han Shuai have?”

Han Fei indifferently said: “en! Things are going well. These are my teammates and the people who called you up. In the days when I am away, the plan of the Qianxing Aristocratic Family will follow Luo Xiaobai’s plan. Arrangement.”

Han Fei while speaking, it is natural to take the Star Rank token and pass it to Luo Xiaobai.

Even Han Fei felt that if Luo Xiaobai were to be the top commander of Broken Stat Island, he would be more comfortable than himself.

Of course Wang Lin knows who Luo Xiaobai is. It is Han Fei’s teammate, Heaven’s Pride of Thug Academy, and Heaven’s Pride of Luo Family.

And Zhang Xuanyu looked towards Han Fei: “No! What about me?”

Han Fei leisurely said: “Xiaobai will arrange you, what do you ask me to do?”

Zhang Xuanyu: “…”


During the whole carnival in Qianxing City, Han Fei ate a meal and then came to the door of Cao Family.

Until now, Han Fei’s impression of Cao Family is not bad, but it is definitely not good.

This Cao Family does not stand in line every major event. Just like when the Faceless attacked Qianxing City, Lao Han asked Cao Tian to take action, but he didn’t move.

Han Fei can roughly understand Cao Family.

Many times, if you don’t help each other, you can better protect yourself.

However, this is also not good. You don’t give charcoal in the snow, trying to make others miss you afterwards? This is basically impossible.

So, Han Fei is here, not at all, what a good face.

Just listen to Han Fei: “Cao Tian, ​​come out and see you.”

Cao Family.

Neifu, everyone, Venerable, are all ready at this moment.

The strength of Han Fei has been fully revealed.

The five senior Venerable Peaks joined forces, and in a blink of an eye, Han Fei slaughtered four people.

This kind of battle strength can no longer be described as strong.

It can be said that Han Fei and Qianxing City are invincible at this moment.


Several Venerable faces were dull, and some people sighed slightly. They knew that today, it was time to shoot.

Cao Tian’s eyes are cold.

More than ten interest has passed before sighed: “I will meet this one.”

Outside of Cao Family.

Cao Tian removed the Mountain Protecting Great Array. At this moment, Qianxing City Han Fei is headed. Han Fei can even kill Old Freak Chu. Cao Family is naturally nothing difficult.

So, this Mountain Protecting Great Array, there is and without… Actually, there is not much difference.

Seeing Cao Tian, ​​Han Fei further confirmed that the Cao Family should have something to do with the Giant Race at the beginning of the war… The figure is burly and tall, the muscles are knotted, and the height is a bit taller than ordinary people.

Cao Tian looked towards Han Fei: “I don’t know what happened to the handsome Han?”

The corners of Han Fei’s mouth raised: “What’s the matter? I should have made it very clear just now… Since then, there will be no Aristocratic Family in Qianxing City. There is one, the handsome one. You Cao Family, also No exception.”

Cao Tian squinted his eyes: “How does Han Shuai intend to Cao Family?”

Han Fei: “Cao Family resources, as many as they are turned in, are not allowed to be privately hidden. All Snorkeler Realm and above are assembled, ordered and dispatched, ready to fight with the army. Including you, no exception.”

Cao Tian: “Has Hanshuai overbearing? Cao Family is not Chu Sect.”

Han Fei: “In my eyes, your Cao Family and Chu Sect are the same. If you refuse, this coach doesn’t mind slaughtering Cao Family again. For this coach, there are more Venerable and less Venerable. It’s no different. Venerable, the coach can be cultivated. But for a disobedient family, you don’t need a coach.”

Cao Tian’s heart sank. Han Fei is a stronger person than Observer Han, Ren Tianfei, and Thug.

Other people may also think about the entire Qianxing City, the peak battle strength of the world.

But, what about Han Fei? He has no scruples. If you don’t agree, you will fight to the death.

The point is that Cao Tian fought with Old Freak Chu.

On strength, Old Freak Chu is actually not at all stronger than himself. However, Old Freak Chu’s time technique is too disgusting! It’s almost impossible to break.

Now, Han Fei is broken! Old Freak Chu was also killed.

Han Fei at this moment, if you want to destroy the Cao Family? I am afraid it is not a big problem.

Cao Tian’s took a deep breath: “Okay! Everything is arranged by Hanshuai. The Cao Family does not need anything… But, can Cao Family keep a few core children?”

Han Fei grinned: “What you want to say is to protect Cao Qiu? Cao Qiu inherited some of War God’s inheritance, so you must want to protect him.”

Seeing that Cao Tian did not speak, Han Fei coldly snorted: “You Cao Family, do you know the Giant Race of War?”

Suddenly, Cao Tian’s eyes shrank: “I don’t know what Han Shuai is talking about?”

Han Fei chuckles: “Perhaps, among your clan, you have found the Giant King Land of Falling, and unexpectedly found the news of War God. However, you can’t contact War God at all… just look forward to that point. bloodline works. It’s really sad…”

Cao Tian stared at Han Fei closely: “It seems that Han Shuai knows a lot.”

Han Fei disdainfully said: “I can even tell you clearly that War God has not fallen yet.”

Looking at Cao Tian’s gradually ossified expression, Han Fei sneered: “Even, I have a relationship with the Giant King. But my relationship with them has nothing to do with your Cao Family. Cao Qiu, they also need to fight! Even this handsome is going to play! Who do you think your Cao Family are? This is the decision, there are no special cases. Cao Family don’t try to do anything, just wait for someone to come and collect it.”

Cao Tian thought for a long time before he said: “Qianxing City is set, what kind of war is there? Need that many battle strength?”

Han Fei smiled faintly, did not answer, but reached out and said: “Star beads, get it.”

Cao Tian: “…”

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