God of Fishing Chapter 1660

Suddenly, above the sky, there is a sky curtain in full bloom.

Only the silhouettes of Han Fei and Luo Xiaobai appeared in the sky.

Everyone consciously stopped what they were doing.

Needless to say, they also know what Han Fei is about to say… Many people even ran out of the city directly, they were going to see off the expeditionary army.

In the eyes of many people, being able to muster such courage to fight in another world… is definitely worthy of admiration!

Just listen to Han Fei: “I think everyone already knows what this handsome is going to say… Human beings are not a world unique and unmatched race. In this sea, all races stand in great numbers. We have to go Going out, we have to become strong. Expedition represents danger, but it also represents opportunity… On the day the coach leaves, Broken Stat Island will be the highest commander in chief, and Xue Shenqi, the former top commander of Broken Stat Island, will temporarily take the place. Next, this commander announces…Expedition, let’s go!”