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Ever since the emperor has grown up a little bit, he has been lazy, but also very proud.

In the world of refining, Emperor Sparrow likes to be with Xiaohei and Xiaobai, but doesn’t like the group of Sunday Shrimp.

At this time, the situation in which Emperor Sparrow took the initiative to look for itself has never happened.

“tú tú 突~”

Han Fei shielded the energy and Spiritual Qi around the corpse puppet. This thought move and released the emperor bird.

Han Fei has always felt that: The Emperor Sparrow is a bit indifferent to himself…

I don’t know, is this my own illusion?

At this moment, as soon as the emperor bird came out, he raised his head high and said “Yeah” to the sky.


I only saw the Emperor Sparrow spread its wings. The Ominous Fiend Qi in this space suddenly surged and went crazy towards the Emperor Sparrow within the body. In that scene, it was as if the emperor bird was the center, and the blood between Heaven and Earth was scattered like a void.

From the bottom of my heart, Old Tortoise said: “The emperor is a great evil. This kind of bloody place will be able to quench its body, strengthen its body, and promote its growth.”

Old Tortoise said that, Han Fei naturally understood. The power here is like its exclusive food. Before, when the corpse puppet was there, the Emperor Sparrow was only the strength of Snorkeler Peak, so naturally it would not come out.

But at this moment, the corpse puppet was maimed by Han Fei, almost not in human form.

So, the emperor was proud to go out to eat.

Han Fei remembers: The Emperor has been stuck in this Realm for a long time.

Before, Han Fei had speculated: Is it because the emperor sparrow grows too fast in front of it? As a result, I’m stuck at Snorkeler Peak and I need to digest it slowly…

Now, the Emperor Sparrow seems to have encountered the food that he likes to eat. I wonder if it will cause the Emperor Sparrow to evolve?

It’s just that after only one hour, I heard a “click” and the emperor was breaking through.

In this scene, Han Fei is not surprised: the growth of Emperor Sparrow is much faster than that of all Contract Spirit Beasts of his own, and even faster than Xiaohei and Xiaobai.

It’s just that the breakthrough behavior of Emperor Sparrow has not ended.

After 5 minutes, there was another “click”.

After one hour, “click” again.

An hour later, there was another “click”.

Then, it is two hours, three hours, half a day…

During this period, Han Fei has been guarding this world, and the more he looks at it, the more he becomes frightened.

The growth of Emperor Sparrow is so abnormal! It’s like a breakthrough without money… In just nine days, he broke through the nine realms and went straight to Level 69.

It’s just that, until Level 69, Han Fei didn’t see what ability the Emperor Sparrow had gained? It seems that this guy is as long as his level…

On the tenth day, Han Fei felt: The baleful qi on the emperor bird was getting stronger and stronger. Even, it’s so rich that it’s almost erupting…just hear a “click”…

Han Fei very much suspects that this Emperor will be the same as Xiaohei Xiaobai. It doesn’t need Transcending Tribulation, and should directly break through Explorer?

At this moment, suddenly, beyond a thousand li, a huge boulder cracked.

“ka ka ka ~”

Han Fei came here in a few steps and found out where is a boulder? This is even a small mountain under the boulder, it has cracked…

The baleful qi here is more intense. A large amount of red silk spread out from the cracks.

“hong long!”

After only hundreds of breaths, this small hill collapsed directly.

Han Fei was shocked to find that: in this mountain, it’s empty.

Below the mountain is a dark cave, just like the big hole in the mountain range.

Han Fei not only saw a large amount of baleful qi thread overflowing in this hole… but also Enlightened Spirit Liquid, slowly overflowing from here.

Han Fei can even feel: There is a deep fear in it.

Han Fei immediately took out the Jiugong Qi Luck Ruler and measured it at will. There was no need to turn twice at all. The ruler directly fell on the “desperate situation” sign.

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched: This is too unimaginable, right?

This level of exploration, for a while, Han Fei didn’t dare to rush into it.

Although I have experienced two “desperate situation” signings, not at all, but this does not mean that the desperate situation signing is not strong. On the contrary, every time, Han Fei is nine deaths and still alive.

In the case of forced resignation, Han Fei almost failed to live…

This time, when you encounter the “desperate situation” sign again, Han Fei will naturally not rush inside.

Old Tortoise said: “The emperor can’t feel what’s down here? However, even the coercion here feels palpitations. Don’t rush into this place. You don’t need to rush now These places.”

Han Fei slightly nodded.

Now that I have taken Qianxing City, I have a clear plan to become a king. In my own calculations, it may not be difficult. There is no need to make up for the desperate situation…


Just when Han Fei decided not to go to this cave, he only heard the emperor bird crowing.

Immediately after, Han Fei heard the emperor say: “I want to eat this person’s Divine Soul.”

Han Fei’s heart is shocked: this fuck, can you also eat it directly? He is a false king!


Han Fei stepped back and saw that Emperor Bird seemed to wake up from the breakthrough.

Han Fei speechless saying: “This Divine Soul of the pseudo-king powerhouse, are you sure you can eat it?”

Emperor Sparrow: “If you kill him completely, won’t I be able to eat it?”

Han Fei: “…”

Yes, the emperor has begged himself…Who made this a bird of his own?

Han Fei muttered in his heart: This is his own bird, don’t be angry! Don’t follow it lower oneself to somebody’s level.

The corpse puppet who was sealed to death by Han Fei long ago, because of the exhaustion of energy, is still half dead now…Neither the fleshy body nor the strength of Divine Soul can recover.

After all, Han Fei used Formation to hold him firmly. He wants to use the power around him, but he can’t…

Han Fei entered the battle and went up there was a burst of indiscriminate bombing. After beating for 5 minutes, the corpse puppet was crushed and killed alive.


Outside, the road is torn apart. Suddenly, it makes people defenseless.

On the ghost ship, Li Daxian face changed and looked towards Observer Han.

And Observer Han is just pinching his fingers, and then, the corners of his mouth are slightly raised: “It’s solved. It seems that the corpse puppet has indeed been raised for too long! It took almost a few months before it Completely kill.”

Li Daxian squinted at Observer Han: Listen, is this what someone said? It’s Hyun’s son! Special mother, why didn’t I leave a son?

It’s just that although Observer Han knows it, the people at Broken Stat Island, 36 Town, Qianxing City don’t know what happened?

This corpse puppet has been repaired after all.

In terms of strength, it is already strong enough to be a pseudo-king. It is even more powerful than the average pseudo-king. His fall is no less than the movement of Old Freak Chu’s fall…

On Broken Stat Island, Qianxing City, 36 towns, countless people looked up at the sky with a bewildered expression.

Someone exclaimed: “Why Venerable has fallen again? Who is this time?”

Some people are surprised: “Venerable has fallen, this must have something to do with Han Shuai. Where did he go?”

Someone sighed: “Han Shuai really is a generation of fierce gods! Tu Zun, like playing with Te? This crack in the road, we can see that the dead is absolutely extraordinary.”

Among all these people, none of them felt that the fallen person… would be Han Fei.

After all, the power that Han Fei demonstrated is really too strong. One person, chose a Qianxing City! You said this person will fall? You can’t believe them if you kill them.

Han Fei also knows this: I have to go out quickly! Otherwise, someone would really think that he had fallen? Some of the Aristocratic Family who are trying to restore, may not have expected so!

At this time, Han Fei felt that his willingness began to increase significantly again.

Han Fei couldn’t help but look dumbfounded: I can’t even see me, just give me a lot of hope?

And Divine, mouth opened wide, mouth like a whirlpool, sucking a lot of baleful qi and some Divine Soul that should have dissipated within the body.

Han Fei saw: The emperor bird’s body is slowly beginning to expand at a speed that the naked eye can see. Every feather of it is shining.

Until he became a big fat bird, like a ball, Han Fei realized: How similar is the Emperor Bird and himself?

Its fleshy body, the carrying capacity, has reached its limit. And its Realm is stuck again! This is clearly the rhythm of breakthrough.

Han Fei immediately said: “First enter the refining world, I will take you out for Transcending Tribulation.”

Han Fei confirmed that Dique is different from Xiaohei Xiaobai in that it requires Transcending Tribulation.

This time, the emperor did not refuse, but flew into the center of Han Fei’s eyebrows.

Han Fei glanced at the almost crushed body of the puppet, grabbed it, and threw it into the refining world. Han Fei now thoughts move and left the corpse.

Han Fei, who appeared in the Thousand Stars Proving Ground, found that there were more people around him.

However, Han Fei didn’t care much either. The silhouette flashed and disappeared. After a short while, he appeared in front of the God’s Memorial Tower.

“This time, Han Fei already knows the way to the central Holy City without the need for a marine universal instrument. Therefore, Han Fei’s actions this time are extremely fast.”

Only after the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Han Fei reappears in the central Holy City.

When the monument to the gods shook, as soon as Han Fei appeared, he saw Ren Tianfei also appear, and leisurely said, “I thought…you will have a lot of things to do! Just now, who was it that fell? Why are you here now?”

It’s just that Han Fei’s brows are white and light flashed, and the emperor’s wings spread out.

Next moment, the sky changes.

Rolling Heavenly Tribulation, vertical and horizontal 3000li or so, this is much stronger than Han Fei’s formidable power when he crossed Minor Heavenly Tribulation.

Ren Tianfei was surprised, but did not speak.

Obviously, Han Fei came in a hurry for Innate Spirit Beast to cross Heavenly Tribulation.

When Ren Tianfei saw the emperor bird, his eyes narrowed slightly and his heart was clear…

And Han Fei, he looked towards Ren Tianfei and said: “You have never seen it before!”

Ren Tianfei nodded: “Good!”

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