God of Fishing Chapter 1657

[Food] Meat, prefer large fish

[battle skill] The blade of lightning, the domain of thunderbolt, the thunder mark of the extreme road

[Remarks] Current status, growth period


[Name] Nine Dead Spilting Soul

[Introduction] Antiquity Variation, with a weak bloodline. The suction cup has the ability to take in Spiritual Qi, energy and blood essence. Nine Dead Spilting Soul spirit strength is extremely strong, and can ignore the Spirit Attack of all creatures within 1Level 0. And strong as an ox, can remove 90% of the attack when being attacked, and also has super self-healing ability.

[Level] Level 70

[Quality] Antiquity Variation (Growable)

[Law enforcement] Happiness

【Contains Spiritual Qi】96852

[Food] Meat, prefer shrimp and crabs

[battle skill] Limbs are reborn, blood is reborn, soul hunting tentacles, Divine Sea slap

[Remarks] The blood rebirth battle skill is shared by the host and Nine Dead Spilting Soul. It can only be used 9 times in a lifetime, and there are 5 times left


[Name] Heavenly Dog

[Introduction] Antiquity Variation, likes to live in turbid waters and Yinshan mountains. It looks like a white dog with a black head, and its sound is changeable. It often uses the voice of a cat to reduce its sense of threat. Heavenly Dog is born with double wings, feather blue like a front, it can turn the void, and the skill of escape is extremely fast. Good at stealth, like to bully the weak. Heavenly Dog has the ability to swallow heaven and eclipse the sun, but it needs to be passively stimulated.

[Level] Level 70

[Quality] Antiquity Variation

[Enforcement] Water barrier

【Contains Spiritual Qi】Can swallow spirits infinitely

[Food] Omnivorous, preference for meat

【battle skill】Heavenly demon’s art, heavenly demon body (incarnation Heart Demon), pulse-breaking claw

[Remarks] Current status, growth period


So far, all of Han Fei’s Contract Spirit Beast have reached Explorer Realm.

Perhaps, after the catastrophe, there will usually be big gains.

At this moment, these Contract Spirit Beasts all have more battle skills. For example, Sunday Shrimp’s lock god forbidden is a battle skill that can lock the enemy’s Divine Soul. Under the same circumstances, even if the enemy can break free, it will delay a lot of time. The powerhouse battle, every minute and every second, decides where the scales of victory will tilt…

Xiaojin’s battle skill is easy to understand-Jidao Leihen. The speed is almost to the extreme! However, this is also relative. For the current self, it is dispensable.

Tufeiyuan, Han Fei’s most surprised, has evolved. Life Level, directly from Legend, has grown to Antiquity Variation.

Moreover, it has one more battle skill that can attack Divine Soul. Sure enough, this product is focused on Divine Soul.

While licking the dog, although he has never played once, this guy has grown extremely fast.

However, despite their rapid growth, Han Fei is still very sorry. Others’ Innate Spirit Beast is about the same strength as the owner… I don’t have this probability for the time being!

Therefore, Han Fei does not intend to cooperate with Licking Dogs anymore, mainly because they are too weak now, far behind their own growth rate.

After these Contract Spirit Beast Transcending Tribulation, Han Fei went to Qianxing City.

The corpse breeding ground.

Han Fei left the emperor bird, Sunday Shrimp, licking dog, Xiaojin and Tufeiyuan all in the corpse.

Yes, even the earth, fat and round are left.

Han Fei has been entangled for a long time, but then he thought about it: It is actually very difficult for him to fall away now.

This trip to Shuimutian, Han Fei is already familiar with the road. As long as it was not against Emperor Bai Jia, Shui Mutian had no existence capable of strangling himself.


When Han Fei finished all this, standing in the sky of Qianxing City, an old tortoise appeared beside him.

Old Tortoise has signed a master-servant contract with Han Fei. Without the suppression of Monster Refining Pot, it has completely integrated into the body of Gui Sanqing at this moment.

Of course, in Han Fei within the body, there is also a Divine Soul of Old Tortoise, which is to facilitate communication.

Just listen to Han Fei grinning said with a smile: “Go here, sweep King’s City.”